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Posted to Drywall-Repair-Lehi by Nate on 2/14/2020 3:41:50 PM

Making all of your drywall dreams (because doesn’t everyone dream about drywall?) come true. While drywall may not be the first item on your vision board for home repairs, the fact remains that it is generally a starting point for any project. Whether you need drywall installed for that new addition or drywall repairs for a remodel, Drywall Repair Lehi is always at your service. Drywall installation, repair, texturing, and taping are all services we specialize in. We work quickly and efficiently to complete your project without disrupting your life, and our training, licenses, and insurance keep your home and family protected. Once we show you what we can do, your dreams really will be filled with drywall possibilities!

Posted to Tenants-Right-When-Selling-Occupied-Rental-Property by Landlords in Maryland, MD on 2/14/2020 2:00:03 AM

When you are thinking to have the college students as the renters, then you should make your property prepared accordingly. You need to add all those features that the students want in a rental unit. You should know each thing about the taste of the tenants so that you can implement the same and you will get the long-term tenants. If you just imagine applying any alternative, then it can be possible that your property is not liked by more people. Surely, this will be never the thing that you want for the property you are thinking to own. They truly understand that if they want something the best or with all the techniques, then they have to pay for more and this is not at all the demand of any student. They simply need the comfort and the peace to study, and you have to give all these facilities for sure.

Adding-on to that, they need some amenities as well that can’t be compromised by any rental property. Want to know what those are that will make your rental unit just awesome for them, then here the article is for you. Read it and you will get to know about the same. Surely, after that, making the arrangement will be easier.

Near to the institute

This is the first and most important feature for any rental unit that wants to have the students. You must admit that the students love to spend their time in studies and their works. But if the staying option will be in a distance, then they have to invest time for the traveling that will never be a good option for any student. So, it will be highly needed that you understand the requirements and keep that in mind when you are thinking to establish a rental unit specifically for students. Giving importance to that and applying it will be the thing your property should have.

Affordable rent

When the unit will be for the students, then it should be in the range of perfect affordability. You can’t make in a range that will be impossible to afford for any student. So, keep that in mind too while doing the preparation of having the rental unit. You have to do the Federal Hill property management and more rightly as well. So, calculate all and make sure that you are just perfect in fixing the rent for students. You can talk with the property management company too if you are not able to fix the rent. But you have to be perfect for having the right responses.

The necessary things should be nearby

A student needs grocery stores and more for fulfilling their daily needs. It will not be something that every student has own vehicle and they can do the communication as per the needs. You have to be sure that the daily needs stores should be in a distance that one can walk. When they like your property and the property management Federal Hill, then the immediate thing the students will ask for the same. If you can have an appreciable answer, then you will get students as the renters.

The internet

You should have the facility of the Wi-Fi. If you don’t have the same, then students will never like it. No matter how good you are in offers of rent or the property management Federal Hill md is perfect, you need internet connectivity. So, arrange the right Wi-Fi for your home, and people should like the speed and more. They need it for making their studies perfect and also to be active in social media. Compromising in any will not be entertained by the student. So, understand the requirements of the same and then perfectly start offering this facility for having the right students as renters and making them comfortable at your place.


No student is there that will love to enjoy their free time by washing the clothes and maintaining it. But making those presentable will be the need to that you can’t deny. So, it will be highly needed that your home should have this laundry facility, so that their clothes get the look that every student needs, don’t waste your time to think much, arrange all the same and you should be sure that the property management in Federal Hill will be the thing that will be perfect too, then you may think that your property is ready for welcoming the students. Surely, the tenants will love the same a well.

Well, these are the things that you need to have at your property to make it perfect for the students. Surely, if you have all, then the responses will be there as well. Just do the screening well and get the best renters. Also, it is true that hiring the rental property management company in Baltimore will be good too for managing all and enjoy the right rental income.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 2/8/2020 9:00:34 PM

It occurred to me that I hadn't done a good job of keeping things updated here, though to be honest The Were Reasons since my last post at the Closing of the Year.

In contrast to the first half of the winter, which was mostly sunny days punctuated with brief snowstorms that actually cleared out so we had sunlight again, most of January and into February has been a lot of cloudy days.  As a result the overall batteries reserves are low, and I ended up having to fire up my back up generator a couple of times.  I dare say that worked out fairly well though and I now have good measurements on how long a "small" (standard BBQ grill sized tank) and a half-filled "large" (100 pound tank) lasts.  I'm pretty happy with its performance so far.  I need to make a note to check oil and such since it had a long run the other day and we have more clouds slated......

That's the single biggest minus to any off-grid solar system; it's all on you to provide power.  If the panels are covered with snow, or if there's three days of unending clouds, you're either out of luck or you  need to have some kind of backup....

On a somewhat related note, I had Solar LeRoy up at the beginning of the month we figured out why my generator was only providing one "leg" of power.  (A side note--if you're providing 240V of power it comes in on two connections of 120V and offset by phase.  The charging equipment is fine with that and turn it all into DC power for the batteries anyway for the most part, but I only had one connection/leg that was doing anything.)

We dug around and after about an hour found a remarkably simple explanation--one of the charging circuits had come completely disconnected!  We figure this probably happened when everything was moved into the new shed when it was dropped; not FAR, not HARD, but ENOUGH.  It wasn't at all obvious of course and I'm pretty sure Solar LeRoy was kicking himself.....

At least we have proper generator power now.  AND after a day or two I realized that this MIGHT have also fixed the Ecogen Generator issue...

See, WAY BACK when we got the new shed built and everything moved over to the shed, connected up and whatnot, the Ecogen suddenly stopped working.  This was the second Ecogen I had up there and it was surprising to me when it stopped working.  Winter was coming, I wanted something up there, so I purchased a simple "work generator" that honestly performed adequately for two years. 

Over the course of time that generator just plain wore out and so I purchased another one a few months ago.  Every so often I would turn on the big propane tank, stick a battery into the Ecogen, and fire it up for a few seconds.  Every time it would chug a moment or two and then display a weird error--VSCF FIELD LOSS.  There's remarkably little information on this kind of error, with most information just saying you to call Generac.  Which I had done originally, and they had completely replaced it, and it still didn't work, and they never called back and I had stuff to do and......time went on.


I'm an engineer after all, and it occurs to me that the Ecogen might not be able to generate a proper internal electric field if the load wasn't properly connected.   And it would indeed have been improperly connected given the accidental disconnection of one leg of the would not have liked that at all.

SO....once I get a replacement battery procured and installed (it'll be a couple of weeks) and I have a fair enough weekend day, I'm going to have to test the Ecogen now that it's properly hooked up.  Mind you this might be danged short test--or I might just have gotten that puppy running again!

Time will tell, but it's on my To Do List for 2020 now.

In other news....

I spent much of January getting the last of the blackout curtains installed around the house at last.  I had thought I was all done on that last week of January when I put up my last curtain, sighed with satisfaction, and reveled in the Awesome---for about three minutes as I took some tools down to put them away and then came back up the steps for another load.  And then I realized I hadn't put a curtain on the upstairs patio door leading out to the deck....


