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Thanks for the site and the book. I know that having these resources available has definitely increased our confidence that we can take this project on.
Barbara in Gladstone, OR

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Posted to Concrete-Contractors-Appleton-WI by Timothy on 9/3/2020 6:28:28 PM

Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Lincoln, Nebraska

Posted to Concrete-Contractors-Appleton-WI by Timothy on 9/3/2020 6:27:21 PM

Office Location:

Concrete Contractors Appleton WI

333 West Brown Deer Rd, Unit G-375
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217
(920) 212-4540

Posted by Hester in Ottawa, ON on 9/1/2020 7:16:48 AM

Have you ever wondered what those bubbles in your lawn mean? Lawn blisters or lawn bubbles happen when a pocket of caught water structures underneath the grass surface, frequently between the grass and a layer of plastic sheeting that has been laid beneath the turf. Plastic sheeting is utilized where the soil in the area is especially terrible – great soil is dissipated onto the plastic liner, permitting you to lay and develop great, healthy turf. There would then be able to be a few reasons regarding why lawn blisters grow, most usually being a flood of water into the ground.

Notwithstanding, in any event, when lawn blisters could be harmless, on certain occasions, they could be quite tragic. Sometimes the explanation behind their creation isn't water, yet rather build-up gas. That is the reason you should consistently do an intensive review before attempting to do anything with it.

The fact is, there are a lot of reasons why lawn blisters exist, and making sense of what's causing them is the principal thing you have to do. At that point, you'll have the option to choose whether they are fortunate or unfortunate for the grass at home, park, or some other area with a lawn appropriately minded.

Probabilities of experiencing lawn blisters

The odds of your lawn having one of these bubbles are something that doesn't rely upon us, truly; much of the time, it depends on occurrences that get away from our hands, which are natural precipitations of a pipe breaking.

In case you're not partial to the lawn blisters, the most ideal route for you to battle them is by consistent maintenance on your lawn. Make a point to make a legitimate route for the water to flow once it rains, rather than having the grass absorb the entirety of the water. Check the pipes consistently as well.

Lawn blisters, usually, are arrangements that we won't have the option to evade if we don't hold different occasions under tight restraints. For whatever length of time that you keep up appropriate lawn conditions, which additionally applies to golf parks since that is the place most lawn blisters happen, your lawn ought to be more than fine.

How to do away with lawn blisters?

In some cases, however, having one of these bubbles underneath the lawn isn't something worth being thankful for, as it might destroy the usual look. Luckily, disposing of them is straightforward. To do it, you'll need your cultivating instruments to make openings around the bubble, which will permit the water to come out.

To start with, it'd be ideal to figure out what caused the bubble in any case. Natural occasions like rain are out of our control, however a wrecked pipe isn't; on the off chance that you dispose of the bubble without dealing with the capable reason first, it will return only days.

Utilizing gardening devices permit you to tear the turf and make water pools to drain the water inside the bubble. Be that as it may, there's a drawback: your lawn won't look as lovely as it did previously. Naturally, hacking holes in the grass harms the area.

Try to use as scarcely any drainage focuses as could reasonably be expected. After the bubble pops, it is smarter to manage only a solitary hole than a whole ground canvassed in little pockets. Likewise, as the water comes out, you need to clean the jumble, or you chance to get a drenched lawn a short time later.


A water bubble under grass shouldn't be of much concern except if that is not so much water within the bubbles. On the off chance that you don't need anything to do with them, you can dispose of those bubbles utilizing cultivating apparatuses, which shouldn't take a lot of time nor exertion.

Posted by Hester in Ottawa, ON on 8/31/2020 10:18:32 AM

Fences are a cost-effective way of adding beauty and improving your property’s security, whether residential or commercial. When you are going to market to choose a fence for your residential property, you will find various options, ranging from wood and chain link to aluminum and vinyl. If you are still unsure why you should install a residential fence around your property, here are some convincing reasons:

Residential Fence# 1 – It Improves Privacy

One of the most important things that homeowners need to consider before purchasing a property is privacy. Whether you want to watch a movie with your loved ones or relax in your backyard, it is encouraging to know that your neighbors can’t see you as you have installed a fence around your home. Many homeowners will not purchase a property if it has a poorly designed border, as it implies that the buyer can’t be assured of their privacy.

Residential Fence # 2 – It Provides Security

 Another reason why you should invest in a residential fence is security. A fence keeps you and your family safe from all types of hazardous elements, especially if you have small children or pets. A fence not only keeps people away from intruders on your property but also protects you from wild animals. If you live in an area that is close to wildlife, it is essential to install a durable fence installed to prevent them from entering your property and causing harm.

Residential Fence # 3 – It Defines Property Lines

Whether you have a small plot or a large farm with thousands of acres, it is essential to mark your property so that you can prevent your family from intruders. Make sure you install your fence correctly around your property so that you can avoid disputes amongst you and your neighbors and help you know how much space you have to work with if you are planning any home renovation.

Residential Fence # 4 – It Increases Property Value

Another reason to install residential fencing is it increases your property value.  A fence is professionally structured to upgrade your property. There are many reasons why a fence is desirable, so building a fence is an investment that you will enjoy the way up until you sell your property.

The Right Fences For Your Residential Property

The type of fence you choose will not only enhances your home’s exterior look but also provide security. Whether it is wood, vinyl, or PVC, fencing significantly affects your sense of home. Let’s take a look at some fencing types for your residential property.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is maintenance-free and resists paint, allowing you to clean any unwanted stains like graffiti easily. Installing vinyl fencing may have a higher upfront cost, but its low maintenance costs and long lifespan. That’s why vinyl fencing is cheaper than many other fencing types that you could choose fr your residential property.

Cedarwood Fencing

If you are looking long-lasting and beautiful for your residential property, cedarwood fencing is the right option. It resists decay and insects, and even you can easily install it without any hassle.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is made from wood fiber combined with plastic polymers to ensure its insect and rot resistance. Such a combination of style and substance runs slightly more expensive than vinyl and cedar.

The Bottom Line!

Hopefully, you now understood why you should install residential fencing around your property and which fence would be best for your property and according to your style. If you are planning to hire the best residential fencing company in Ottawa to establish security, privacy boundaries, and boost your home’s value by installing a fence, ByTown Fence can help you. 

