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Don & Kathy in Afton, VA's Journal Entries

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Posted by Don & Kathy in Afton, VA on 6/26/2008 9:00:29 PM

The past week has been a pretty busy one with a little craziness here and there when everything seems to happen at once! We've continued to pull all of the AV wire and are almost done...hopefully we can wrap it up tomorrow and cross that off the list. We're planning to request the plumbing inspection for Monday, and would like to have the electrical at the same time if we can just wrap up some of the loose ends we'll see how it goes. Speaking of plumbing, we filled the DWV system with water early yesterday morning and it held fine with no leaks -- YEA!

The fellow who started doing some grading the end of last week was back the first of this week to finish up what we need for now. Just the nicest guy and did a great job. He'll be back when it's time to move the rest of the dirt piles around in the back.

The gas company was here on Tuesday to bury the propane tank and run the line to the house. It was a little unnerving to watch them dig the hole for the tank as it was right where we'd done some grading, but they got it all put back together before they left, except for the trench since it had to be open for inspection the next day (and passed!). They'd only been gone about an hour, when the tanker truck pulled in to fill up the tank...apparently they do it right away so that there's no danger of the tank floating up out of the ground if there's a good rain. I figure they actually just want some $$ right away! They'll be back hopefully next week to run the gas lines inside and to install the tankless water heater.

A landscape designer from the valley was here this afternoon (second visit) to talk about some options for some spots where we need to put some low retaining walls to ensure drainage, etc. She is very helpful and is responding to our sense of urgency, so hopefully we can get that worked out without it being a budget-buster. Not something we had planned on, but it has to be done!



Putting in a gutter drain.
Grading on the porch side.
Grading around the front corner.
Lucy checks out the grading progress.
The gas tank going in.
Filling the hole with sand.

Posted by Aaron in Oakland, IA on 6/29/2008

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Image from Aaron's blog

Speaking of floating a tank, I installed the very same thing you did about a month ago.  They didn't back fill it all the way up and we received 2 good rains and they tank floated out of the hole and flipped on its side.  Once we got it installed properly, it looks great. 

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