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Posted by Lisa in Groveland, FL on 6/14/2007

On Thursday, the tower started to go up. Abbie has been doing a lot of riding her bike. We are manically trying to get the zoysia grass we ordered for the swale into the ground and irrigated, as the rains are not exactly regular in Lake County yet. In fact when I last checked, we are the only county still having a very high wildfire risk. Thursday and Friday were the first days ever that I was on the phone so much the battery ran out; usually a battery lasts three days easily!!!

Because I was on the phone so much, Abbie set up a late lunch for us by the boot of the car.

Rup took a decision, as due to truss problems the bonus room is a little taller than we anticipated.  So, the framers asked him for the header height of the 18x24 windows. Unfortunately he matched it with the height of the French doors. As soon as he told me that had been done, straight away I cringed. All the windows have headers of two ft. with good reason. Due to the angle of the roof, the overhang would cover the banding around them and possibly the glass area. So we are going to have to pay a little extra to get them moved downwards by 6 inches. We delayed this decision, but once the roofline was complete it was obvious it would look silly. Rup crawled up the rafters with me and on gazing out the proposed windows, we have to almost stand on tiptoe to see out of them, so definitely a good idea to lower them; neither of us is very tall!! 5' 5" and 5' 8".

The photos from the subdivision road, which is higher, just confirmed our decision. I am also adding a window to the rear of the bonus room and the view is delightful. And yes I'll be installing it if the framers have left already!!!

Friday I had to collect Lottie earlier and as I had not locked up in time, we went back to the land and had supper there. One of our neighbours (who was worried we'd live there (opposing the Pac Van)) drove on by and I could not help but giggle as it probably looks like we are living there insofar as I arrive at 7 am and leave at 7 pm, supper and all!! That'll never do. That said, we'd be doing exactly the same van or no van!! One friend suggested we hang up a clothesline, which cracked me up. I do need to catch up on housework - what would look best/worst, the triangular whirlie ones, or a long line with it propped up in the middle?? Three ladies about to eat is the last photo.


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