So that's all done now, at least.  NOW the quiet satisfaction is indulged...huzzah!

We also had a bobcat come traipsing down the canyon earlier in the week after we  had a fast snowstorm.  I snapped some excellent pictures of where he'd been.

So all in all it's been an interesting month.  I have hopes I might be able to properly check out the Ecogen before the end of February. I've ordered some sassafras trees for the upcoming spring and this will drive me to get some retaining wall work done.  Solar LeRoy has offered to swap me a couple of old solar hot water panels for my remaining PEx remainders from building the  house and I've gladly taken him up on it; I'll use them to finish up the heating of the Solar Shed so that come next winter it'll stay much more toasty than it is so far.  And of course I've got that ceiling work to do where The Leak was; so far this winter I seem to have finally stopped it.

Busy busy!

Steven in Colorado


Tracks from the mountain lion wandering down the road sometime during the night.
Same prints, slightly different angle.
The left curtain by the circular stair....
...and the right curtain by the circular stair.
The "weird" octangonal window I put in just because.
The nearly-missed patio door curtains open....
....and closed.

Posted to ianpundt by Ian on 2/7/2020 3:50:26 AM

Since we have invested in the right equipment to handle your pressure washing needs, you can be sure that the work will be performed effectively. With our pressure washing equipment, our experts can wash the exterior of your home, gutters, fences, patio, and more. When you are not seeing the results of your cleaning efforts, it’s time to consider what we can do for you at Pittsburgh Pressure Washing Contractors. We offer affordable pricing and stand by our work by offering you our service guarantee.

Posted to Magic-Of-The-SideStone-Engagement-Rings by Geoffreys in San Carlos, CA on 2/6/2020 7:58:56 AM

You are waiting for the day of your life and also in the process of purchasing the engagement ring, then it will be highly needed that you know the specifications about the ring and how it should be matched with your requirements. There are plenty of things that you can to consider and if you have no idea of the things that you gather information for making your purchase of the engagement ring perfect, then here the article is. Read it properly and you will find that what you should know about the ring for giving her the best that you are opting for.

Get information about her style

You should spy on her. Till the time, you will not have the information that she likes, and she doesn’t how you make your choice perfect. Obviously, the challenges are more. So, you have to know what she regularly wears, her comfort, and choices related to the same. When you find that everything will be just awesome, then don’t worry to think much. This information will do the shopping of the engagement ring perfect.

Also Read: Different Styles Of Diamond Engagement Rings That You Know Before Purchasing

The perfect setting

You should know what she likes the most from the available settings. This is true that choices are more and one can combine two different settings as well in one. So, this is highly needed that you get the information about the same, and it will be something that you should get the assurance about for making your purchase perfect. If you talk with her, then also you can get the idea about the same or simply her best friend can help you in that. Just go ahead and do the selection to pick the best from diamond engagement rings.

The shape has an important role in perfect purchasing

You know how important to make your ring perfect as per the 4cs (cut, color, clarity and carat). But before finalizing the same, you have to know the shape she likes. Obviously, it gives the look, and this should enhance her style and approach. Surely, you can give importance to the same, and it makes the purchasing perfect, don’t worry about the same.

Select the metal

This is highly needed that when you are purchasing the engagement ring diamond, then how it looks that will be decided by the metal too. The overall look will be really impressive when you are able to do the right pair with the diamond. So, it is highly needed that you get the information about how to choose the right metal for your diamond engagement ring and then move towards the same. Don’t forget to think about the lifestyle of your lady as well because this will be the consideration for making the engagement ring with diamonds outstanding for her. Take your time to think about all and also you may talk with your lady so that when you are taking your call, no problems can be knocked.

Think about your budget

When you have the information about what you need in the engagement ring in diamond, then you should need to know what you think about the budget. This is something that has a limitation and you can’t take any risk with your upcoming spending as well. So, give importance to each thing, know your comfort and the situation how much that an allow you to go with and then it will be good to be associated with the same. Surely, this will help you to make the right call about the same and then the selection will never be a risk for sure. If you are okay to take the finance, then options are there for that as well. So, know everything and your expenses to finalize the amount that can be spending for the ring.

Take your time

When you are giving importance to all those things, then it will be highly needed that you take your time. You consider the fact when any decision is taking in a hurry, then the chances are there anything goes wrong. Are you ready to face that? Surely, you are not. So, this is highly needed that you get the information about all those things and make yourself the space to select the best.

Find the best jeweler

When you are in the process of selecting the right ring for her and get the information that you should know, then you surely admit the fact that you want to shop safely. So, this is highly needed that you get the right reference of jeweler or simply do the research on the internet to know how they work the clients’ satisfaction and more in the line, once, you have the trust, then you can select the place for purchasing the ring and it will be a safe shipping, no question about it.

Well, through these steps, you have the information, now shop for the awesome ring that will simply earn the smile and happiness that you are opting for.


diamond ring

Posted to httpswwwfaxitfastcomonlinefaxfeatures by alex in salt lake city, AL on 2/3/2020 1:42:53 PM

Thanks to offerings like Fax, fax messages can now be despatched and obtained without difficulty and readily over the Internet, allowing you to revel in the flexibility of e mail, coupled with the safety and legal certainty that we associate with conventional faxing services.

When sending and receiving faxes over the internet, there are a number of methods of delivery to avail of. Internet faxes can be despatched either through email or via an installed application, both on desktop computer systems and Android / iOS enabled smartphones. So long as you are linked to the internet, the Fax service lets in you to send and acquire faxes from any location, even while at the move.

Posted by Justin in Santa Clarita, CA on 1/16/2020 10:58:59 PM

This journal entry is for those of us who ex-flippers turned landlords.  Are there any other owners who rent out properties that they have built? My real estate company recently completed construction on an apartment complex. My group's initial intention was to sell the units either individually or as a whole due to the fact that we are located in a very hot market. However, we are now looking into the option of holding onto the units long term and creating cash flow via rent. Thus I was tasked with the chore of assembling a team of contractors whom I could rely on, from plumbers, to electrical contractors, handymen, and of course a property manager. My real estate agent connected me with a property manager who is also a handyman at santa clarita electrician, so that helped to eliminate 2 birds with 1 stone.  More on that later.  With my team assembled, it was now time to find a tenant and start bringing in that cash flow. I had my agent take care of tenant screening and background checks.  Like I said - my group's initial intention was to sell off these units, and now we are set to start enjoying a passive income stream. This is going to be an interesting journey.