Posted to httpswwwtrukorcomblogmanagingsupplychainfromasingleplatform by Trukor on 8/17/2020 1:30:11 AM

Fatal consequences due to truck overloading

Trucks come with various shapes and size particularly the deck length that determines the total weight capacity it can hold on the run. While your truck is truly a mean machine which refuses to slow down despite a heavy run, you are required to maintain it immaculately for the long haul transportation services, keeping it safe and secure for continuous operations.

Although your trucks can pull more weight than officially prescribed, rampant overloading of the trucks is a poor choice to maintain its health together with the drivers’ safety. However, overloading trucks is a rampant problem faced by the logistics industry which leads to unsafe operations and can cause fatal injuries, often leading to deaths. National road transport statistics prove that overloaded trucks are among the leading causes of truck accidents.

Moreover, cargo on overloaded trucks is more likely to shift during transit causing improper distribution of weight. This has a potential risk of rollover if the truck needs to change the lane or take a sudden turn. This risk due to improper loading however can be attributed to any vehicle whether overloaded or not. Expert drivers learn about the emergency handling capabilities of a truck due to their experience, which is also reduced due to overloading, causing accidents. For example, the braking pattern changes due to overweight, causing drivers to misjudge braking distances that might cause fatal accidents.

We give you the major impact overloading your truck can cause:

·        Accident risk: While overloading truck violates RTA regulations across states in India, it is the high potential accident risks that it carries is a cause of major worry. Shifting of cargo at the top due to overweight causes the truck to turn turtle on the highway causing a fatal pileup of vehicles. Additionally, the braking pattern can also change due to overweight causing misjudgment by the drivers to stop the vehicle at a certain distance.

·        It can cause strain on leaf-spring: Truck manufacturers design each of their trucks for different purposes. There are trucks for hauling soft loads, agricultural loads, machinery loads and other such loads that are specific to their verticals. Trucks are built o carry heavier loads than passenger cars and for this reason most trucks are installed with leaf-springs at the suspension to support such heavy weight. Overloading your truck puts added pressure on its suspension making it challenging for the drivers to steer the vehicle. Overloading also puts the leaf springs at a greater risk of blowing out that can lead to the turning of the vehicle. While this may be a result of continued overloading of the trucks, the leaf springs start to wear out from the day 1 of overloading of the truck and make them less effective for absorbing shocks and distributing equal weight that can cause major accidents.

·        Increase in maintenance cost: Needless to mention, overloading not only shortens the truck’s service, it also increases the maintenance cost. Overloading is the number 1 cause of increase in operations costs due to unscheduled maintenance on your fleet. Unreasonable increase in the payload not only disturbs the weight distribution but can also result in personal injuries which might turn out to be fatal in some cases. Consistent overloading of the truck can create unsafe situations and changes the integrity of the vehicle putting pressure on its maintenance. The braking systems, suspension systems and the steering system are error prone due to overweight and the first systems to be affected causing heavy maintenance expenditure.

Before you put out your truck for operations, transporters first need to know just how much weight your truck can haul. The class of your truck can give you a rough idea about its capacity – lesser than 1 ton, 1 ton, 3 MT, 5 MT and higher. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the total amount of the weight prescribed that a truck can safely carry which is inclusive of the cargo, people and fuel.

Curb weight is the total weight of the truck which includes fuel without cargo and people. To determine the total payload capacity of a truck, you need to deduct the curb weight from the Gross Vehicle Weight. The specifications in the owner’s manual clearly give the curb weight and the maximum gross weight the truck can safely carry. Always check the manufacturer’s Gross Weight and Curb Weight specifications since all individual trucks have a different payload capacity.

Article Source -


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/9/2020

WELL NOW...that was "fun".

Shoveling two tons of gravel in the August heat is a great way to burn off some weight.  I suspect about half of it is water of course, but still...

All of the various that needed patching have been attended to.  The section I think I'm happiest with is along the driveway where there were some minor ruts from drainage over the years.  There's a section below the driveway that has always been problematic as water coming down the hill moves a lot of it, and there are a couple of sections above the house towards the solar shed that also needed some top cover bolstering.  While I was up there I took the chance to clean up a lot of the larger rock that was clearly not part of the road and tossed them down into the culvert to amend that whole drainage concern another notch.

I think things went well enough.  Of course I won't really know until it rains.  If it's a nice and gentle rain a lot of the gravel will get set into the road.  On the other hand if it's a gully washer a lot of the gravel will get washed downhill towards the culvert I'm tossing the larger rock into.  I reckon we'll see of course....that's life in Colorado!

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/8/2020

So I'd been looking at the condition of the road thru Tanglewood for a bit and noticing some areas that needed some attention.  The culvert below the driveway is getting nicely filled up with the miscellaneous rock I pick up from along the canyon road, with about a half dozen or so every week (some more, some less).  But the normal rock of the road is what needed some beefing up, so I decided to move some rock.

I don't have the late lamented Blackie any more (he was a good truck), so I borrowed one for a day.  It took some time to get it up and operational (it was of course nearly out of gas, and the battery was virtually dead) but eventually I got one load brought up.  After a quick lunch I ran down for a second load, and now it's all sitting out in two pile on a tarp outside the garage apron.  Tomorrow I'll be spending some quality time shoveling two tons of gravel into various places--the Gator will come in quite handy here!

In somewhat related news, I decided to hold on the main driveway retaining wall for a bit until the various flowers that are in that section (mostly just thistles and wild raspberries, but they do still make flowers) have done their thing for the season.  The primary reason for this is because of the bees (I'm such a softie).  While the bees don't find much nectar in the flowers from either of those two plants they do provide a whole lot of pollen.  I just rip up those plants that they're getting food from--that would just be rude.....

So I'll hold on the retaining wall for now.  Certainly I have other stuff to do anyway (like that huge pile of gravel).....

Steven in Colorado

Posted by warardin on 7/31/2020 9:59:52 AM

Today, the majority of the folks wish to execute among the best online video games, along with there are millions of online games available on the net. Online video games would be best for those individuals who actually feel emphasized because it removes worry within a short while. There are numerous online video games that come with far better game play including animal crossing. Animal Crossing, which is really a sociable simulation online game, was designed via Nintendo. You could find various series of animal crossing video game, along with all of the variants are quite interesting. Between all of the series, animal crossing: New Horizons is the good for folks, and this particular series is rather easy to perform for folks. The player’s persona in the game is undoubtedly a common person who migrates to the rural location. There are plenty of pursuits that the player is capable of doing in the game, for instance, sportfishing, designing houses, hooking insects browse this site, and a lot more. Better is to click here or visit our official website to know more about Animal Crossing Bells.

