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I just found this site and have found some great advice from it already.
Dale in Tampa, FL

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Posted by Bob in New Florence, PA on 8/27/2007

Today was a good day and it was very productive. Our builders got the exterior framing finished up. There will be a modification on the back wall and the doors and windows need cut-out. Our windows, since they are more than six feet off the ground in the back, need to be 24" off the ground to meet egress standards for code. Ours were way off, but after an early morning meeting with our materials supplier, we came up with an idea to use a thinner micro-lam beam for the load bearing header- and we got our height. The front windows needed to be 18" off the ground so we go that straight. The window place liked our persistence and they rewarded us. They offered our old order of windows at cost! So we took it and ended up with $1200 worth of windows for $800.

Our builders have the whole exterior framed and ready for the trusses. They framed two rooms on the inside our laundry room and my office. It was very cool to see the rooms finally start taking shape, and you can kind of get a visual now for what it will look like.

We also moved around a few piles of materials to make room for the trusses and the crane.

Our Mason arrived after our builders finished and he and I tarred the foundation. I am so paranoid about water. In our current house the basement leaks badly. So on the new house we applied Thermaseal and tar and we will add 1" foam all the way around before backfilling.


Exterior walls are now all framed
Where our front door will be perched
Garage framing is completed
Space my wife stole from my garage for a half bath and a closet
Our meter box
GFI Outlets below temp electric entry
Interior walls in laundry room are framed
Where the money is made..My office
Wife takes the tour through our partially framed interior
Our front window bump out in kids room, and our still missing subfloor
Other bump out for second kids room
View from outside the office and laundry
Looking outside the front door
Yes, I do put in some work
Our mason gets busy or the tar layer of the water proofing
Jason the mason applying tar to the brick ledge
Finished brick ledge
A closer look at the tar

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Posted by Gaetano Hauck on 10/8/2020

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Recently my garage door got repaired and unable to close it. It's too hard to handle it. As i was busy with my blogs and been no time to get it work well. Your service is reliable and I really loved it.

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