Posted by jamie in Maple Grove, AL on 1/16/2020 7:11:01 AM


Posted to Owning-My-First-Property by My Electrician Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI on 1/14/2020 5:37:35 PM

Coming from an electrical engineering background, I knew my way around wiring and lighting fixtures. However I was a complete newb when it came to actually running the business of owning property. I was plugged into the electrical contractor network, and I had a bunch of contacts that could help me with any household repair & rehab issue. For example, when my electric panel blew out and I needed a new one, I called my buddies over at electrician grand rapids . They helped me replace the panel with a newer model, which counted as a repair & an upgrade, all in one job. Now came the task of payroll and billing. Like I mentioned earlier, I am not so sharp when it comes to business, so even though I knew these guys for years, how much would I have to pay them? Was their quote too high? I wasn't sure, since I didn't shop around. I just called these guys since we knew each other from trade school. Or was their quote too low? In any case, I hopped on my phone and did a search for various electrical jobs and the corresponding rates. I found out they were actually giving me a great rate! Maybe because we were friends. Either way, I opted to tip them generously to make up for the lower rate. After all, they did a great job installing and upgrading my panel.  

In my next entry, I will share how manage contractors when doing full gut rehabs on my investment properties. Renovating a flip can take months of ongoing work. How do I ensure that contractors stick to schedule and avoid going over budget? There is great lesson I learned from my mentor, and I will be sharing it in my next post.

Posted to movers-and-packers by Mohammad in Hyderabad, AL on 1/13/2020 1:57:08 AM

It beckons us to pursue in the direction of reading interior design magazines which most of us tend to subscribe to constantly looking for trends. We also get into searching for websites and various blogs to follow current trends and like what we see there. But in practicality, when we really want to design our home, we are never too sure of which style to choose given a multitude of styles available in the concept of interior design.

The photographs that we see encourage us to leaf through more pages to identify the designs that classify our own style which we desire to replicate in our home. But could we really replicate the same styles that we see in books and websites in our own homes? Interior design styles are unique to individual choices and tastes which become easier to consume when we learn the basics of interior design and styles.

Hiring a professional interior designer evades your budget, you always have a hope to do-it-yourself. The key to designing and successfully implementing it is to know that this is a process by itself. Because you are not a professional at it, you must take it step-by-step. And luckily, given the multitude of books, blogs and websites on interior designing, you are spoilt for choice to find designing help. We however present you a guide to do-it-yourself:

Self-education: Educate yourself first before you start to design your home all by yourself. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, you should subscribe to interior design magazine at least six months prior to the commencement of your design. You may end up spending only about two hundred rupees per month, but it is worth it. Builders and designers in India regularly host fairs and exhibitions displaying their product that you may want to visit and learn.

Visualize the space: You should not work for your entire home at a single time and should take one room at a time. Try to visualize how a room will look when you have given it a certain style. Your living room is different from your bedroom and therefore the visual appeal too differs. When you have decided on a certain style that becomes the central theme of the house. All designs and patterns in the house should reinforce this message, which otherwise you will have jumbled up elements that make it appear gaudy. If you are moving into a new home, we advise you to live in the space for a few months to visualize how you new space is going to be once designed.

Set aside a budget: Before you start to design a chosen style, make a budget for your new home since you need to pay up for the new design eventually while you may have loved your design. Set a plan to shop for the material at less expensive places and ensure you get the dealer discount for the material you buy. Impulsive buying can help you buy art pieces, but this approach need not be sustained although it can be an effective beginning. Prepare a list of material you will need for the entire home, which includes plywood, laminates, wood, metal and paint. Get an estimate for the stuff and start calculating the total cost of decorating your dream home.

Play with colors: Be bold on colors and don’t be afraid of trying out different colors. Colors are powerful to make an appeal that can make small rooms appear large. Take time to think about what color suits your space before selecting a central theme for colors. Go through the books that you have subscribed to give you the right guidance to select the color theme.

Get help: It is now that you need to get help from the professionals even if it is for a short consultation. While you may never know, the staff at the materials stores too come from interior design background and may provide you with valuable tips. They may even give you an option to come over to your home to provide the right tips. While this may by a temporary means of guidance, we advise you to hire a professional interior designer for at least 2 hours per day for 7 days.

Lastly, you must learn to design your space that is flexible enough to dismantle and moved in case of your relocation. The space should be so designed that eighty percent of it should dismantled with ease and moved by professional Packers and Movers to the next destination. While you may need expert services to dismantle your design, if you search a mile extra for the experts, you may find professional Movers and Packers in Navi Mumbai too that give you the dismantling service.


Posted to Packers-and-Movers by movingsolution on 1/7/2020 7:54:30 AM

Need a right mover in Pimpri? If yes then it would be a good decision to do research with some good movers and packers of Pimpri so that you can find out the right service provider. But doing research with different companies may take your precious time. But we at can help you spend less time in legwork and more time with your family and friends. We can provide you some of the best deals of industry at one stop so that you can compare different quotes of different companies and choose the best one. We present you an easy way to find out the right mover in Pimpri.

Easy way to find mover in Pimpri:

  • Fill quick query form available at this site and send it online.
  • Allow us some time to process your request.
  • Get up to 10 quotes of different movers and packers in Pimpri.
  • Compare quotes, rates and services.
  • Make final decision to choose the best available option.

Note: Your personal information will be kept safe and secure. So do not hesitate to fill the query form at this site.

Why use

  • We are a trusted and updated online directly of Indian moving companies.
  • We are in niche industry for many years.
  • We are a free service.
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  • We can also provide services of warehousing needs, and car transportation.

Get free quotes of top rated reliable and experienced packers and movers in Pimpri at today.

Packers and Movers Pimpri Charges Approx. for Local Shifting in Pimpri

Estimated packers and movers charges for local household shifting in Pimpri with few items can be around Rs 3,000 - Rs 8,000. And for complete household goods shifting, the standard rates would be Rs 6,000 - Rs 18,000.

Professional packers and movers in Pimpri charges will depend on which company you choose and many other factors. Many companies don’t consider distance in case of a local move. But some companies also consider the distance. Here are approximate movers and packers Pimpri Pune charges and rates depending upon the volume of belongings.