There are plenty of items within the video game that the gamer can obtain primarily by shelling out money simply because nothing is free in this video game. In case you do not possess cash in this online game, you possibly can get from other people within the game without having interest rate. Players also can obtain a number of fresh fruits right from trees, shells, along with a number of other goods simply by exploring the portion of the town. There are 2 types of currency included in the video game, for example Nook Miles along with Bells. Bells execute a huge role in the game, plus players could use the distinct bells to obtain many necessary goods. A gamer can find pieces of furniture to make their residence attractive within the game with the assistance of bells, and you can also obtain garments and other products by using the bells. To obtain the animal crossing bells, you are able to sell off fresh fruits and other gathered items in this online game. People can obtain the particular bells with the use of many methods even though they have to spend a lot of time in this online game to get bells. Need animal crossing bells immediately? Anyone can now instantly acquire the bells with the assistance of MMOGAH. In case you click here, you will definately get increasingly more specifics of animal crossing bells.

MMOGAH is really an video game store that provides currencies of assorted online games, and you can use it to buy animal crossing bells at the earliest opportunity. To get the actual bells conveniently, game enthusiasts have to supply a few details, which include character name, dodo code, plus much more. MMOGAH delivers maximum services to each and every participant, and it has highly skilled staff members who have a lot more than one decade of experience. This particular online game store also supplies discount rates along with coupon codes to the avid gamers. The actual service providers of the online store deliver the quickest as well as secure supply support, plus they take a lot less than 30 minutes to deliver the actual bells. Just for avid gamers, not merely refund guarantee but also live chat service provided, plus gamers can effortlessly use live chat desire to make contact with the actual team members. In case you are among those folks who would like to know related to acnh bells, then you could visit this website.

Posted to Packers-and-Movers by movingsolution on 7/28/2020 1:20:09 PM

You are moving and planning to hire the packers and movers to make this transit perfect, then there will be lots of things to check. You need to hire the best name and also understand how much they will take and the reasons for the charges. If you jump to a decision by assumption, then this will be wrong. You need to get the idea of different things. You may find that the same distance is covered, but the price of carrying the stuff is different. You are thinking this is all because of the lacking of negotiation, then you are wrong. When you get the best name from the trusted platform like Moving Solutions, then there will be no chance of witnessing something that. This organization has a standardized process, and they treat every client similarly. Actually, there are some factors that will be the reason for such differences in cost. Want to know about it then here the article is for you. Read it and you will get to know about the ways of calculating the charges and obviously, it will help you to make the rest clear.


The packers and movers charges Delhi will depend on the distance you cover. If you do the shifting locally, then the charge you need to pay that will never be the same when you move to another state. Similarly, the total distance will also make a difference in the cost of transporting goods. So, when you are thinking about it, then calculate this one for having the idea of the right transportation.

The types of goods you have

If you have the normal items that can be carried and easily load and unload, then obviously, the charges will not be more because transporting these can’t ask for any particular equipment and more. But when you have bigger and heavier items or any special thing that asks for the right assistance and more, then obviously, the packers and movers rates will be more. So, you should give importance to that factor and calculate the charges with the help of packers and movers cost calculator accordingly.

The access of the origin and destination

At the place, you are staying that will not be easier to access like you are staying at the top and belongings needs to get out through the stairs or the truck can’t be parked near to the building, the distance needs to cover by walking, then the labor charges will be more and it enhances the total cost. So, this will be the factor that will give the effect to the rates of packers and movers Delhi. So, keep thinking about it and understand the difference in the cost.

Types of transport

Your total weight of the belongings will tell you how big or small truck you need. Obviously, this is the factor that will also make a difference in the packers and movers charges Delhi. So, give importance to understand this fact as well and then make your mind how much total cost you need to pay for the relocation. You can talk with the experts as well to get the right brief about the same and you will understand the differences clearly. Keep yourself informed about all the factors and accordingly, you make the decision about the expenses you have for this relocation.

Timing plays a vital role

You should understand that timing will be another reason that will make the difference in the packers and movers charges Pune. If the season is off or you do the shifting in the weekdays, then the charges will be, this will never be the same for the weekend and in the season time. So, keep this thing in mind as well and when you consider all those things, then you will get the right idea of charges, don’t worry about it. So, go ahead and consider all those things to be assured about the expenses you need to pay. If you do asking about anything, then you are free to do that and the right explanation will be there as well.

Regardless, these are the things that will make the difference related to the charges of moving. After knowing all, this will be easier to understand the amount and how much you need to pay and the reasons for the difference. So, keep checking all when you get the estimation and in case, you have questions related to the same, get a clear idea of the all before making the mind. Once, you get the information, then the planning of the rest can be done easily. If you are taking the assistance from Moving Solutions, then your information will be automatically clear about every section, don’t worry about it. The best assistance you will find as well if you need the same.

Posted to Handyman by Worimou on 7/27/2020 10:19:34 AM

Right now, there are lots of individuals across the globe who would like to offer a completely new look to the home, and frequently persons ought to repair various aspects of the house. If there is any problem associated with light, home equipment, walls, and much more can produce a number of challenges for the home owners. Now, many of the persons are living in a modern residence possessing a complex structure, as well as if someone confronts any sort of problem, then the person finds several obstacles. There are many folks who presume altering light equipment is a significantly simpler task however it is certainly not as easy as it seems. Many of the persons require a handyman to correct every little area of the property, as well as there are several handymen obtainable that really help you although you should think about a number of things prior to selecting a handyman. If you pick a local handyman, you'll be able to acquire several benefits that mainly Handyman Services can offer.

Are you presently among those individuals who wish to hire a handyman for renovations? Actually, a simple solution is present right here referred to as PoweredByPros. It really is a top niche that provides only seasoned handymen towards the home owners. To get an experienced local handyman, you can even make use of the PoweredByPros website. There are lots of handyman services that someone can get with the help of this unique system, as an example, fixing, door restoration, gutter repair, skylight installation, window repair, landscaping, floor repair, and even more. For some individuals, fixing can be expensive once they didn’t give suitable attention to the home, and if perhaps they refurbish all of the aspects of the property swiftly, they could avoid various expenses. If you hire a local handyman by making use of this great site, you will get several positive aspects. In the event you visit this amazing site, you will get a growing number of specifics about the handyman services.

