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Posted by Mike & Carolyn in Smithville, MO on 5/3/2008

You may have read, heard, or saw on TV the storm damage done in the Midwest.  We feel lucky, but do have some new issues to deal with.

We live in Gladstone which experienced a small tornado in the early hours (2am) of May 2nd. We were only three blocks from the main damage and only had a broken storm window, one section of fence damaged and some trees down.  Just blocks away, full homes and businesses were lost. Our kids' school had the roof taken off and most of the windows knocked out from flying debris. School was cancelled for Friday and Monday and will resume on Tuesday at a nearby church until the repairs are made. They have school year round, so we were gald to hear an alternate location was found.

By the build site in Smithville, MO there was a second tornado, which took out a neighborhood about 12 blocks away. One of my co-workers lost his home there.  The city closed down access to the area and since we have not changed our IDs to the new address, they would not let us in to check on the build site.  We had to drive further north (about 20 minutes) to check on the new house, which appears to have come through with no damage.  We are having both homes inspected before dismissing insurance claims. It's amazing but no one was seriously hurt.

The swing set and barn did not do as well.  The new monster-sized swing set did not make it.  It is a crumpled pile now. The barn has a few twisted roof panels that will need to be replaced and a missing sheet of metal siding.  The port-a-potty was about 12 acres away.  The company got a call from the home owner asking them to come get it.

There was a ton of rain with the storm so we are waiting for things to dry out again. Still need the sewer and water hooked up... it will happen, given enough time & money.  I am running low on the latter...


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