Move Size & Distance

Up To 12 km

13 km to 30 km

Above 31 KM

1 BHK house moving

Rs 3,500 - 8,000

Rs 4,500 - 9,000

Rs 5,500 - 10,000

2 BHK house shifting

Rs 4,500 - 9,000

Rs 5,500 - 11,000

Rs 6,500 - 13,000

2-3 BHK house move

Rs 5,500 - 13,000

Rs 6,500 - 13,000

Rs 7,500 - 15,000

3 BHK home shifting

Rs 6,500 - 15,000

Rs 8,500 - 17,000

Rs 9,500 - 19,000

4 BHK house shifting

Rs 8,500 - 17,000

Rs 10,500 - 21,000

Rs 12,500 - 21,000

Intercity Shifting Charges in Pimpri - Price Estimate

Move Size & Distance

Up To 400 km

400 km to 800 km

800 km to 1300 km

1300 km to 1900 km

Few household items

Rs 6,000 - 11,000

Rs 9,000 - 14,000

Rs 10,000 - 17,000

Rs 11,000 - 21,000

Complete house items

Rs 13,000 - 23,000

Rs 14,000 - 26,000

Rs 15,000 - 28,000

Rs 16,000 - 32,000

1 BHK house move

Rs 9,000 - 16,000

Rs 11,000 - 21,000

Rs 12,000 - 23,000

Rs 13,000 - 26,000

2 BHK house move

Rs 11,000 - 19,000

Rs 13,000 - 26,000

Rs 15,000 - 25,000

Rs 16,000 - 30,000

2-3 BHK house shifting

Rs 13,000 - 23,000

Rs 14,000 - 28,000

Rs 16,000 - 29,000

Rs 19,000 - 32,000

3 BHK home shifting

Rs 16,000 - 26,000

Rs 18,000 - 31,000

Rs 19,000 - 30,000

Rs 23,000 - 36,000

4 BHK home shifting

Rs 18,000 - 29,000

Rs 20,000 - 33,000

Rs 22,000 - 35,000

Rs 29,000 - 44,000

5 BHK house shifting

Rs 21,000 - 31,000

Rs 23,000 - 41,000

Rs 27,000 - 43,000

Rs 37,000 - 50,000

Villa shifting

Rs 21,000 - 31,000

Rs 25,000 - 41,000

Rs 27,000 - 43,000

Rs 37,000 - 50,000

Home + Car

Rs 15,000 - 28,000

Rs 17,000 - 34,000

Rs 20,000 - 40,000

Rs 25,000 - 45,000

Car/Bike Transport

Rs 4,000 - 6,000

Rs 5,000 - 8,000

Rs 6,000 - 11,000

Rs 7,000 - 13,000

Few office items

Rs 9,000 - 16,000

Rs 11,000 - 21,000

Rs 13,000 - 26,000

Rs 15,000 - 30,000

Complete office move

Rs 13,000 - 27,000

Rs 16,000 - 31,000

Rs 18,000 - 35,000

Rs 22,000 - 42,000

Posted to Investment-Properties by Electrician Rochester MN in Rochester, MN on 1/1/2020 6:10:29 PM

I started my real estate career as an investor.  The first property I bought was a duplex, where I lived in 1 half, and rented out the other half. This was a good introduction for me to being a landlord.  I started building relationships with other local investors, contractors, handymen, and eventually founded my company, electricians rochester mn .  These relationships helped me to keep my property in rent-ready condition (for example, if there was an issue such as a broken toilet or light fixture, I knew who to quickly call), and it also helped me financially (because the contractors would give me great deals on their rates after they got to know me).  Plus, my background as an electrical engineer really helped when it came to smaller jobs around the house.  In such cases, I would assess the issue and apply a DIY solution. On bigger jobs, I would generally contact a team who would be able to assist me with more heavy duty tools & equipment. My next journal entry will discuss my second investment property, and how I was able to scale.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/31/2019 8:08:08 PM

Happy 2020 Everybody!

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/31/2019 8:06:10 PM

Well now, it's been a fascinating 2019.  Overall I think we made some good progress around Tanglewood together with a couple of setbacks, but progress none-the-less.

The year began with my calculating the weight of the chandelier and then finding enough "stuff" to hang from the mount to ensure it couldn't possibly fall.  My biggest concern (I found another a couple of months later) was that the old ceiling fan was lighter than the chandelier, and that the chandelier might be too heavy for the mount.  That turned out to not be the biggest problem...more on that later....but the good news was that the mount was very firmly anchored and never provided an issue.

In February I had a couple of things happen.  The worst was that one of my charge controllers apparently blew up; suddenly I had power from two of my charge controllers with a  corresponding decrease in overall power production.  Fortunately since I have three charge controllers that wasn't a huge hit, and I of course contacted Solar LeRoy who came up to replace the dead one.  Found some badly melted wiring in the lower box.....two feeds that were a bit too close together....but we got it all properly fixed up.  I also got a bunch of curtains properly installed and did some finishing work on some of the furniture I had inherited (but which I didn't actually want).  

March found me continuing to hang up some curtains and getting some of the old furniture stained and cleaned up.  I also got some parts ready to get the chandelier up; this required acquiring some bolts and hooks and such so it would hang properly.  A couple of weeks after that I managed to dodge a near disaster, when I found out that the "ceiling fan ball and socket" hanger had stretched and wouldn't support the weight of the chandelier.  Fortunately we found this it out while trying to winch the chandelier up--we put a winch on the line to haul it up and almost immediately the fitting was pulled right out of the socket.  IF we had actually gotten the chandelier up there it almost certainly have crashed down about five minutes after we got it up there, which would have been DISASTEROUS!  It took me a bit to figure out....

In April I spent most of the month doing exactly that, figuring how to properly and solidly hang the chandelier.  I decided that rather than mount it as it was meant to be done (deep wood screws into the rafters) I instead elected to drill holes all the way thru the rafter and use long lag bolts to anchor the whole thing from the top of the mount.  That way there was no possibility of the whole thing falling short of the rafter itself shattering.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the builders of Tanglewood went over and above, installing a 2x6" cross-beam that was a significant upgrade as the Arlington called for.  

May was something of a wash; I did a bunch of prep work for the chandelier, getting the parts and test fitting them.  A couple of pieces had to be spray painted, and I had to spent a good weekend cleaning out the old (bad idea) hay we put in to try to keep some flowers overwinter.  That generated some really weird mushrooms though....

Our big event in June was the arrival (very late in the season due to weather) of the honey bees!  We'd been wanting honey bees up here for years and even did a trial run a decade or so ago that didn't work out very well, but this month we got them up and running and sure seemed very happy.  There massive plethora of flowers up and down the canyon made them very  happy I'm sure.  Honestly the bees kept me pretty danged busy, but fortunately.

July kept me pretty danged busy with work and figuring out ways to keep the ants away from the bees, so that pretty much up all of my time.  I got a couple more curtains hung at least as well as a couple more pictures properly put up in various locations.

August was the most significant month IMO, as Tanglewood's Crown finally was installed!  Yes, the chandelier was properly put up securely and was a triumph and the capstone of a long journey. I was happy, Colleen was happy, everybody was happy.  It looks absolutely gorgeous.  We also had more fun with bees, and some baby turkeys made an appearance several times, and generally we had a solid end of summer and move into fall.

September allowed me to get a lot of the smaller jobs done now that the chandelier was up.  I cleared up all of the old plywood left over from the old shed and hauled it up to the house to be chopped up and burned.  Solar LeRoy came up to tweak a couple of the parameters, and I installed some big bookcases that had been somewhat waiting in the wings until the chandelier got put up.

September thru October was starting work on laying out additional drainage around the house.  I knew I couldn't do the full up install I had talked a couple of years ago with just a couple of months of good weather left, but I could at least get some of it done.  That's exactly what I did, installing the drains immediately behind the house and filling up the trench I'd dig a couple of years back.  I ran the pipe back around the house and then down to an outlet to the creek.  I also walked around to mark where the drains will run when I pick this all back up again in the summer.  In between I got some more curtains up all around the house, moved a bit of furniture around, checked in on the bees, and finally figured out what was (probably; I wanted more testing yet) causing the leak that I'd talked about so long ago.  I'll have to be sure by letting the winter snows and melts perform a proper test for me, but if that all goes well I may be able to at last work of repairing the ceiling there on the second floor.