Generally, home improvements are very pricey however in case you receive handyman with the help of this excellent website, you will get the services at a very economical price. You could ideally reduce costs as well as time period with the aid of this particular platform. There are numerous individuals who don’t have the time to find a handyman, and they can very easily get in touch with the qualified handyman with the assistance of this website. Those people who want to produce their house more appealing can implement this site to get the best local handyman. If you need a handyman, you could call them to create preparation as well as budgeting rapidly. The handymen of this platform work according to the price range, as well as you'll get your preferred results proficiently. If online searchers take advantage of this site, they can obtain details about a local handyman.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/25/2020

When I went up to check on the girls this afternoon I found something a tad unusual.  When it gets hot enough outside many of the bees will often just hang around outside the hive to cool off, and that's exactly what was going on when I checked on them.  There's no problem, it's a totally natural thing and after all, they've been doing this for millions of years.

Anyway, I thought it was worth a quick pic!

Steven in Colorado


A few hundred of the girls just cooling off.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/24/2020

Thought I'd update folks about the bees!

They're doing fantastically.  Colleen and I opened the upper super (the one we just added a couple of weeks ago) to assess their status and they seem to be doing quite well.  Several of the frames have good comb and brood (the eggs) throughout and the overall patterning is good.  Colleen felt there maybe should have been a bit more capped comb but I thought it was good so we had a small disagreement there, but we both agreed we should be looking forward to possibly adding another super in a month or so.

If we do decide to add a third super, we'll insert what's called a Queen Excluder between the two existing supers and anything above that.  A Queen Excluder simply prevents the queen from laying any eggs into the comb "above" the Excluder, so the bees will only fill any comb they make with pure honey.  The plan for this year is purely to let the bees make as much honey as they possibly can--their one and only job is (basically) to live thru the winter this time around.  So even if we add a third super we don't plan to tap any of it....we're giving them room to make as much honey as they can.  On the off chance that we have a surplus next year, then we'll think about harvesting some.

But that's down the road.  For now they're doing extremely well, busily building out comb and making honey and doing what bees do best.  We're happy.

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Packers-and-Movers by movingsolution on 7/21/2020 10:00:05 AM

Your new place is ready to welcome, and you are excited about the move, then also arranging the relocation perfectly will be highly required. You need to understand the importance of the same because in caseyou go wrong in choosing the organization, then it will be the disaster for your move. It is true that moving with the professionals will be the easier way and the right organization should be hired for it. There will be plenty of organizations that come to you when you search for the services. But you need to give time for knowing the organizations before doing the interviews for sharing the needs and more, and if you think how, then this article will give you the idea of the same. Read it and get the ways out.

Research on the organization

You should know the license numbers, establishment years, the experiences and more before hiring them for the works. Don’t ignore the projects they have handled till the time. If you don’t give importance to all, and when you like their appearance and more, then just before finalizing the same, you get to know that the organization is just perfect in every term. You can do the research about these online or simply check their official site and more to be assured that the organization is really good at every prospect. From the reviews and more, if you find any issue, then dropping the idea of hiring that organization will be the smart call. With any doubt, you should not move with this name. Make a clear idea of the same, have faith in the name and move with the assistance.

You can check Moving Solutions as well because here the best professional names are enlisted along with the charges and more. When we add any name, we verify all the details and after getting assurance about the same, we make a partnership with that organization. So, for finding the right name and getting the assurance about the expertise, you may think to heck this trusted portal and be confident about the quality of the organization.

Get the information about your moving rights and responsibilities

You should be aware of your moving rights and responsibilities before starting the interview with the packers and movers in Pune. When the interview starts, they will surely tell you about your responsibilities during the move and if you are unaware of these, then how you handle the situation. Obviously, it will be a risk. So, do the research well to know all these things and if you find that the selected organization is also talking about those, then you may think to be associated with the organization. Now, you may understand the need for this. So, follow it and arrange all.

Make your questionnaires

You should do your preparations, and you have to be ready with the questions. If you don’t have those properly with you, then it is impossible that the interview will be perfect. So, give yourself time, and make the right questions after doing the research well. The services you need along with the supports, you should be sure that the organization is perfect in offering all those as well. So, don’t waste your time thinking much, have the list with you and prepare for the interview. You are free to ask any question and also getting the clearance about the packers and movers charges and more will be highly needed. So, keep asking about the same and till the time, the answer will not give you the clearance about the facts, you should not move. You may take an online cost estimate by packers and movers cost calculator. You may do the research about the issues that most people face during the relocation. You may add those questions as well related to the move. You should ask about the cancellation policy and payment requirement as well because these facts will be important to make the move out of the box. So, keep adding all those factors and this will help you to make the interview perfect in every term. Once, you have done all, then really the preparation is perfect for the interview and you may start the process.

Now, time is to pick the best name through the interview. Really, these ways will give you help in finding the organization to handle the move perfectly. You also have the idea of the best portal Moving Solutions where you get the best names from the industry. You just need to tell them the needs and the best three references will be there for handling your works related to the relocation. Each name you will get from our portal that will have the license and insurance, so don’t worry about it. You just ask whatever you want to and surely the best reply you will find and this gives you the confirmation that your move is in good hands, no doubt about the same.

Posted by Sunny in london, AL on 7/20/2020 6:20:07 AM

RS BUILDWORK is a leading construction and civil engineering company established on 2018 having great experience in dealing, conceiving, constructing and handling an extensive range of services including interior designing, rendering, decoration, fabrication, transportation infrastructure, and many other fields.

We always strive on implementing the art of value-based esthetics into construction procurement and proven our global capabilities to deliver secure, qualitative and competitive maintenance access through our innovative strategies and intelligent engineered solutions. Our initial stage is to understand the exact requirement of our clients and implement our creative ideas and research skills to align our own solutions to fulfill their desired outcomes beyond their expectation.


Posted by Jack on 7/10/2020 1:43:32 PM

If you are ever in need for some artificial grass installations, please give the experts a call in Lion Lawns.

Posted to Rick-Low by rick on 7/6/2020 11:54:45 PM

It is possible to remove and install a new concrete driveway yourself but it can be a very time consuming task. If you don't know what you are doing thought you have the chance to not only ruin the project but also run the risk of hurting yourself. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking into the idea of a new concrete project to reach out to the professionals. 

Posted to Rick-Low by rick on 7/6/2020 11:41:10 PM

Weed control is when a landscaper attempts to stop weeds, especially noxious weeds. Weeds are invasive and compete with good plants for sun, water, and nutrients. Weed control is very essential in agriculture. What are your favorite weed control methods?

