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Posted by Mike & Carolyn in Smithville, MO on 6/15/2007

The framing was scheduled to be complete on Friday, and they pretty much made it. There are a few detailed items left to do that are behind because of supplies more than anything and because of my inability to keep up with ordering things when they were needed. They will be back on Monday to complete the columns on the front porch (three of them) some various trim items and the installation of ceiling in the covered porch. They were waiting on the electrician to put in the outlets and light fixtures, but since I have not hired one, I told them to go ahead without it in. We will run string lines for the electrician to pull the wires with. All we can do. They will also have to stop back by on Tuesday to set the doors. I had neglected to order the frames from the millwork company and missed the 3 pm deadline Friday to get them on Monday. So they will send out the two door frames Tuesday with temporary construction doors in them... don't want the good doors getting torn up with the remaining work.

My framer was great, he worked with me every step of the way and was flexible about changes. We did a walk-through of the wall placement before they went up so we got them exactly where we wanted. He was also good about my last minute additions, like doubling some ceiling joists so we could add decking after completion for storage and a loft area; and he had the forethought to make a large access hole to the attic, not the 18” access on the plan. Ken also kept an eye on other subs when I was not there, ensuring that things went right, such as the concrete guys that were not going to flash the back seam on the suspended floor. The job site was kept clean and they swept out the house when framing was complete.

I'll be open with numbers. Costwise, it broke out to $7/sq. ft. for framing = $5,950, and this included installation of traditional lap siding (not speed lap) on most of the exterior.  Plus the large front porch at $1,500, including the installation of the tongue & grove car siding, installation of cedar shake shingles and the build of three custom columns (that were detailed after the bid). Porch was 12x14 with an 8x5 covered stoop; both had high roof lines. Then $600 for the framing of the down walls and frame-out of the suspended slab. We could have gone with a lower bid, but knew that there would be issues due to a language barrier (such as the roofer that gave his bid as $18,000 instead of $1,800), and that every change would cost me. And more importantly, I wanted it done right the first time. They did a great job and anyone building in the area should consider them -- Owner is Ken Knutter 816.516.6560.


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