November saw a lot of work on the narrow windows once all of the curtains were done on the regular windows, and by the end of the month they were all properly installed and covered.  The remaining two windows, the big octagonal windows on the second floor and overlooking the Great Room, are the only two left.  I also got all of the radiant heat tubing all properly insulated, which should help overall efficiency of the heating system a bit.   I then got a mattress and springs and whatnot that had been sitting in the garage just taking up space moved up to one of the bedrooms where it belonged....that took all day, but it finally got done at least.

And that brings us to December where a bunch of little things that needed doing got done, nothing worth a journal entry per se.  I got a new UPS installed for the solar system, worked (unsuccessfully so far) on getting a personal alarm system up and running for my mother, and generally just goofed off more than not.  It was a fine and good stand-down, and I have no regrets.

So here we are, at the Closing of the Year.  I think 2019 has overall been a pretty danged successful one, with the highlight far and away being the Chandelier.  Looking ahead to 2020, I plan to work on extending out the drainage a bit.  Those two final oddball curtains need to get put up.  I want to pull up the rest of the computer room flooring to be replace it with some type of tile and double check how the radiant heat under there is installed.  I've also been pondering a couple of ways to tweak the placement of the solar panels so as to optimize them a bit for the winter weather....gotta think some more on that yet.  

Looking forward to it.....I do believe 2020 is gonna be GLORIOUS.....

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/21/2019

At 9:19 PM this evening, the winter solstice passed here in the dark of the winter.

And now, thank Odin, it starts getting brighter again!  


Steven in Colorado

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Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/11/2019 10:17:31 PM

While taking a look at the snowfall amounts from we got last night (Tanglewood got 4.75" of global warming) I figured I' put out a shot of the hive.  We tucked it in with an insulation jacket and then I put a towel across the "front" (their entry is on the bottom right) to help prevent wind from blowing right into their door.  It's not obvious but they can get in/out just fine with the towel there; turns out bees are very smart about figuring out things like that and they aren't slowed down hardly at all by the towel in the way.

Stay warm little girls!

Steven in Colorado


Straps to keep everything snug and tight.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/11/2019 10:12:46 PM

Back when Tanglewood was being built we had to use a product called LiteDeck to make the runs across top of ICF between the first and second floor.  It's an amazingly strong product that uses a mix of Styrofoam and steel beams for strength, and we ended up making the floors very thick (19").  We ran this all the way out across where the outside deck is, which they then covered with rubberized membrane for water proofing purposes and such.

Usually one never even thinks about the decking at all, frankly, but with our snowfall overnight I was presented with an interesting picture in the morning.  You can clearly see how the decking is run in this picture, with the "deep" snow being where each LiteDeck panels alternates between steel beam and Styrofoam insulation.

I thought this was pretty danged cool myself.

Steven in Colorado


Pretty neat to see how the alternating foam and steel translate up to the deck.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/11/2019 9:53:31 PM

Well now, one problem with having a wet snowfall is that you get to deal with the consequences.  On the plus side that means everybody got some badly needed water, and I was able to burn a whole bunch of trash and wood, and generally it kicked me in the butt to make sure things were tight against the cold and such.

On the minus side, however, it means your leak work gets tested....


I went upstairs about noon and halfway up the steps I could hear the water leaking into the buckets below.  It was a steady stream of water, not continuous but steady.  I cleaned up the immediate mess and then began to investigate where it was coming from.

Well, at least I have a better feeling for what's going now.  Last year I had determined that much of the leak was from around the patio door upstairs on the turret, so I did a lot of work to apply caulking and re-slope some sections and re-caulk around the windows and various lighting fixtures.  I checked the sign.  I checked the attic interior along that sign.  I checked the patio door...BINGO!

As I'd suspected last year the patio door and the incompetent flashing the contractors did was the cause of the problem, and that was quite evident here.  I had cut two sections around the door on either side to test for water, and while the subflooring was dry on the "outside" side but it was very definitely wet on the "house" side.  I quickly swept off all of the water from away from that portion of the roof and the dripping completely subsided about five minutes later, which helped convince me that was in fact the problem.  Then I took a closer look outside on that side of the door and it was very clear that this was where the water was coming in.....the rubberized surface in that section is all "bubbled".  That's normal in these cases; the bubbling is caused by gasses released by wood (the subflooring) decomposing underneath.  The section in question runs about a foot out from the door and perhaps a foot along the door as well.

So...while this is very annoying at least the snowfall helped to zero in on the problem.  There was nothing at all inside the attic, nothing at all along the turret was all coming in right there at that section along the patio door.  I'm going to see what I can do on a temporary basis to prevent any further leaking for the winter, and then I can start collecting tools and make plans for how I will fix that threshold.

A very annoying issue, to be sure, but at least the source has been confirmed.....that's always a start!

Steven in Colorado


Items pressed into service to catch the dripping (as I was pretty sure it was going to leak after this storm).
The poor ceiling that's been brutalized by the leaking. I figure I'm going to have to replace this section through here, probably next summer.
The section where the water is coming in and the wood has been causing badness.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 10/5/2019

It was a slow and chilly morning but things finally warmed up enough that I could continue doing some of the drainage work outside, picking up from where I left off last week.

I decided to start with the laying of the 4" socked pipe along the back (that big rolled pile shown in that last entry), installing it along the ditch I'd dug years and years ago.  There was a drainpipe from the gutters along the front of my mother's apartment, so I decided to route that water to the fastest exit, which turned out to be coincident with the 4" socked pipe I was running from up behind the house proper.  That was only a 3" connection, but fortunately I had several Y's so I could tie the 3" and 4" pipes together.  Once I dug out the run for the 3" pipe and then made sure it was properly sloped (so the water would flow away from Tanglewood) I then continued on out away from the house and towards the drop down towards the creek.

That took most of the day, getting the run properly sloped, but once I did attaching up all the pipe was easy.  After that it was just a matter of filling in the run.

Since it was coming up on nightfall I only got part of the run filled in, but some of it was done at least.  A lot of the dirt I'd made piles out of years ago I was finally able to put back where it came from!

Tomorrow I'll fill in the rest of the run going towards the back of the house, then start working towards the downhill side to connect this run to the pipe down the road.

Slowly but surely!

Steven in Colorado


Looking down towards the creek and the pipe buried there. You can see my portable water tank there to the right.
The as yet unburied pipe heading towards the back side of the house. It's hard to see but there's a big pile of dirt that will be tossed onto that pipe shortly.
The pipe coming down from that run of gutters. It runs into the ground and connects up to the 4" pipe shown in the last pic.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/22/2019

With summer past us and fall well upon us, it's a bit easier to dig outdoor now.  Because of this (and because I'd really like to get one of my garage bays back), I figured it was finally time to start installing some drain.

