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I look forward to the support of other owner-builders who frequent this site during this challenging but exciting time for our family. I also look forward to being able to give back to this community and assist others in any way I can with my experiences of the process when we are complete.
Kerry in Newport News, VA

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Terry in Hayfork, CA's Journal Entries

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Posted by Terry in Hayfork, CA on 1/6/2007

Jan. 2001
Looking for property.

Feb. 2001
Purchase of property.

  • 20 acres with year-round access, off county-maintained road, year-round creek (60' wide) and backs up to National Forest.
  • Septic System already installed for a 3-bdrm house (1,500 gal.)
July 2001
Built a small bath house.
  • 8' x 10', complete with toilet, sink, shower and propane hot water heater.
    Drilled a well.

    Brought in power & phone.

    New road -- All weather, emergency vehicle access.  6" crushed shale.  Emergency vehicle turn-out and hammerhead at end of road.  Paved entry for Encroachment Permit.

Grading for new house, garage and rear patio.  Moved approx. 475 yards of earth.  Some of the dirt was spread out in low lying areas and the rest was stock piled for backfilling against the foundation and various landscape islands.

Began construction of new house.  House is 1,408 sq. ft., single story, split-level, one bedroom 1 bath, kitchen, walk-in pantry, mud room/laundry, sitting area, dining room and living room.  Covered wrap around porch with heavy timbers. Open beam ceiling with exposed GLBs and T&G cedar ceiling.  This is only the first phase in the construction of our future retirement home.  The second phase will add on a large Master bedroom and bath, a large game room, and more decks.

HardiPlank siding - Cedar Mill Select, 8" exposure.
Standing seam metal roof with hidden fasteners, for fire and snow protection.
Red Balau decking - (Mahogany from Indonesia).
Propane Heat (gas stove) and also a wood stove -- both are Vermont Castings stoves.

Nov. 17, 2006
We are just about ready for insulation and drywall, once we finish pulling the wiring for the surround sound, satellite TV, and phone.

Nov. 29, 2006
This last weekend we ran the wires for the surround sound in-wall speakers, speakers in the bathroom and exterior speakers in the front and back of the house.  Ran all the wire for phone and satellite TV.  Installed an attic ladder.  Moved a double switch box to make room for an in-wall ironing board.

Dec. 16, 2006
Just when you think your ready to proceed... we thought we were ready for insulation, but we still needed to provide air flow through the rafter bays for the open beam ceiling.  This is done by drilling (two) 1" dia. holes in the blocking at the outside wall and near the top of the blocking at the mid-span of the roof rafters. This will allow air flow from the outside at the eave, up to the ridge vent on top.  Having 2x12 roof rafters, the depth is only 11-1/4", and regular R-38 insulation would fill this cavity completely, so we used High Density R-38, which is only 10" thick, leaving us the needed 1" air space.  Now our problem is that the holes that I drilled in the blocking were about 2" down from the top of the block, which would be covered by the insulation... not good.  So, now we had to add insulation baffles that would hold back the insulation around the holes I drilled, but still allow for air flow over the top of the baffle.  This took quite some time, which we had not anticipated, so we began the task of running some scrap plywood through the table saw to make 6" wide strips.  Next the strips were cut to 14-1/2" lengths to fit between the rafters (our rafters are 2x12 @ 16"o.c.) and then toe nailed in place with a finish nailer.

Dec. 29, 2006
Just about ready for insulation.  We needed to install the blocking and electrical boxes for our (three) ceiling fans in vaulted ceiling of the main living area and also the blocking and electrical box for the large pendant light fixture in the dining area.

Once that was done, I did what I think every person building a new house or even just adding onto a house should do... I took a picture of every wall, in every room.  This will allow you later to go back to your photos and see just where you have electrical wiring and pipes running through the walls that you won't be able to see once the sheetrock goes on.

Well, that's it, we are ready for insulation and have it scheduled for January 11th, 2007.  It will be so nice to get a little heat inside the house.  Right now it stays colder in the house than it is outside... and believe me it's cold outside... in the upper 30's during the day and down to the low 20's or even upper teens at night.


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