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I will say that this adventure has brought many self-doubts. When this happens, I just pick up The Owner-Builder Book and get our confidence back.
Kathy in Santa Ana, CA

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Posted by Barbara in Wilton, NH on 12/17/2007 1:37:53 PM

Well, we did it, we got in just before the big storm this weekend.  Our electrician got all the kitchen appliances online and the lights are switched.  We got our house number, 312.  Can't believe I would be so happy to cook, do dishes, wash clothes, etc.  We have all the amenities, running water HOT and cold. It's a big difference taking a long, hot shower vs. the trailer where you have to turn it on, get wet, turn it off, soap up, turn it on to rinse and that's all the hot water there was time for.  Actually, at the end, the hose kept freezing up so we didn't have water at all.

We have walls, doors, some temporary flooring and it feels great.  I just realized that Christmas is next week and I have done nothing except dig out the decorations on Sunday.

Here are some pictures of where we are.  Hoping to have some visitors for Xmas, we are really liking the design and are anxious to see the kitchen with the cabinets in.  We put up a few temp shelves in the mean time.

Boy, its been a long haul, but it is finally feeling like home and like it really will be all worth it in the end.

So those of you in the planning or just starting phases, hang in there, the feeling of accomplishment is incredible.


Here is the front yard in the late fall.
Garage walls and ceiling were required for fire safety for temp co.
Garage wall.
All stairs must have child proof railings.
We didn't have a wall, so we put the light switches in the railing - pretty cool idea.
Appliances arrive.
Gotta love them beams.
Walls go up.
Garage doors go in - they even had the color to match the Anderson windows.
First snow was gone in a couple of days.
Sheetrock and doors go in.
Wood stove goes in. When this gets going, it actually makes the whole house a little too warm. The heat calls for our SIP, P&B came in at 52,000BTU. Gotta love free heat (except for the hard labor involved).
We used up the extra scrap SIP panels to insulate some of the basement bays.
Look at kitchen.
Floor is temporary, $13.50 a box for sticky tiles is well worth the cost to get our Temp CO and move in.
Just a little holiday decorating.
Okay, so a little more.
That's it, well maybe a tree : )
Thanks Mom, but now I can do my own laundry.
Even happy to have boxes for nightstands.
Les picked out the cool sconces.

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