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Posted by Jack in Trumann, AR on 9/1/2007

My framers still haven't finished. They worked on my house for over a month without a draw because they slowed down so much that they ran out of draws. Realistically, they only have a couple of days work at the house if they'd come in early, work all day at it and really try to finish. But instead, they started another house and stayed away for two weeks. But they did finally come back today and installed the rest of my windows, so I guess I'm officially, finally, in the dry!

In other news, I've been working on my plumbing for the last couple of weeks. I've got most of the drains and vents for two of my bathrooms and the laundry room installed. I plan on working on the tubs this weekend. I bought a corner jacuzzi for the master bath as shown in the plans and a standard jacuzzi for the main bath, which the kids will use.

Also, my masons started the bricks this week. The guy I hired was working a crew of three, not counting himself. He also had another crew working a house in another city about 30 miles away, and was splitting his time between job sites. They wanted to start on Wednesday, but I wasn't really ready for them yet. They were in a rush to start, so I let them work on prep stuff while I finished getting set for them. They actually started laying brick at about 9:00 on Thursday. By the end of the day, they were about halfway up all the way across the back of the house. These guys show up early and work all day long, till about 7:30 - 8:00 pm. By end of day Friday, they were halfway up all around the house. On Saturday, I decided to sleep until I woke up, for a change and didn't get out to the house until 9:00 am. Imagine my surprise when I get there and there are about 20 guys scurrying around the house laying brick! By the end of the day, they had finished the back side of the house except for right over the windows in the middle and they had finished the south end of the house! Man, those guys were laying some brick.

Well, I've got a few new pictures to post so I hope you enjoy them. The brick is from Acme Brick Company and the color is Brandywine. I also went with red mortar, which is actually Georgia Red. Oh yeah, you'll see in the pictures that my entry door is in. The framers installed it before they started that other house, but I don't know if I ever mentioned it. My wife worked on staining it today. She got the inside stained, but it still needs another coat or two. It's a mahogany door and we're staining it Cherry; it looks good so far, but I didn't get a picture of it stained yet.

We've still got a long way to go, but we are making progress.


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