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Weed control is when a landscaper attempts to stop weeds, especially noxious weeds. Weeds are invasive and compete with good plants for sun, water, and nutrients. Weed control is very essential in agriculture. What are your favorite weed control methods?

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So I drove my mother down to a plant buying frenzy down at Lowes yesterday (we couldn't do fireworks, so we could at least buy plants).  Today we got everything all planted.

It took a bit of time but we got it done, at least the first round of the planting.  I think there need to be a bit more but my mother wants to wait for a bit to see what takes and what doesn't, which makes sense.  In the pictures below you can see the iris I mentioned before at the far/shallow end (towards the woods) and everything else towards the patio door end (the deeper end).  There's a bit of an open space there in the bed that my mother is reserving for future expansion; after she's happy with what's there she might decide on some more.  We'll see.

I've noted to her that we probably should be putting some kind of mulch into the bed to help with water retention and such, and she's mulling over.  There are several kinds of mulch....various colored rubber bits, natural or dyed bark, etc.  We'll see.

Steven in Colorado


A shot from the "upper end". From this view the flower bed looks rather rounder than it is.
A better shot that shows the flower bed a bit better.

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Remember that it's called pressure cleaning for a reason that water is being forced out of a small hole at anywhere between 1300-3500 psi. What that means is if not handled properly you can do some serious damage that you will then have to repair. So where you wanted to save money by doing it yourself now you are paying for unnecessary repairs. Whether it's concrete or your deck a professional knows how close they can get to a surface without damaging it.

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There are many different types of mulch. Each type of mulch can affect the your landscape in a different way and can provide different benefits. Mulch is great for keeping soil warm and hydrated. But mulch can also be harmful because it can keep water in the soil for too long. its important to apply mulch properly.

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There are many different types of mulch. Each type of mulch can affect the your landscape in a different way and can provide different benefits. Mulch is great for keeping soil warm and hydrated. But mulch can also be harmful because it can keep water in the soil for too long. its important to apply mulch properly.

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Nobody wants to see or have pests and in around their premises, but unfortunately they always find a way to enter your home. Most of the time you can’t even realize that your home is infested with pests and how severe the problem is. This is why experts suggest to get pest control at home in advance so that you can keep the pests at bay.

No matter whether you have pests at home or not or, you have spotted a few of them, always consider pest control service to get rid of any kind of pests and get a pest-free environment in and around your house. But, if you are thinking what the need of availing pest control services is, especially when there are no pests in your house then you have no idea what the professional exterminators can do for you.

In this article we will discuss the benefits or advantages of pest control service in Delhi NCR that will help you to know why no one should ever avoid this service.

4 Benefits of Pest Control Services

1. Keeps Diseases Out

You know that pests and insects like cockroach, rodent, mosquito, flies, bees, lizard and spiders carry viruses and bacteria and this is the reason they spread diseases. They can transmit some deadly and infectious diseases that can be really dangerous for your health and well-being. So, you should not take the risk of allowing pests inside your house. And to keep the pests at bay you must do pest control at home. The pest control exterminators will use the pesticides and barriers that will prevent the entry of the pests in your home, which means no pests no diseases.

2. Reduces Health Risk

Of course, there’s health risk as the pests bring diseases along with them. In fact, the methods people use to kill and remove the pests from their house also bring health risk. It is because the household pesticides used for killing pests can cause severe health issues if not used in proper manner. Hence, it’s better to call the professionals to get rid of pests without putting your live in danger.

3. Better Sleep

When you see no pests are around you, no bed bug sucks your blood while you asleep then you actually get better sleep. It’s all because of the pest control service that the expert exterminator provides you. Before the pest will invade your house, be prepared in advance to keep them out of your house with pest control service in Delhi NCR. You can sleep soundly as you know there are no pests around you to annoy you.

4. Long-Term Health Relief

The best advantage of availing pest control service is that you get long-term health relief along with long-term solution of pest infestation. The service they provide includes a full package, which means they provide the services on certain time intervals and guarantee a long term result.

In Conclusion

Of course, one can buy household pesticides and insecticides available at super market. You can just read the label and use it to kill and eliminate bugs from your house. But, what do you think about its consequences? You may only able to kill a few of them, but not the entire family of the pests. To get a permanent or long term solution you would need professional pest control technicians’ assistance. They have different types of chemicals that use to kill bugs. Also they use different pest control methods according to their clients’ preferences.

Hire pest control service provider in the following areas.

Pest control Delhi, Pest control Gurgaon, Pest control Noida, Pest control Ghaziabad, Pest control Faridabad, Pest control Greater Noida

The above-discussed benefits of hiring pest control services explain why one should never avoid pest control service. Whether your office or residence, it is always important to have good and pest-free environment around you. So, avail pest control service from the best pest control company in Delhi NCR.

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There are many fans for flat roofing. The reasons are various. For instance, flat roofing installation is relatively affordable. Flat roofing is simple structured and durable. You can also build some landscape on the roof top and enjoy some barbecue time in summer. It is also feasible to make some storage room on the top of your property. If you are interested in replacing your flat roof, feel free to contact us.


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When the tenants get the right rental unit for them, then immediately they are not able to move in. They have to deposit the security amount with the rent. This is not the option and this is the claim of the landlord. But it is refundable as well when renters exit from the property. You have heard about the deduction and the situation like not getting back the security deposit, then this is for sure that the renters have not followed all rules or not paying the rent or anything else. Surely, you have the question in mind what are the situations when the landlord can deduct or don’t return back your money? For knowing the answer, here the article is for you. Read it and you will find 5 reasons when tenants may not get back the security deposit.

Not following the terms of the lease or getting the sudden exit

When the renters are part of any rental unit, they need to sign a contract where the term to each thing related to rules and more are mentioned in the document. If anything is not followed or they just break the contract by an early exit from the rental unit, then the landlord has full right not to pay back the security deposit. So, before taking any step related to this, the tenants should be assured that they are okay if they don’t get the deposit back. They can also talk with the legal expert and read the contract well. Most of the time, this clause will be there that they will not return the money back. So, the renters should be prepared for it and even the landlord can take them to the court for taking the legal actions for such a decision.

