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I really enjoy your website, and have referred several people to it (don't know if they have used it or not, but I have at least mentioned it).
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Posted by Barbara in Wilton, NH on 6/6/2008 10:00:19 AM

Never thought the day would come!!  The cabinets went in last week and the granite countertops went in yesterday.  The kitchen has come together amazingly.  I was very concerned because we had shopped cabinets at one place, granite at another, flooring and backsplash at another and then to top it off we added in a deco floor tile to go around the perimeter of the kitchen a few weeks ago.

TABLE OF STONE in Merrimack, NH did an absolutely fabulous job, they were very precise in their fit and believe me our counters were not easy by any means, they had to fit around our posts and beams.  The installers Parker and Josh were excellent and very professional, they answered all of my questions and I really enjoyed watching them work, it was very fascinating to learn about granite.  I would highly recommend this company, their prices were better than either Home Depot or Lowe's, and they had some great colors.  We looked for the color we picked from them, but couldn't even come close.

WE LOVE OUR NEW Kitchen.  Now I have to get going on the backsplash and flooring and Josh (mine, not TOS) needs to get the up and down lighting installed.  Les will be finishing off the raised breakfast bar, we selected a remnant piece of absolute black for that; TOS could not install it because of the tight fit. The wall needed to be built after the lower granite counter was installed.  They left the piece with us, and instructions, so Les and I will do that one ourselves.  We loved TOS so much that we are going to go look at more remnants for the master bath vanity tops.

The cabinets are Wellborn and we purchased them through Norfolk Kitchens in Nashua NH.  I worked with Paula Foley, and she helped us along nicely and encouraged us to go with our initial gut feel and do the lower cabinets the dark coffee stain and the upper ones the natural wheat.  Turns out the counter is what tied it together so well given it has both colors in it.  The pricing we very good and believe me, we shopped cabinets until we dropped, looked at online-put-together-yourself, pre-assembled online, went to of course Lowe's and HD, and a few of our local cabinet places as well.  Norfolk Kitchens were the only ones who could give us exactly what we wanted at the price we budgeted and they gave us half off the installation charges. With all we have to do already, having someone else install the cabinets was a blessing.

Our back hallway is also finished, I tiled and Les put in our sliding doors that we got for $50 (regularly $250).  I'm getting so I can't bring myself to pay full price for anything these days, I shop it like crazy and in the end, with enough wheeling and dealing, if you are patient and stick to your price, someone will make it happen to get the business.


Installing the microwave.
Les having fun installing microwave, no really he is!
Just cleaned the fridge, had to take the picture - Norfolk sending small filler for gap above fridge.
Will have a black granite raised breakfast bar over these two cabinets. Highly recommend the large pot drawers - Love them!
We saw a raised dishwasher on display and had to have it. No bending to get the dishes in and out, love it.
Wider view.
Luan countertops - can't wait for the granite.
Wide sink view
Now for the granite from Table of Stone in Merrimack, NH. Here is the raised DW, the cabinet has no bottom rail, so it opens and is used like an appliance garage.
Love the variations in the granite
Even put the backsplash around the posts and did such a great job.
Love the colors, it has a lot of mica, so it sparkles.
Our sink is a black Moen and looks great in. Les just needs to practice his plumbing skills for awhile before hookup.
The sink is the finishing touch, hopefully tonight.
Only one small seam in the middle of the sink area, everything fit like a glove when they went to install, very impressive.
Love the closeups.
Stove view.
Another closeup.
Cutting in around these angled posts was very detailed.
Real closeup of the breakfast bar area.
Look at that fit - amazing. Don't look at the cat scratching pole - Darn cats, maybe now that it is not just a big pole in the middle of the room they will stop getting a good run and competing on who can get the highest! Looks like I have a little sanding touchup work to do.
Again, cutting and fitting these angles so tight was amazing. Nice job highly recommend Table of Stone in Merrimack, NH.

Posted by Joe in Hermiston, OR on 6/9/2008

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I agree! The TOS guys did a great job and there's nothing that can't be had by a little Yankee frugality.

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