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We're working to get bids for all the main trades so that we're ready to go when the permit and construction loan are done. Let's hear it for the spreadsheets and tools posted on this site!! So far, everyone we've dealt with has been great. None of the lumberyards, government offices or subs have given us a hard time because we're O-Bs. In fact, most have been very helpful.
Bryan in Springfield, OH

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Posted by Lynnette in Orlando, FL on 12/6/2007

Since my last update, things have not gone at the pace we had hoped or expected. I suppose that is to be expected, but honestly there were two major factors to blame for the hold-up. The mechanical, and two windows. We needed to have both of these things complete before we could get our framing inspection, and we ended up waiting about three weeks longer than we should have before they were finally taken care of. The mechanical took longer because the HVAC guy has been very busy with some commercial projects, and the windows that were missing from our dining room kept coming in with the wrong radius, therefore not lining up with the center window correctly. We ended up having the Silverline Windows guy come in from the factory just to be able to figure out why they kept getting the size wrong. In the end, we used the last windows they shipped and ended up ripping out the bottom three windows and the top center one to adjust everything and make it work. No small feat for anyone who remembers that this house is ICF and the concrete has rebar inside. But I suppose all's well that ends well, and we have the window looking just perfect. You can see the window in question beside the front door, to the right from the outside. 

Stucco has been progressing and is almost complete. It looks really good. I am so glad I chose to do an old world texture. That smooth texture looks so much better than the rough one. Also, the texture goes all the way around the whole house and upstairs, not just the front. We have done all the eaves, and they are completely closed in. We do not need to vent the attic, since we are using a foam insulation. We have put yellow board on and have had it stuccoed over to complete the look. They look great! As with any owner-builder house, once you are in construction you will find things that need to be either changed or added. We have added many arches throughout the house, both inside and out. The last arch to be added was over the front door. I never liked the flat square the framers put in, and it bothered me all this time. Finally, we decided it was time to put in the arch or never have it done. My husband put it on himself and made it match the window that sits directly below it. It is not a very dramatic arch, but it is symmetrical to the windows, so it looks good. 

We had our mechanical inspection yesterday and passed it the third time around. Our framing inspection was today and that also passed. Next step will be the insulation. Can't wait. To date, since the last post the following inspections have been done and passed: electrical, low voltage, gas lines, mechanical, and framing. I will post next during the insulation process. We will begin tomorrow. I have several pictures to share.



Retaining wall we decided to add around the oak tree in front of our garage. This will reduce the need for a dramatic slope in the front yard.
Master tub framing. The tub will be placed in once we decide exactly how we want to situate it in this section.
Photo of the stuccoed eaves. They look so good.
Here you can see the dining room windows and the arch above the front door.
The area around these windows finally got all finished in and stuccoed.
My daughter in the dining room.
Dining room arches from the hallway coming out of the kitchen. Also, the bottom of the rounded staircase can be seen.
These are the arches looking from under the stairs into the dining room.
This is the mitered window in the breakfast nook, looking from the family room.
One of my daughter's bedroom, looking towards her bathroom. The shower stall is visible.
The kid's upstairs bonus room.

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