I had started this project literally years ago, when I started gathering socked drainpipe (i.e., pipe that is in a cloth tube to prevent dirt and stuff from getting into the pipe to plug it up) for this project. I'd amassed some 1900 feet of it (19 rools of 100' pipe) over the course of far too many trips to Home Depot. It all got stacked up in Garage Bay #3, and I even rented a small backhoe to start the drainpipe.

Then two things happened that changed a bit of direction in my plans. The first was we had a HUGE rainstorm, the gutters plugged up an filled the window well, and water seeped down into the apartment. That was indeed unfortunate, and in the aftermath of the cleanup I found a different approach than I’d originally planned. The plan was to install a drain and run pipe under the window well to handle any overflow; with the gutter inserts I installed they no longer can get plugged. SO….I had a whole lot of pipe and deferred installing it a bit for other, more pressing matters.

And then of course the second was my downtime at the hospital, that basically screwed up all of my plans there for close to a year. Very annoying, that.

SO… that the chandelier is up I looked at my list of Projects in Waiting and decided this was one I could get started on. The weather right now is just about perfect---warm during the days, cool at night, easy to dig the foot or so down I’ll need to get the pipe run. Some of the pipe I will simply bury, other sections I’ll leave open and put rock on top so water can run down into the pipe and away.

I got the first bit of work done by clearing out all of the sticker weeds and raspberry bushes that had basically enveloped the apartment end of the house so I could start running the pipe. Got rid of a lot of weeds that were in the way and deposited them down the road where they might (hopefully) take root and provide some good cover for that slope.

It’s a start at least. Clearing out all of the weeds took most of the weekend but I’m now ready to start laying down the pipe….that’s the plan anyway. I don’t think I’ll like get it all in before winter shows up to mess up my plans, but at least I’ll get part of it done! :)

After that I mostly assessed what needed to be done and started positioning pipe and whatnot, thinking through how the network of drainage pipes will connect to each other.  There's a lot of digging ahead...

Steven in Colorado


A shot of the area towards the back of the house, looking generically uphill.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/15/2019

I've been working on trying to get any number of things "done" now that the chandelier is up and solid.  I took down all of the scaffolding, moving one section up to the second floor for eventual ceiling work and the rest around the edges of rooms right now.  I moved some big and heavy bookcases I inherited from Colleen's grandmother to their desired locations (and they are indeed heavy; the man who owned them originally had them on rails and small tracks at his place).  

One of the issues that had cropped up over the course of the summer was some solar work I had Solar LeRoy do, and today he was back up today to finish the some final work and tweak some settings.  I had noticed that one of my charge controllers didn't seem to properly handle amperage and when the panels were in full sunlight it would seem as if all of the charge "moved" over to a different controller, leaving the original pulling zero amps.  It took some trial and error but we eventually figured it out, tweaking some voltage biases that had somehow been introduced that were throwing things off.

While waiting for Solar LeRoy to arrive I took the opportunity to cut up and haul up all of the remaining plywood from the old shed I'd stacked out of the way.  It was good to get this all cleaned up, and now I have a huge pile of stuff to burn once we get some wet weather again.  I know from experience that old plywood burns pretty well, and cutting it up gave me a chance to tweak the chainsaw a bit too in preparation for potential winter fun.

All and all a good and useful day all around!

Steven in Colorado

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Posted by ROSEMARY on 9/4/2019 4:08:48 PM


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/27/2019

Now that I've got the chandelier up I spent the day cleaning up the huge mess that I'd accumulated in the Great Room over the last year of construction.  Much of it went back out to the garage where it belonged, a few things got redistributed to the designated locations, and generally there was much sweeping and cleaning and whatnot.

Once I got things cleared out I was able to deploy one of my toys.  A couple of years ago my company gave me a huge 20-year bonus gift voucher, and I selected to get a Roomba.  My intention was pretty much always to set it free in the Great Room, where it would rove around and keep that room clean.  It can't climb and the room is definitely of a specific size, so I figured it would work out quite well.

And today I got him up and running!

His name is Huey.  There's a short pic from one of the Arlos of him busily cleaning up the enormous mess that was on the floor.....

Steven in Colorado


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/21/2019

In order to understand this posting I have to set the stage a bit.

About a month ago my mother decided she wanted a red hibiscus plant.  This took me a bit by surprise, but like a good son I went in search of one.

I checked several local nurseries....nothing but some yellow and white varieties.

I checked some of the local hardware stores like Ace, Lowes, and Home Depot since they all have nurseries for many flowering plants....nothing.

I checked Wal Mart since they sometimes sell plants like that....nothing.

And then, that following weekend I went into town to fetch groceries.  There are the grocery store was a huge collection of plants of various types....including a Red Sunset Hibiscus!

Okay, bought and presented and mother Very Happy.

Fast forward to today, and we spotted that it had put out a gorgeous red flower.....


Steven in Colorado


Just a gorgeous flower I think.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/13/2019

This thing is so danged did good Colleen, spotting it and then convincing me to get it!

Steven in Colorado


A pic from the back and to the side.
A shot all centered against the fireplace behind.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/12/2019

They're growing up quick now!  Compare these pics from just a couple of weeks ago.  As near as I can tell we haven't lost any yet either....which is quite frankly amazing.

Steven in Colorado


They're all getting quite large now.
They are also moving a bit more "spread out" than they used to.
They're also much more energetic than they were.
Here my mom had tossed another cup of corn down for them.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/10/2019 I am getting things ready to make the final lift of the chandelier up to its proper spot.  I had hooked things up, done a couple of short test runs of the winch and the lift to make sure everything cleared properly and all, and to make a judgement on how long I'd need to run the winch and such.

And as I lifted the chandelier a couple of inches on the test......I was suddenly pelted by bits of metal!

What the heck....?

So after making sure the chandelier was well anchored I climbed up the scaffold to find out what was going find that the main pulley I was using had apparently disintegrated!

It had just fallen apart.

Broken into pieces.

No longer a pully, just miscellaneous hunks of metal.

Good. Grief!

Thank you Odin for not having this happen when I was winching the chandelier up!

Pics of the debris below....

Steven in Colorado


What the heck happened here? It just fell apart!
No warning that I knew of either....just broken pieces....good grief....

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/10/2019

At long long last, with many mistakes, false starts, re-trenchments, near-disasters, delays, breaking equipment, and whatnot else.....the chandelier is now IN ITS PROPER PLACE!

Yes, Tanglewood's Crown has finally been installed.

I had decided last week that after many trials and problems over the last nine months (great Scott has it been that long!?!?!?) I needed to stop with what, in retrospect, where half measures.  I'd tried a manual winch and I'd tried an old-fashioned come along, neither one of which worked properly while attached to the scaffold itself.  I finally decided to completely move everything and mount the winch to the railings outside the big door.

So after a brief bout of problems early in the morning with a pulley that decided to fall apart, I finally just checked everything about four more times, hooked everything together--and up it went!

I had initially thought that the chandelier was a tad low, but after a couple of hours with it I decided otherwise.

The. Chandelier. Is. Up.


