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Posted by Michael Penn in Dripping Springs, TX on 6/17/2007

Last Tuesday the slab was poured.

By the time I arrived, about 4 am, after driving from Dallas starting about 12:30 pm, the big cement pump truck was already set up, with work lights making an eerie scene to come upon in the dark countryside.

As the cement trucks start arriving and unloading into the pumper truck, a flurry of activity commences and continues for some hours.

It's amazing how quickly the cement transforms from a thick soup to solid enough to walk on--in just a few hours.

My guess is that this will prove to be the most productive single day in this house-build project.


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Posted by Dorothy A. in Wimberley, TX on 6/22/2007

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Yay, Michael! That looks great!

All this past week I had plans to be in the Dripping Springs area--going up to McCoy's on 290 for the first paint. Yippee! However, Mother Nature did not agree with my plans for paint and for a lot of other things. I spent a lot of time juggling the various contractors who couldn't make it because of the rain and not being able to schedule next steps for the same reason.

I plan to head for Dripping Springs and parts east and west as soon in the morning as I can after arranging some filling and trenching. The trenching is for the permanent power service. I decided this afternoon that, since I had to have one big pile of two-year-old brush chippings moved, I may as well have it moved to the area where we will have the biggest fill. There are also several relatively small piles of rocks that were there when we bought the first lot that I want to have moved. There is even a small ridge of dirt I had Bob Parrot move to the edge of the woods when he cleared the topsoil a bit for surveying and staking the house.

My plumber has some piles of rocks he wants to get rid of. I will get Bob to haul them over. The big beauty of this is that the plumber's house is between my house and The Stone Works, maybe a mile and a half from me. I am also going to call some of the other septic system installers to see if they want to dispose of dirt removed for the tanks at my house.

The idea is to get as much rough fill as I can at the smallest price; then I can finish off with topsoil and some dirt Bob has that has been specially treated and is resistant to weeds and some other pests. They have tomatoes growing in beds in front of their office that the deer haven't touched when most of the neighbors are crying over lost tomato plants.

I will take advantage of being 18 miles toward Fredericksburg tomorrow to go up to the Wildflower Seed Farm after I get the paint. I want to see if there are some fall wildflowers I can plant now for blooming on the LPD this fall. Yep! That is finally finished and seeded with dwarf Bermuda. David was held up almost two weeks for the bed to dry enough to finish it. He finished it and passed the final inspection last Thursday, and we had rain that evening. So far, I haven't had to water, but I have the hoses and sprinklers ready for when I have to.

I know this isn't a general posting, but maybe the fact that I feel rather joyful this far into our build will be encouraging. I decided the best morale builder is to congratulate myself for not having any major booboos pop up. We are nearing the end of the framing including windows. The electrician's next phase will be complete on Monday, the heating and cooling unit is in with most of the ductwork (this means the plumber can do his next phase), and the exterior painter is ready to paint the fascia Monday, which means the roofer can start any time after that.

Hey, all you out there, you can do it, too! We started with the foundation the last week in March and just look where we are.

I will try again next week to try to get a journal with photos started. Good luck and good cheer, y'all.


Posted by Michael Penn in Dripping Springs, TX on 6/22/2007

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Hi Dorothy,

Good to hear of your progress--you've come a mighty long way since last time I heard from you, just as framing was starting.

You really ought to start your journal--you could copy this in as your first post, and then continue from there. I'm sure we could figure out the photo thing along the way.

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