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Lisa in Groveland, FL's Journal Entries

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Posted by Lisa in Groveland, FL on 7/15/2007

I can't believe it, but it is exactly ONE year today I started this journal on 15th July 2006. We approached and gave the go-ahead to our designer on 30th June 2006 and I thought we were finally on our way!!! However we have come a long way since 2nd May 2007 when we broke ground. SO I attach a pic of the day we started to clear the land and do the pad and then what's there today, as you can't exactly visually record the day we said "Here's the floorplan, please do the plans". Hoping we don't make it to our second anniversary and not have moved in, but who knows what’s ahead.

This week the HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, for you Brits) finished and the electricians are almost there too, I had to ditch the gas people and am having a few meetings this Mon. and Tues. to replace them ASAP. The framers should be coming back this week to frame the baths and finish up the cosmetic stuff and do a punch list (correct any errors). Our front door that supposedly had a 6-8 week lead time through Stock Building Supply has apparently been stuck in Customs in Miami, we are at the 10-week point now, although had they ordered it when I asked them to, it would be the 12-week point!!! It’s due to arrive Tuesday I was told after throwing my toys out of my cot on Friday 13th, as it feels like I am they only one chasing it. If we do not get it this week it will hold up the whole project, inspection-wise. 

Pest piping and low voltage (pre-wire security system) due in this week too. I find out Monday when the mitered glass will go in. Hopefully I can get the new gas people to pipe this week, then hopefully our six-way inspection by early next week. Fingers crossed. I am not expecting everything to pass, as that would be just too much to hope for; there is a lot to inspect. After that it's insulation, (takes three working days), which according to my schedule is our halfway point and the not-quite three-month point. Now I chuckle when I say that because I do not expect it to go as easily as we have had it so far. “The devil is in the details,” as they say and there are now a thousand separate “little” things to deal with rather than large plodding big things with obviously strides and huge leaps in progress. But I guess a wee part of me still hopes J. Our contractor friend will be back from vacation, so will be by to check all is in order.

I had a wee panic this week with the bank. We requested an inspection on Wednesday asking for Fri. or Mon., and I would confirm on Thurs. I asked for Mon. so they could take into account the roof and the fireplace. Well, they turned up 7 am (before us) on Fri. and of course the roof has not been taken into consideration, so slightly annoyed. When they told me the amount on Mon., I knew it was short but not by how much until I worked it out. It turns out none of the framing was taken into consideration by my counts, nor the fireplace, and only 50% of the windows. We were minus one small window at this point, an 18x24 one and the mitered window, however all 32 windows and SGD’s were in and most of the exterior doors, (they too were not taken into consideration) SO we are now $30K short. I can ask for another inspection at OUR cost of $75, but it irks me as had they done as I had asked or even looked what is there (as requested) we would be fine. So on the next inspection, I’ll be there very early to ensure that everything I ask to be taken into consideration IS. On top of that, they let me know Monday of the amount we were due and that the lien waivers they had previously asked for on companies who had properly asked for the NoC (Notice of Commencement) (to give us due notice they can file a lien if we do not pay - standard practice. This turns out to be rarely followed as we have had only three to date, CBS, Stock and Brevard Truss and two of those we have credit accounts with and I have had to pay early to get the lien waiver. In the case of Stock, I had not even got the bill yet and they had not finished installing them and the front door has yet to arrive!!!) As I told the bank, we should not be paying them until they have finished the work!!)

Anyway I ran past Howard Concrete to pay them >$40K for the slab and walls (they pay Quick Walls who have finally got round to invoicing them). On getting home that evening I put the girls to bed and then listened to the answer machine. Heart failure - a message from the bank, 10 mins after they got off the phone from my cell they rung our home and said we would not be getting the money after all, without the lien waivers. WHAT!!! Now I had arranged this anyway, but did not chase the companies after speaking with the bank that morning, as they were not needed until the next inspection. Not so. Now I had just given away a massive cheque after being told the money would be in our account that afternoon (why would I not believe it after they took the time to call me and let me know!!!) Very angry and worse, it's 9pm, and what can you do, so I called the bank and left and message on their cell, very very annoyed. Then I wrote emails to the two outstanding companies and they faxed me and emailed me the lien waivers respectively first thing the next morning, one at 06:54 hrs and the other at 07:30 hrs before the bank opened and I raced it to the bank that morning.

What killed me was it was by the skin of our teeth, but the money did go in on Tues thank goodness, as the cheques for >$40K all cleared Tuesday too, which I found surprising as I had only handed them over at 4 pm on Monday. Wow, that was fast. So now even if it’s on my way home as it was on Monday I will go home, check the Net and then to believe the bank!!! Crazy situation.


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