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I have just discovered this site and fell in love with it. We are excited about starting the building process and having this resource will be very helpful.
Cynthia in Ladson, SC

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Posted by Victor in Ruckersville, VA on 6/15/2008

OK, so I am taking it a little bit easy this morning. Waiting for my teenage son to wake up and help his old man out with a good, old-fashioned job site cleanup.

This past week was not nearly as hot here as it had been the week and weekend before. The framing crew is really cranking it out and so the crane came on Friday morning and we set roof trusses for the big addition. The only issue we had (not a problem, really) was that the crane couldn't get perfectly level and so could not put on his last extension. So, when we went to set the first truss (the back gable-end truss w/overhang built on), it was just a foot or so short of reaching -- so we had to lift, push, shove, the beast until we could move it into place and secure it. It is almost 50 feet down to the ground from there and really scary for me... but we got it done. The rest of the trusses went up in a snap with no problems at all. We were finished in about three hours!

I have met with several HVAC companies, and called back a very local company again, as I felt they were only company that seemed to take the time to actually engineer and design based on the proper criteria. I had met with a HVAC design engineer and consultant the previous week who got me a bit more up to speed on systems, design and engineering. Every other HVAC company I spoke with seemed to be just guessing at sizes and loads and throwing out a figure. So, I plan on trying to get one more reputable company to give me a full design and price. I need to make a decision about the HVAC as soon as I get back from our very short honeymoon...

The plumber is coming on Monday and we hope to get the ground plumbing done and inspected by Tuesday afternoon. Then I have the concrete guys coming to prepare and pour the basement slab on Thursday.  The framers will be moving on to the stick-built hip roof for the kitchen addition on Monday, and hopefully will get all of the doors and windows set this week as well!

WHEW, enough for now, I was waiting for my pipe and slippers and breakfast in bed -- but guess it's not happening this Father's Day. Hope all of you other fathers get better service from your kids today!


Week two of framing -- from the back of the house...
Kitchen addition from the driveway.
You can sort of see the whole house from this angle.
Here is the mountain view from our bedroom window.
The crane setting the last roof truss.
Trusses nearly done.
Trusses are up!
Another of my Craigslist bargains. A Troy-Bilt Pony tiller -- works great, thirty dollars!

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