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Barbara in Wilton, NH's Journal Entries

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Posted by Barbara in Wilton, NH on 11/19/2007

Well, our goal for getting a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) was Thanksgiving. It has gone from a full CO down to just getting a temp CO, which will be good for 90 days and then can be extended for an additional 90 days. That will get us through the winter and the bank construction loan needs to convert to permanent by April anyway, so that should work out well.

We found this great place in Hooksett, NH called Big Jim's for discount building materials. We got a vanity and one-piece soapstone sink top for $300. I couldn't get just the vanity for under $320 at the big hardware stores. They have slightly dinged doors. We actually got five interior doors for $150, and none had dings. One even had a glass window in one side that I am going to do mosaic stained glass on.  What a find for getting stuff cheap, got to go often. The vanity is in the pictures below.

We are both walking around like zombies, get up, work full-time (when I'm not out half or full days for GC stuff) go home, work on house until 9-10 pm, eat quick sandwich, off to bed, get up and do it again. The weekends are worse; up at the crack of dawn and crawling up the hill to the camper by 9-10. I get happy that it is Monday so I can go to work and sit down!!! Even when you plan well and realize exactly what you are getting into, until you physically do it, you just don't realize how much time and energy it takes. We have not taken any time off since the foundation went in in at the beginning of July. Living in NH, we are working to avoid trying to survive the winter in the camper.

We heat the house while we are working with a little propane heater that puts out about 40,000 BTU. The designers kept telling us how little it would take to heat an SIP panel home, but again, seeing is believing. PSNH came out this morning and hooked up our permanent service. For a monopoly, they are very good to their customers. I explained our situation in the camper, and they really went to bat for us and got us what we needed and guided us along the way to make sure we did the underground work correctly.

The building inspector has turned out to be the best and biggest resource for building information. I make a list of questions and go talk to him or call at least once a week and he always has or finds the information that we need. He was the one who explained about getting a temp CO; we had no idea about that.

Anyway, everyone keeps asking for updates, so I wanted to get the latest pictures up.

Big stuff coming in the next two weeks. Garage doors from Raynor Door Authority; we were very impressed with their professionalism and pricing, they install tomorrow and had the exact color match to our Andersen windows. Son's Chimney Service is installing our wood stove (Morso 3610). I had originally gone with the the 2040, which is more contemporary, but the site evaluator said we should go bigger, the bigger size was actually less money, so we went with it. Now I'm wondering if it will be too much, given the little propane heater we have been using. Guess we can always downsize and sell the bigger one.

I will post again next week when there will be more noticeable changes and let you know if we actually manage to get in! Wish us luck, or better yet, come by and bring your tools. : )


Siding is finally done.
Framing on upper level almost done.
It's not really crooked, just the photographer.
Vanity and top from Big Jim's Bargains Hooksett, NH - great deals, nice guys.
DSL Concrete did the slabs. Again, great price and great guys!
Fresh air ventilation from Aldes - VMP-K circulates continuous fresh air and removes humidity and controls condensation and mold in SIP panel homes.
Temporary staircase.
Last windows and door go in.

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