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Lisa in Cave Creek, AZ's Journal Entries

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Posted by Lisa in Cave Creek, AZ on 2/13/2008

Art and crew were out early to fix the issues and pour the concrete. They cut and moved the rebar from near the Sonatubes. I asked him to confirm the pumper-truck time. He did... I called 10 minutes later, he said to call back and reschedule it for an hour later. The guys were sawing and forming the lower part of the wall. I questioned as to whether a piece of wood stuck between the pipes would keep the concrete in. I was told it would not be a problem. The pumper truck came and we waited and waited on the Cemex truck...

Steve (pump-truck driver and Cameron's uncle) had a time getting his pumper truck in under the phone wire... since the ground was softer than the week before, he could not go as far forward. Once it came, it took a while to pour, because the concrete had to be vibrated in the walls... and sure enough, it was flowing out of the holes around the base and sides. Dirt, stones and wood was used to keep it in. Steve enjoyed a cigar while working the remote.

After finishing the pour, Art’s guys went back to work on the top of the headwalls. I called for another inspection for the following morning so the second pour could occur tomorrow afternoon, because rain was once again in the forecast for this weekend. Richard came out to inspect and we passed!!! Art's guy's are working still... I called Art, Dino and Kim :) again. I also called Western for a pump truck this afternoon. Art informs me this morning that several of the Sonatubes collapsed yesterday, but that they would get it out. In fact, they are still working when the pumper shows up at 11:30. Both sets are still working at 12:30 when the Cemex truck showed up.

This pour goes slowly, too. The guys are trying to keep it in the walls (no blowouts) and also vibrate it enough so it won’t crack, have bubbles, etc. They walk across the top of the headwall, change places, etc. No one wants the pb and j's that I offered... I wouldn’t either, if I could have great food that they have planned for a late afternoon lunch, homemade enchiladas! They head out... and forget to take down the 2x4's holding up the phone line. I end up doing it alone... with no problems (except that it took quite a while). I also fire up John and move some dirt so water doesn’t go all over the land.


Cutting away board to move/cut rebar
Art checking work
Wood used to stop flow
See why I thought concrete would flow out!
Braced headwalls (no blowouts!)
Vibrating on west side, pouring on east side
Steve, working hard while enjoying a cigar!
Smoothing first section
Finishing up with trucks!
Second pour is going great!
Phone wire lift :)
I can't resist... top of headwall

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