Not paying the rent

When the renters take like any property and start staying, then paying on time will be the tenant’s responsibility. If he or she can’t do that then the landlord has no option other than taking their rent from the security deposit. Obviously, this will be the reason why tenants will not get back the money while moving out. Also not-paying the rent is the regular issue that knocks to the landlord, then eviction can be the result and that to be without giving back the security deposit. So, this is highly needed that everyone should understand the responsibility, otherwise, the landlord can take this step of not giving back the security deposit along with the eviction and it will be a legal step completely.


When the renters will be the reasons for any damage or they don’t give the intimation of any issue and this becomes the bigger reason for any problem, then the liability is for the renters and the landlord is free to take the amount from the security deposit. This is true that the damages can be differentiated in many categories. If that is just like the wear and tear, then the terms will be followed that will be not the same when the problem is major. But in any situation, the decision will be in the hand of the landlord. So, inspect properly and take the decision that giving back the security deposit will be perfect or not. If any renter does not give back the keys, then also this is the major damage and the landlord will not give back the amount.

Cleaning cost

If the renters do the cleaning but somehow one box is left with the dirty things, then not giving back your security deposit will not be reasonable. It can happen, and you may deduct some amount. But if they leave their belongings and things are scattered, then you simply stop paying back the security deposit to the tenants. If you have the assistance from the property management companies Maryland, then they will take the steps on behalf of you and give the message.

Unpaid utilities

If the renters have not paid their bills of the utilities, then the landlord has full rights not to give back the security amount. This is their bills and they need to pay. So, take their amount from the deposit and pay the amount to the right place. If they deny paying the same, then simply brief that as per the lease they are bound to, no option is there for sure.

Well, these are the situations when the landlord is not able to pay back the security deposit. If the renters are just outstanding in following the property management Glen Burnie, no damages are created and many more but still, breaking the one rule makes them liable for not getting back the security deposit. As a landlord, you have all the right not to pay that so don’t worry about anything.


5 Reasons Not To Return The Security Deposit To The Tenants

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Now that we've got the bed all built as of yesterday morning, I spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening doing some quality dirt shoveling!  

I had had two tons of dirt brought up with the use of a handy pickup truck, and I had it all dumped onto a big tarp I had laid out.  Dirt was moved a couple of five gallon buckets at a time; I found that if I filled two of them at a time it went relatively quickly.  Using the buckets also allowed me a chance to more carefully lay the dirt in rather than dumping it all out of a truck which probably would have spilled all over the place.  It was dirty and sweaty work, but after about mid afternoon all the dirt had found its new home into the flower bed.

So after a well deserved lunch break (pizza!) it was time to get to planting.  While my mother hasn't yet made the trip into town to select the plants she wants (that's planned for next weekend), we did have a whole bunch of iris that Colleen had given us years ago from her grandmother.  Iris do amazingly well and are extremely hardy, and over the years they had spread around slowly around the "upper" area where the flower bed is now (see picture).  I had carefully dug up all of the iris that were in that area and temporarily transplanted them into several flat containers (used to be ferret litter boxes, actually).  

(Iris are pretty neat plants, as it happens.  They actually root very shallowly compared to most plants, maybe an inch below the surface.  The roots are large masses rather like a carrot but heavier; several individual iris can be trace back to a single large root clump.  By breaking the clumps up judiciously you not only can space them out better but the action of the "breaking" seems to stimulate the iris into making more flowers...a nice plus.)

So it took a bit of time this afternoon and it was amazing how many iris we ended up transplanting (there was a lot more than we thought there were!) but we've got the first set of plantings done.  Since iris like the shallower soil we put them more or less where they had been before, in the upper section of the flower bed where the soil isn't as deep.  There's a small minus that we'll probably have more grass trying to come up thru there for a while but we can deal with that.

Kinda like it myself....this thing worked out better than I'd expected!

Steven in Colorado


Long shot of the flower bed with all the iris at the shallow end.
Closer shot of all the iris. Eventually of course we'll be putting other plants in there, and one presumes the iris will start spreading as well.

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To all the O-B's or future O-B's out there,

We are currently setting our budget for our forever home with the help from a friend.  I had to give myself a refresher on Excel, but I know a spreadsheet will keep everything organized.  If anyone has any advice for us, please feel free to share.  Our intentions are to connect with other O-B through this website to help guide us as needed.  We hope to return the favor in the future.  


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The  high summer solstice has come and gone earlier this afternoon, so now we're at the height of summer.  And sadly this means it begins to get darker from this point forward...


Steven in Colorado

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Well it took some doing and more loads of retaining wall than I'd have thought, but the block is finally all stacked and whatnot.  I've got a couple of tons of dirt dumped on a tarp outside the garage that will need some moving into the flower bed yet but that's basically just quality time with a shovel and a couple of buckets.

Now it's time to take my mother into town to pick out plants!  (She loves this bit.)  Of course I'll get to plant the things but that's's still part of her birthday present after all.

I like it.....this flower bed was a good addition.  I'm sorry I didn't get to it sooner!  ;)

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Linksys-Extender-Setup by Michel on 6/19/2020 9:44:55 AM is your one-stop assistance provider for all the issues related to Linksys Extender setup, installation or configuration of the Linksys WiFi extenders. Get live assistance from experts via chat or directly on phone using our toll-free.

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Pests are really hard to get rid of, especially when you are planning to do it yourself. DIY pest control is tough and daunting task that require skills and knowledge too. Of course, you can try to remove pests from your house by yourself, but hiring professional exterminators or a pest control company can help you get the effective results. If you still want to do it yourself then here’s know how can do it yourself to kill and remove pests from your home: -

Use Pesticides

At market you will find several household pesticides that help in controlling pest infestation at home. You will find different pesticides for different pests, and these are quite easy to use also. You just have to read the label carefully then spray it on the affected areas in your home. The pests are expert in hiding, so you will have to spray the chemicals at all the possible areas, where the pests are hidden. Kitchen sink, washroom, ceiling, behind the cupboards, etc. are the common places for the pests to hide themselves. But, one thing that you need to understand while buying and using the pesticide is that you must know you are buying the right pesticide and using it in the right way as instructed on the label of the product.

Other ways to kill pests

Well, using the pesticides is not only the way to get rid of bugs. Yes, there are many home remedies that you can use for rodent control, cockroach control, etc. Let’s see some other ways to remove or kill the pests: -

If you are facing ant problem in your house then you can kill or remove them naturally. For this you will need sugar, warm water and borax powder. Water should be warm enough to dissolve sugar. Now take warm water, add half cup sugar and two spoon of borax in bowl and mix them well. Now, put cotton balls into the mixture and place it everywhere you have seen ants marching. Due to the sugar, ants will carry the small balls to their nest, and the borax will kill off the colony after sometime. But, keep the cotton balls from the reach of your children.