Tomorrow I'll caulk everything in properly and get the shades properly installed.  For now, I simply wish to bask in the glory...….   ;)

Steven in Colorado


A short trial run with everything connected....note the chandelier is in fact off the floor.
A close up shot.
Here you can see it's going to go Way Up There.
Look at it all ready to pull up....
Partway up!
At long last!
All lit up! Gorgeous!
A shot from the second floor.
A close up shot from that same spot on the second floor.
One more shot from down happy this is DONE.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/3/2019

I just happened to be stepping out on the patio and caught this little girl busy on the flowers on the weeds hereabouts.  There were a bunch of them all over the place; they apparently are taking full advantage of the pollen and nectar.

Steven in Colorado


A bee happily doing its thing on a flower.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/3/2019

Well now, I finally was able to turn my attention to the chandelier yet again after a few weeks of relative inaction.

In truth I had not been idle, but everything I'd attempted tended not to work as successfully as I'd wanted.  I could raise the chandelier but using the winch (which I switched to after trying to use a come along) ended up moving the scaffolding to which it was attached.  As I would raise the chandelier the scaffolding which actually creep towards the chandelier, with the upshot being it would end up in the chandelier's way--I couldn't raise it any further because everything was in the way.

Mind you I figured this out after various attempts to relocate the winch to different spots in and around the scaffolding.  I did actually succeed somewhat it getting the chandelier well off the ground (as you can see in the pics), but after a long day of failures one after the other I eventually decided I simply was not going to be able to lift it while attached to the is simply too heavy.

SO.  I figured out what I'm going to do to get this done.  It's well past time to get this done and off of my to-do list, to be sure.

I'm going to bolt the winch to a 4x4 (I have several left over from the deconstruction of the old shed) and then attach said 4x4 to the railings on the porch.  The line from the winch is long enough to reach up to the chandelier mount and back, so that shouldn't be an issue.  The winch will be pulling against the railings tied in with a half dozen or so strong tie-downs, which should prevent any unfortunate accidents.  I'll borrow a spare car battery I have up here in the garage which should maintain power long enough to get it up there.  I want to try to have the scaffolding nearby so I can untangle things or move the line as needed, but I also have to make sure there's a clear line of sight and such.  

At least that's the plan anyway.  I started moving pieces parts outside to do all this but unfortunately given the time of day and other chores in waiting it'll have to wait until next week.  But I know what I'm going to do.

Until then the pics below are actually pretty good.  You can see how it's all mounted along with a  good pictures of the pulley Up There.

I will get this done!

Steven in Colorado


The chandelier sitting prettily on the floor.
The chandelier lifted!
Another a shot from the side, showing the chandelier is clearly off the floor.
A picture from above.
A longer shot showing the chandelier is a good three foot off the ground.
A shot of the mount and pulley Way Up There.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/3/2019

More footage of my awesome bee hive...

Steven in Colorado


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/31/2019

Captured this from one of my cameras during the day today.

The bees seem happy....

Steven in Colorado


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/26/2019

I spotted this beauty running up the canyon after work.  I'ts a big, very "dense" white mushroom very well defined cap and base.

Colleen's gonna love it!

Steve in Colorado


The top of this beauty, dirty but in good shape.
The underside.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/20/2019

Looks like nearly all of the little babies we capture on camera a couple of weeks ago are still around....I counted around twenty in these shots.  They started over by my mom's apartment and then wandered over to the patio outside my kitchen.  I got a couple of pictures from down there, then moved up to the deck where they didn't realize I was there (they never look up, apparently).

Cute little buggers!

Steven in Colorado


Not a great shot with the patio door in the way.
The mama turkey on the right stuck her head up to look at me, so I figured I needed to perhaps change my vantage point.
This one is from the deck, which basically is right above and to one side from the patio.
Another good shot of the many many babies.....
They're starting to wander off here.
You can see a couple of the babies wandering down through the weeds.
They sure are cute little things.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/20/2019

This time I spotted a variety of unusual ones--some smaller "dense" white ones outside near the woods, a yellow that has a very dense undercap that looks exactly like a piece of foam insulation, and then a cluster of very "loose" and fragile ones on the back of the house.  The smaller ones were particularly interesting...they looked a lot like eggs, and contained a very liquid yellow center.  It was very difficult to extract these smaller ones since they were so very fragile, but I did what I could and set them out to dry for Colleen.

Amazing the variety of these things!

Steven in Colorado


A whole bunch of white mushrooms here....
A larger white one definitely different than the others.
This one is very "dirty"; that's its natural coloration too.
This puppy is VERY yellow and "dense".
Another dense white mushroom, very similar to the red one I found a couple of days ago.
All of the shrooms all laid out to dry.....

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/16/2019

Colleen has asked me to start "keeping" mushrooms I find so she can dry them out and put them into bottle as decoration.  I am nothing if not accommodating so.....

Spotted a big red-caped (kinda pink, really) this afternoon while moving some old wood up from the old shed.  After I snapped a pic I dug it up for Colleen.....

Steven in Colorado


Very nice big was very "dense" and meaty looking.

Posted by Alex on 7/4/2019 11:11:06 PM

In recent years there are many Chinese manufacturers for post-tensioning systems, Anchors, strands, equipment like stressing jacks, you name it. Among those the most popular ones like CPS in north China and OVM in south China. Their price is much cheaper than you had expected. 

As we know, in the latest years China has built a miraculous amount of high-speed railway. I think it's a hothouse for the development of the Chinse post-tensioning industry. Except for Chinese market, they also have a good share in the global market. Like CPS (CMEC Post-tension system) is very popular in Southeast Asia and some Latin American Countries.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/29/2019

I happened to catch this clip of the bees "doing their thing" during the day.....they SEEM to be happy enough at least....  :)

Steven in Colorado


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/21/2019

Summer, 2019 passed into history at 10:54 AM this morning.

From here on out, it gets darker......

Sad face.

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/14/2019

Not really important enough to actually merit a picture, but I'd taken out the door lock late last year to test something.  I never put it back, just stuff insulation into the hole to stave off the colder weather.

I finally got tired of it lying around while puttering around my chandelier, so I put it back on.

So mote it be!

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/10/2019

Tanglewood is exploding with hummingbirds and bees; now we can add a healthy crop of turkeys to our list of passersby.  We count roughly's difficult to be certain since they hide and dart around...but we think it's the combination of two clutches (the two larger hens in the center).

I suspect they will be coming by a will be interesting to see how many are lost to predators.....

Steven in Colorado


Baby turkeys!

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/7/2019

One thing I may have mentioned in my very early posts is how Colleen and I really wanted to keep a honeybee hive up there at Tanglewood.  We actually tried it once but it did not take; we're pretty sure the poor bees were beaten up severely getting up our road and then we didn't do anything at all to protect them, so they were probably at the mercy of the ants once they discovered them while they were still weak.

Time passed.  The old hives were given away.

And then Colleen wanted to get bees again!  I was fine with that, so she ordered them way back in December, 2018.  They were supposed to arrive in early May of this year (2019).

