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Posted by Bob in New Florence, PA on 1/18/2008

The Amish worked the past two days on installing our poplar trim that's stained and dyed with cherry and mahogany. They have a half day of work left and then they'll be finished.

The plumber/HVAC put in the fixtures and all the toilets are working. They also installed the garbage disposal and hooked the hose bib for outside. The walk-in shower is looking great. They also hooked up the heat pump and A/C unit. They got the humidifier working and installed on the furnace and the retaining wall is finally complete.

The electrician came in and wired up the under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. He hooked up the outside fans under the deck. The MTX speakers are in the walls and ceiling in the living room and in my office. He also installed the range hood.

We made steps for the garage entry into the laundry room and hung robe hooks in the master, main and half baths. We also installed doorstops and changed over the new stove from natural to LP gas. We filled in the nails holes on the door trim and we used the crayon type stain sticks and the Minwax stain stick, both worked great.

Our appliances were delivered. We got a Frigidaire dishwasher, Frigidaire Professional slide-in range, Whirlpool Gold refrigerator. We got the Cabrio washer and dryer, but the dryer had a dent in it so they did not send it. It is to arrive on Monday.

Our carpet was dropped off, it will be installed on Monday. We also bought a nice area rug for the living room.

Starting to come together, the wife and some of her family are going to start cleaning this weekend and we told all the subs they have to be out Thursday. We are shooting for a final inspection on Friday of next week.


Baseboard trim in living room
My office door with the trim around it
Master Bedroom door
Noah installing trim
Our range hood getting wired up
The range hood
My office closet
Kitchen counter top
Newly installed countertop
My office desk

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