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Posted by Lisa in Groveland, FL on 5/12/2007

We brought the fill in, it has been compacted and I scrabbled around for a firm to do the clean fill sample (certainly learning all the time) and they will come back for the compaction test when I call them. I had a major headache with the truckers, thought they were nice guys until I caught them slacking off. I sat down Friday night and worked out how they have basically been doing it for the whole two days. We needed one more final run and I called the pit to arrange it. Was told they left two mins. ago, so I waited 15 mins. - nothing; it was 4:05 p.m. at this point. Raced to pit to see if there was a problem, turned up at the pit 10 mins. later and they were just leaving. They had been parking up, in this case for more than 25 minutes, while I was paying them by the hour!!! Seriously not happy and cannot recommend “WFF Trucking Inc.” or “Ameer Juman Trucking”. Run by the Juman brothers/cousins, who seem to have numerous trucks all under different names. I have withheld their cheque until I spoke with my contact J.J., and they did not even apologise.

Basically, it is theft, and it easily totals up to 16 hours over two days. Met J.J.,  gave him all of it written down, my times, and pit times. He did not want it and tried to feed me a load of BS; he did not realise I'm not completely stupid!! They had been spotted parking up lots by the pit workmen. The pit was not busy, other than my trucks; there were only three other (single-trip) trucks for the whole day Friday, and it was a similar story for Thursday. Basically, I was paying them for trucking, not having "Mothers' Meetings" and they still wanted the full money or knock $57 off. I was outraged and so will be contacting our attorney for advice Monday. As per contract we will end up in front of the American Arbitration Assoc. They threatened a lien and frankly I was so angry with having been lied to and them attempting what is basically theft, I did not care.

They did not meet the spirit of the agreement to provide trucking services for the whole hours I was paying them for. I even stopped them on Thursday to feed them pizza on our time as we want to treat everyone well. I will carry on treating everyone as well as possible, but it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. I truly wonder how some people sleep at night. All I can tell anyone and everyone who looks them up on Google: do not trust this trucking company. They are partly in Winter Garden and partly in Gotha, from what I can tell.

Anyway, the truckers stringing out the fill has put us back a little. So site work and compaction will now finish on Monday, then form boards. The county started work on our permit Wednesday 2nd May. Rup called them. There are three lines to complete from the rejected ones. I don't fully understand it, but one was complete Thursday, the second on Friday, and the third is still waiting? Please be Monday, please, please,please. We will stop after form boards if not, but it would be lovely to get a form-board survey done, then rough plumbing. 

SO lots of drama and me standing my ground. Rup has been working; so hopefully he'll forgive me for being so angry with them and the fallout. That said, I was very, very, angry; but did not swear or shout but certainly told them some home truths. 

When I met J.J. the next day, I was still angry, even he admitted with Rup listening on speakerphone that one trip should never have taken 1 hr 10 mins. All of their best times were between 44 and 48 mins, all their worst times were between 1 hr 10 mins and 1 hour 20 mins. Unfortunately I did not even think to check the times Thursday night, as Abbie’s school had a function which we had to attend and a freak thunderstorm hit just after we got them to bed, which terrified Lottie, so I sat with her until she dropped off.

Friday I started to get a little suspicious, but was dashing around all over the place. A couple of the drivers knew what they were doing, a couple had no idea how to truly work their engines and gear box, so they really churned up the access drive, which Randy had to keep fixing. You could tell it was certain drivers as it was the same two who got stuck and the good ones never did.

I don’t know if sticking to our guns is worth it - over 16 hours stolen. There is a principle at stake, especially as they never even apologised when they were “caught with their pants down” (British analogy). Their standard answer to 'What exactly were you doing on my time?' was “I don’t know.” My 7 yr. old can come up with a better excuse than that, especially given 11 mins to think about it, which is what it took us, them with full loads from the pit to site once I caught them. If we were millionaires, I’d drag them over the coals on principle, but money is freedom, so we shall see. What exactly are you meant to do, follow them for each trip and herd them back? Are they men or babies???

Rup will deal with it Monday 7th May, as he was away from the situation and though annoyed, is not as angry as I am, so hopefully more objective. Unfortunately you have to trust people a bit when they work for you, there is no getting around that, but these people do not deserve that trust.

Sorry to throw my toys out my cot for this entry, but it is my journal and I want it to show reality and not a rose-tinted picture or equally one harder than it is. Plus I have a tendency to look back with rose-tinted glasses, so if we do this again I can avoid the pitfalls previously encountered.

One problem not really considered. After being in Florida for five years, I'm pretty much used to the hot weather. Not used to being out in it for extended periods, no time to sunbathe and don’t want to look like 100 when I’m 55. So after less than two hours out in it Monday, and "hey presto" - one burnt Lisa.

Now with two days (Thursday and Friday) out in it, and it's been in the 90’s - one very, very, burnt Lisa, even though I smothered myself with the kids' lotion, which has a very high Florida SPF. Mainly on arms, and as wearing V-neck, top chest. Changed to cover up but it really is too hot to cover arms and obviously not face, so I was glowing. Do they do a higher SPF than 50? Off to order grass and lotion…

One final note due to SECO not being able to connect with us for four weeks, we went off to Costco and bought a generator, as we need to run the well to cure the concrete. Did our homework on the Internet and phone calls beforehand and Costco outdid everyone and then when we got to the checkout there was an offer of another $50 off. So just so you know, other than the truckers, everything else has been going swingingly. : )

Below shows Randy's hard work and the pad building up slowly. The piccies are as he started the next post are toward the end of day one.


Posted by Michael Penn in Dripping Springs, TX on 5/14/2007

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Let it go.

Look for the lesson, if you can find it.

Then move on.

Let it go.

Posted by Lisa in Groveland, FL on 5/15/2007

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Thank you for that. I have already; these journals are very cathartic. Plus, I rarely can remain angry for long anyway. Yes I have learnt from it, and am very sure there are an awful lot of further lessons to be learnt firsthand throughout this process. I will go into the outcome when I can update the journal; must dash out to meet plumbers.


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