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Posted by Michael in Huntsville, AL on 3/19/2008 3:45:53 PM

As the previous entry states, a Katabatic Wind is a cold downhill wind.  My house has to be build up on a slope, so there you go on another reason I picked that name.  There is a pretty substantial rock face on the road at my tiny street edge. I am in a cul-de-sac on a weird diamond like lot.  This all adds up to a difficult to reach site (read: expensive driveway) that rewards with a decent view.  I knew when buying the lot that it wouldn't be easy to build on. That is why the lot was affordable and in a good area.

My brother-in-law has began some excavation and rock crushing work for me. This was for me to try to determine where driveway will run before I got plans - as this land dictates the route. Well, some of the limestone boulders were too strong for, what I would call, an average size excavator with a hydraulic hammer. So, getting quotes from the excavation company he works for - and they had done some similar lots in the area - it could be anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000. It's hard to tell on this type of land until you start digging.  That basically would make the house un-affordable.  Well, I could afford the same size house I am in now, but the size is the problem with the current one.

Not wanting to throw in the towel so early (or build up a savings that would allow that kind of excavation cost), I have purchased a Micro-Blaster II from Ezebreak [ ].  I deliberated about that or some form of non-explosive demolition agent (Dexpan for one).  I plan to test it out on what I estimate to be a 10-ton limestone boulder. Energy withstanding, I'd like to have before and after shots of the grand destruction. After that, come excavation time, I hope to hire my brother-in-law again to move the dirt.  When he reaches a rock thats too big, I'll come in and crack it. 

Wish me luck!

Posted by Gordon in Elkmont, AL on 5/6/2008

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I would be curious to hear how that Micro-Blaster works for you.  The kit seems a bit expensive for what you get.  It does sound like it is effective.  And the cost of $2 a charge seems ok.  Maybe if it works for you I can find someone like you to rent it from.

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