Get rid of the cockroaches with the paste of boric acid. Just take 3 teaspoon of boric acid and 3 teaspoon of sugar and mix it well with 3 teaspoon of water and make a thick paste. You can now apply the paste on all the areas where you have seen the cockroaches crawling. When the cockroaches will eat the paste and carry it to their nest, it will not only kill them but also the other who are in the nest.

You know you can do this but this will not give you a permanent solution. You can keep the bugs out for a few days but not for a longer time. If you want to get rid of them completely then call the best pest control company and get a permanent solution.

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We have been doing a little of this and a little of that at the dome for the past 2-3 years... Nothing really big .  Just started a major project of doing a paver walkway all the way around the dome, and making the sloped side a little less steep so it's easier to mow.


Pavers. We are using "cap blocks" as pavers, they are 4"thick and the same 8x16" as a concrete block, but solid. Made to put on the top of a cinderblock wall, they area great cheap paver.

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Purchasing the rental unit gives you lots of hope. It becomes the source of good earnings. Taking care of your rental unit is the need for sure and some property owner does the same outstandingly. Some just give the responsibility to the property manager and make that perfect.

When people take all the responsibilities of managing the property on their own, then they just need to do more works as the landlord. But few people fix their mind even before purchasing the rental unit that this is done by the property manager and few will take the decision after feeling the load of the works.

But, at the time, you think to hire the property management company Anne Arundel Maryland; you should be okay to pay the management fee as well. If you are still thinking about the feasibility of hiring, then you should know the benefits of the manager, and here the article is that will tell you about the same. After that, you may take the call investing for the property management will be perfect or not. 

Less legal issue

You must admit the fact that when you become the landlord and allow tenants to stay at your rental unit, then there will be some legal steps that you should take. If the process is not done according to the law, then problems will be more. So, knowing the things that you have to follow as per the laws and how to make the contract that will give the protection to your investment will be some of the things that you take care of.

If you are okay to do that, then you may think to process the property management Anne Arundel County on your own. But at the time, the confidence will be less, then it will be always good to hire the expert as they do it for years and the expert team takes care of every single thing. This is always to pay the management fees because one lawsuit will ask more money that the remuneration of the property manager.

Fulfilling the vacancy

When you hire a property manager, they come to you with the marketing skills and you find that the vacancy will be fulfilled very quickly. The expert understands the market and as per that, they take the policies, so that the potential tenants get the interest and your property is rightly occupied. Surely, it gives you enough reason to pay the management fees compared to keeping that vacant for many months.

Rent collection

If you have the good tenants who never stop you paying the rent, then you are lucky but there will be many examples where the landlord keeps informing the tenants and invest days to have the rent. But when the property managers in Baltimore will take care of that, then the process will be perfect and the timely payments will be there. In case, renters miss, then extra payment will be there on your hand. At the same time, if it continues, then the manager process the eviction as well. Now, you just question yourself arranging all on your own is possible. If your answer is yes, then you can think to manage your property. But when you are not comfortable to do all, then always, investing for the Anne Arundel County property management will be the perfect decision to take.

Lower repair and maintenance cost

When the renters will be part of the property where everything is rightly maintained, then they will be happy. Also, at the time, you do it perfectly, then the health of your property will be outstandingly and it increases the value of the investment as well. Surely, you love to experience something that and the property manager can arrange that for you. Actually, Anne Arundel County property management company has the best team of professionals who resolves the issues at the root, and it makes the whole property organized. Also, when the request for any repairing will be there, then also the team is promptly doing that and it will be in the minimum cost because of the good relationship with the property management companies. So, it always will be a perfect call to hire the right property management organization to have the best services and that to be in less investment.

Regardless, you have the idea of the facilities you find by investing in the right property management organization. It is true managing the property and that to be through the property manager is outstanding. Along with the same, the personal benefits you have like free from works and stress that will be added too. So, you just keep these things in mind and after the same, you will surely find that hiring the property manager is feasible.

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Well this was a fun afternoon....I got stung!  To be fair I totally deserved it though.

The bees are doing well enough now that we decided it was time to add a second super (box) to the hive.  The original installation we only put them into a single super so as to force them to focus on that box, and they did quite well in cleaning out the dead bees and making it their home.   We wanted to make sure they had plenty of room for growth, and so Colleen and I decided it was time to get that second bigger (deep) super installed.

The overall idea going forward is that it would be awesome if we can actually harvest some Tanglewood honey, but it's not necessary.  Having bees around and doing their bee thing is more than enough as far as we're concerned...but it would of course nice to harvest some honey eventually.

However we want to make sure the bees will have plenty of room dedicated to them.  So the idea is to install this second super and, if all goes well, eventually we might consider adding a third super eventually.

SO....Colleen got all suited up to work with the bees and I figured that since they had been very kind to me that I didn't need to suit up.  THIS WAS A MISTAKE.

It was thoughtless of me really, and as I said before it was totally my fault.  We took off the top of the hive and removed the feeder, and of course the bees were kinda all over the place trying to figure out what happened to the roof of their house.  As Colleen got ready to put the new super on there were naturally a zillion bees in the way, and I (without thinking) snagged the brush and tried to scoot them out of the way.

Yeah..THAT pissed them off.  I had one sting me almost immediately as the nearest obvious threat, and as I started to head for the house they followed me closely.  After all, the roof of their house had vanished, I had rudely brushed a bunch of them out of the way, and so SOMEBODY had to pay for that travesty.....and that was me.  I got stung another time on my hand before I was able to escape into the house.

Again, this was totally my fault.  I should have known better, and was properly punished by them for the indignity.

At least we've got the other deep super installed and they're already busy tossing out the dead bees from the first hive and exploring their new expanded home.  I tried to make it up to them by filling their sugar water to the brim later in the evening, but I'm definitely going to have to wear the bee suit for a while....


Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/13/2020

I finally got a bit of time with the new weekend and so made some more progress with the flower bed project for my mother.  

