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I have started the "wish list" of features that we want in our O-B house. I would like to break ground next spring if possible. Love the website and book. Looking forward to many discussions.
Todd in Tullahoma, TN

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Bob in New Florence, PA's Journal Entries

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Posted by Bob in New Florence, PA on 9/27/2007

Last Thursday, after much prodding, our plumber/HVAC sub came out for the first time since he was there to put the piping under the floor. To say I was annoyed would be a grave understatement. He and his crew came in on Thursday and drilled about four holes in the floor, then a salesman from a PEX company came by to give them a demo on some new products which annoyed me worse after he was there two hours, they then went to lunch. Two and a half hours later they returned and worked maybe two more hours and left. They came back Friday and did actually work a little bit, but not enough to cleanse the sour taste from my mouth. Myself and my father-in-law built the walls for our walk-in shower in the kids room and got that all squared away. The seamless gutter guy came out and got all of our gutters and downspouts in. Our excavator piped them all underground and tied them all together in the main exit pipe.

On Saturday, our mason came out and laid the block for the front porch, so when its backfilled we'll be ready to pour.

Our builders came in on Monday and finished up everything that they were working on. The Man Deck is now finished except for the brick on the pillars. They put in the roof vent for the range hood and two drain vents for the lazy-assed plumber. We had an issue with head clearance on the stairs so we called the floor engineer and he advised us that we could cut about two feet of one of the laminated LVL's at the base of the stairwell, and we would just have to build a load-bearing wall beside it which we did. The SUN TUNNELS were finished, well worth the money that we paid for them. I think it adds a nice little touch in the bathroom. We added some pieces of 2x10 into the walls where our flat screens will hang for extra support. These guys worked their tails off, we were sad to see them go, but they'll be back to do the trim. We also got our front door in, I love it.

Tuesday, our excavator came out and worked on the sand mound. He also backfilled the front porch and worked on the front grade as well as backfilling around the brick ledges on the side. We found bank shale for $90 per tri-axle load so we had five loads dropped off to fill the garage and driveway. It worked out well as we didn't have to use as much dirt or gravel since we had the shale. The electrician came out and worked a few hours.

Wednesday, the electrician came out and worked for a few hours. Basically he is just doing recessed lights right now. The plumber showed up for an hour and I honestly cannot see any evidence of him doing anything. I am way beyond annoyed now. The excavator continued his work as well.

Thursday, my wife and I have used the building slowdown to go price some appliances and get all the cabinetry squared away as well as trying to decide what kind of countertops we'll order. The excavator came out today, but after it rained all night and part of the day it was too soupy to do much, he did trench a line for conduit out to the shed and he dug the water line and got that all hooked up for us. The plumber says he'll be out this evening and I think we are going to have a heart-to-heart discussion about his future on our house.


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