We immediately had as many bouts of snow in a month as we'd had in the prior three!  So the shipping was delayed (since they would arrive in cold weather)....and then it got delayed again.....and then it got delayed again.....

BUT NOW THEY ARE HERE.  Tanglewood now has an official beehive, in as safe a spot as we could put it (out on the deck).  Colleen and a friend helped to put together a great video of the "unboxing" ceremony and it looks like it worked pretty well.  There are roughly 30,000 bees in a "nuc" (short for nucleus) in this shipment; bees are apportioned by weight  (since they certainly can't count the buggers).  A few were lose in shipment of course and I'm sure a few died en route, but as you can see from the video there are a heck of a lot of them. 


Steve in Colorado


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/25/2019

My mother finally got me to clean up the (misguided) attempted to keep plants over the prior winter by burying them in straw.  Not only did that not work, but it cleaning all of the straw out to prep her plants for this year's fun made a gigantic mess.  Straw everywhere!  Somehow the pile of straw I ended up with was roughly three times the size of the mass I put in there last winter.....not quite sure how that happened, but I assume it either involved swelling due to water and/or invading straw monsters attempting to hide among the pile.

While cleaning out this sodden mess I ran across some very oddball mushrooms, the type I had not seen before.  Given their pale structure and dark blue/black heads I'm pretty sure they would not be good to eat, so after I took some pics I pulled them out and tossed them down the hill with all of the other mass of straw and associated weeds I took out at the same time.

Lots to do, lots to do....!

Steven in Colorado


More weird.....
PRETTY sure I shouldn't eat these....

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 5/18/2019 9:36:07 AM

The 14’ window wall was delivered earlier this month, and with some Yankee ingenuity I got the four panels up to the second floor by myself.  They average about 100 pounds each, but are large, almost 4x8, so bulky.

The two fixed panels sit inside the opening near the center, widthwise.  The sliders fit outside. Since the lintel is ICF, with 2 1/2” of foam on the face, I took a 1x6 about the same length as the two fixed panels and placed it flat against the top surface and set it with concrete anchors.  That way I had something to attached the aluminum top track to. Got the fixed panels set and trimmed and proceed to do the sliders.  When setting their 14’  track on the outside face of the opening, I quickly noticed that the opening and a 3/4’  bow in it, concave to the face, but I didn’t think much of it other than the contractor hadn’t been as precise as he should have been. So I set the sliders and notice now that there is a gap between the slider and fixed panel frames when closed, when they should have been quite close.  The culprit? The bow.  So now its either create a piece of trim attached to one side of the slider the hangs over and effectively closes the gap, or see if ther is enough room vertically on the fixed panel section to add another 1x to extend out further and allow the fixed panels to meet up.  I can’t simply replace the old 1x6 as I also used construction adhesive in a “belt and suspenders” approach.

Oh well, we’ll figure it out.  It does look good though!


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/17/2019

Okay, basically since I'm taking this incredibly, ridiculously, ponderously slowly I decided to hoist up the chandelier again to test its weight with all of the onyx light shades/covers.  I want to get the most up-to-date data before I execute my plan.

The chandelier and all of its fiddly bits comes in right at 147.5 pounds.

Okay, that's good.  Now I need to look for proper lag bolts that can handle the chandelier's load.

So here's my plan as of now:  I intend to drill out the two screw holes that had held the Arlington and the old ceiling fan so I  have two holes completely through the rafter.  I then intend to put long lag bolts--threaded completely--through the rafter, put the Arlington over those, and hang the chandelier's mount (which Dan so cleverly built) on that.  Nuts and appropriately sized washers will be liberally used throughout.

I'll need to find some longer lag bolts...the ones I had were only 12" long and that's not nearly long enough.  I expect I'll need a couple of feet.  And of course they need to be heavy enough to bear the weight.

SO....the hunt is on......this will take time, but I WILL NOT put this puppy up there until there is zero rational chance for it to fall...….

I also still need to figure out exactly how I'll  hoist it.....gonna look at a hand-cranked hoist, that should work I think...….hmmm...…...

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/17/2019

A couple of shots here of the chandelier being lifted a little bit to test the weight.  It's only about three inches off the ground, which ought to be more than enough to test the weight of the mount while still allowing the chandelier to not be damaged should it crash to the floor.

You can see the windlass style winch I got over at Harbor Freight for this job.....I think it should work okay.  Not entirely happy with the way I've got the windlass mounted up there but it is solid, which is the most important thing.

Progress, slowly but surely.....

Steven in Colorado


The mount WAY UP THERE.....
The chandelier a couple of inches off the floor....

Posted by Corestone in Tomball, TX on 5/6/2019 5:38:24 PM

For some projects, Corestone Paving and Construction is employed as not solely the asphalt paving contractor, however the overall contractor likewise. On these jobs, we've got the chance to figure closely with the consumer and also the engineering firm to make a car parking zone from the specifications provided and produce a project full circle.

The Church was in would like of a car parking zone update. this ton had reached the purpose of its era wherever the utilization of preventative maintenance techniques wasn't an choice. because the church started the method of a car parking zone reconstruction project, they were enlightened of extra storm water management needs. The scope had currently accumulated to incorporate car parking zone reconstruction likewise as developing AN upgraded storm water management system, including putting in erosion management techniques, multiple catch basins and a replacement retentive pool.

Corestone’s excavating crews need to work right once the Fourth of Gregorian calendar month vacation last summer. the primary task was to get rid of the prevailing asphalt pavement and eliminate it. From there, we have a tendency to may take away the prevailing wall, concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter, storm pipe, and landscaping. As a part of the project, electrical poles conjointly had to be removed. Once everything was removed, we have a tendency to had a opportunity to begin over and build the new storm water management system, one that may tie into the roof drains and down spouts. additionally, concrete sidewalks and curb and gutter were put in.

The grading crew was up next. so as to produce a solid base for the asphalt, category five combination was put in and installed to actual specifications. this permits for the correct emptying from storm water runoff.

Finally, it absolutely was our asphalt paving team’s time to shine. The project was paved in 2 phases, initial with a 2” asphalt base elevate put in. And then, the 2” asphalt wear course was paved, totaling nearly three,600 SF of asphalt. As a part of the project, and to become ADA compliant, the car parking zone was needed to own upgraded assemblage put in.

Throughout the project, the Church, was terribly concerned. They explicit , “The Church is extraordinarily pleased with their stunning car parking zone created by the laborious operating men and girls of Corestone Paving and Construction.” He went on to mention, “Corestone completed the project on time, encircled by a busy parish community and faculty. we have a tendency to appreciate their skilled angle and useful suggestions.”

It is our pleasure to assist customers at any purpose in their project, whether or not it’s a pavement assessment to see the proper course of action, or being the right choice of 
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For many years, Corestone Paving has helped churches throughout the Houston space with a good array of asphalt pavement services. must get started? decision United States at 281-651-0616 or complete letter of invitation for consultation kind and we’d be happy to produce you with a free estimate.

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