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I've been wickedly hooked on this website now for weeks. It's unbelievably informative! I can't believe I'm actually sitting here doing a journal. Never thought I would become so involved, but after reading the others I can see what an awesome memoir to have after a LONG project. So what the heck!
Kristy in Saint Lucie, FL

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Posted by Mark in Holualoa, HI on 5/5/2008 3:01:39 AM

It's hard to believe that a month has past since my last post.  We are starting to sheet the roof tomorrow, Monday or today for most of you, we have a couple of interior walls to put up yet too, and a fair amount of metal to put in.  The framing has gone good for the most part; we had to make some changes on the fly, but all worked out.  The worst thing was a post bracket that was out of position by three inches set in concrete.   I just realized that the septic was done in two days and I didn't get any pictures; I'm slacking bad.

There are a few more rocks that need to be hammered out for the utilities to be put in, but most of the trench is ready.  I finally fired the plumber/excavator, I should have done it a long time ago.  He has cost me too much time on this, two days to dig 20 feet of 3'x3' trench and even then he wasn't to depth.  The new guy finished 100' in half a day. This same guy did the septic too.

We have decided to go with a stucco finish and have been getting bids for that.  I still need to decide on a new plumber, SOON!  A least I have a couple of options for that.  All of our doors and windows are ordered and most are in.  We are doing shingle roof, so now just pick style and color.  Will set up for a hard measure for the cabinets soon and get the flooring ordered.  The appliances have all been ordered too.  My biggest problem has been colors, I couldn't pick a color to save my life and my wife is just as bad.

Enjoy the pictures.  I will try not to go so long between posts.  Any suggestions for colors will be appreciated.


Foyer out door opening to drive.
Dining area to the two bedrooms.
Driveway into garage.
Entryway and the one that had to be removed due to me putting 83" instead of 8'3". That one little mark makes a big difference.
More rock walls, and I will have rocks left over too.
The first gluelams and the post that had to be moved.
The garage door openings.
More wall.
Interior walls, guest bed and bath.
Exterior sheeting almost done.
Mauka, (mountain) view looking to makai (ocean), east to west.
Makai to mauka view.
Trusses all in, 7 hours with an excellent crane operator.
Starting to look like a house.

Posted by Guy in San Luis Obispo, CA on 5/7/2008

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Aloha Mark, looking good.  Why are quality plumbers always so difficult to find?  The best advice I ever saw for colors was an article in Fine Homebuilding.  The owners walked around their lot and gathered natural elements like bark, leaves, rocks etc. and made that their palette of colors.  This made their house blend in with the lot and tied it into the land.  I suggested that to some friends on their lot and they ended up with a beautiful house color scheme with various sage greens for base and trim colors that ended up on a lot of other houses in their neighborhood later.  I always like the earth colors myself.  Check out the wallpaper samples at for some great Arts and Craft colors.  Keep on postin and truckin, Guy.

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