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Posted by Lynnette in Orlando, FL on 1/5/2008 4:35:15 PM

From the last post, I definitely underestimated how long the foaming would take.  Let's just say that post was on the 11th of Dec. and today, on the 5th of January, we should be completing it.  So much for one week of spraying.  My husband hates the foaming with a passion, mostly because he hates the spray suit and ventilator he has to wear.  He feels way too restricted in those items and I think slightly claustrophobic.  He will be overjoyed to be completed with this particular aspect of the house building.  He keeps saying when this foaming is done he never wants to see that machine again!  This coming from a man who does not shy away from hard work, so it must be a miserable job.  I know it took us two full days to cover the house with plastic so as not to have too much of a mess left over.  Thank goodness we did not skimp on the use of plastic.  That stuff gets on literally everything.  After the foam is complete, we will have to trim the foam flush with the studs anywhere they will be hanging drywall. 

The architectural foam guys came and started installing some of their stuff.  They only got as far as the front portico and installed the decorative brackets.  They look really good.  There is a lot more architectural foam that will be going up as well as stone on the front of the house.  They will be handling all those items.  From the sketches, it is going to look fantastic and I am so excited to see it completed.

Our stucco is finally, absolutely, and definitely done!  After we had painted the whole house, there were some "touch-up" areas that needed to be re-stuccoed, and so those will have to be re-painted.  But, we are just glad that the stucco is finally complete because that also created quite a mess.  Since we used the commercial-grade synthetic stucco you don't have to wait for days of dry time and curing.  We will be painting the areas that need to be re-done this week.  There is still so much left to be done.  I certainly hope we can keep focused. 

We are going to take a good long hard look around in the interior before the drywall goes up and make sure that any and all wiring that we could possibly ever need or want is taken care of now.  It is much easier to do those things before the walls get closed in.  This is something that I have already done about three times.  One more won't hurt.  Also, the areas in the bathrooms where we will need to hang any towel bars or hooks will be looked over so they can have extra reinforcement installed before the drywall goes in as well.  All interior decorative architecture will also be evaluated such as niches and such.  We don't want to have any regrets in these areas and make sure we have those things where we want them now.  I have only a few pictures to post, since there is not enough visible change right now from the last post.  The front porch with decorative brackets installed as well as more interior insulation...


Front porch with decorative brackets.
View from another angle.
Grand entry with foamed walls.
More foamed walls.
Our daughter standing in the attic space looking at the foam.

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