I did about as well as expected.  I moved the retaining wall around a bit, lowering one side and raising up another, as I worked on getting the balance right on the stones.  What's in the picture is really close to what we're going to go with in the final product; I just need to snag about a half dozen more stones for the lower (patio) side to finish it off.  The stones under the window in the picture really ought to be a bit higher, but then they would block the window.  There's also an electrical outlet just to the left of that window (towards the patio door) that would either have to be blocked out or something, but my mother is pretty happy with it now.

I ran out of the weed block sheeting, what's there is all I had.  My next trip down to the Lowe's I'll be getting one more roll together with those couple of bricks I still need.

After this is done (probably by next weekend) it'll be time to bring up some nice soil for the flower bed.


Steven in Colorado


Definitely taking shape now.....the bed will be very deep towards the patio end and shallower at the upper end.

Posted to 1860s-Texas-rehabnew-construction by Dave in Boerne, TX on 6/12/2020 4:06:13 AM

This photo shows the double course adobe fired brick strycture. demo was ongoing and ultimately the final build included this aspect as an interior space.


Original structure circa 1866... during demo/ rehab..

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Your rental unit needs special care for having the right protection. Professional and proactive movements will be highly needed to maintain the rental unit and this can be done by the professional property manager. But it is true that finding the right property manager will not be easy and if this is your first rental unit, then the challenges are more. There will be different things to check and also the options can make you confused more. But some simple steps can help you in that and if you are thinking what those are, then here the article is that will tell you about those key factors that if you find in the rental property manager, then your hiring will be perfect. Want to know more in detail, then here the article is for you. Read it for the information.

Verifying the license

When you start the search, then you will find that many property management companies Glen Burnie MD, do the works and they can approach you with the promise that they can do the works outstandingly. But words and performance both are different and if they are really good, then each of them has the license to do the works. If anyone doesn’t have that, then no matter is how good the approach is, the offers are there, you should drop the idea of hiring that organization immediately. Make sure the name you have selected has the proper paper and permission to shape the project.  

Getting the assurance about the experience

If anyone is new to the industry, then he or she can perform but there is a risk, and getting that for your investment is not right. So, this will be always good to select the name for the property management Glen Burnie MD, which has the experience and it should be as per your project. So, keep checking the name and make sure that you will find the one that has the related experience.

Checking the reviews and references

If the property manager is really good, then it is for sure that handling the apartments for rent in Glen Burnie Maryland, will not be the new thing and they can provide you the references for their successful projects. If you ask and they are just providing you, then it means that they have the full faith about their services and you can also trust them. But if they are trying to avoid the same, then no need is there to brief more, it means that their success is not very much trustable and, finding the other organization will be perfect.

When you get the references, then also it will be highly needed to contact them and ask about their experiences. You can check the website and also the social pages to be assured about their performance. If the searching will let you know about their good services and also when they are not well, they just try to clarify the situation and also provide the support, then it means that the organization is perfect and this can be the good name for taking care of your apartment rentals in Glen Burnie MD.

Examine the agreement

You should be sure that the agreement between you and the property management organization is done in a transparent way. You should read it and get the assurance that there should not be anything mentioned that can be a problem for you. So, keep knowing the same and get a clear idea about the below things.

Services are offered and fees for the same

You should have the details of property management services that the organization provides to your apartments rent Glen Burnie MD. They should take care of everything starting from marking and finding the right tenants, maintenance of your property and along with the repairing, collecting rents, eviction if needed, and moving out will be the things that the property manager takes care of and along with the same, you should know how much he or she takes for it. All those things should be written in the contract and that to be in a transparent way.

Landlord responsibility

This section will brief your duties, and you should know about the same. In case, you are not comfortable doing the same, then talk with the manager and if they agree to do that, then it should be mentioned on papers and the charges for that as well.

Duration and termination clauses

The contract should mention the duration of the same and when it can be terminated. At the time, you find all the things clearly explained, then you can go with the contract and select the organization for the works.

Well, these are things to be considered and then you may think hiring the property manager. After that, you can be assured that the managing of your property will be done outstandingly and it gives you the opting benefits.

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So here I am here at Tanglewood, trying to make a goodly home for my second bee hive attempt barely a month ago.  Things are going very well, the bees are finding some flowers and we're keeping them well stocked with sugar water for when they can't find nectar (or it's night).  They seem quite happy and the summer looks like it will unfold nicely for them... then why the smeg was it 38 degrees (F) this morning when I got up?!?!?!? 

My poor girls.  I feel like I need to apologize to them profusely for this afront to their dignity....

It's warming up nicely enough as I write this though, but good grief...thirty eight degrees in June?!?

Disgraceful, that's what it is.

Steven in Colorado

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/7/2020

And now for something completely different....

Back in April I found myself on the horns of a dilemma....I had absolutely no idea what to get my mother for her birthday.  I mean absolutely none....I was completely stumped.  Then I remembered that my mother kinda had been asking for a big flower bed outside her apartment door and so on her birthday I told her that I would be giving her her long awaited flower bed.  I think she was a.) surprised and b.) thrilled......I'm sure she had more or less forgotten about it.

And therefore I resolved to in fact get this thing going!

I had to start collecting retaining wall brick, and discussions with my mother hammered out some of the particulars.  She wanted it up against the house basically from the edge of the patio door up towards the house corner.  There's a slope going uphill that direction and didn't want it to be "geometric"...she wanted it a bit "flowing".  We laid out some lines and talked about where she wanted the bed, how deep it would be, etc., and then I started getting brick.

I had discovered that I could get between 10 and 15 of the retaining wall bricks I had in mind (smaller ones than most retaining walls, well sized for something like this) on a single trip with the truck, and after some thought she decided she wanted the light gray stones rather than the tan or reddish ones.  I liked that myself because that closely matches Tanglewood's color itself which of course made ME happy too.  I quick zeroed in a particular style carried at Lowes, and checked several to make sure they all had that particular stone and that it wasn't just a single store's oddball special (because if it was there was zero doubt they would run out before I got enough).  

Estimating exactly how many I would need was a bit of a trick, since the bed would be somewhat irregular and I would no doubt discover various obstacles along the way.  After I had amassed a good 60, however, I figured that was enough to get started.  I knew I'd have to get more as the bed was getting closer to completion but 60 as enough to get a good feel, and so I got started this morning.

It was an amazing amount of work, no doubt about it.  It seemed the trench was always not quite level, and I took bucket after bucket of dirt out of the area (it was dispersed into some smaller areas nearby where it was badly needed).  The "deepest" part of the bed turned out to be the area right by the patio door, where the shallowest looked to be the section uphill towards the house corner.  In the end I used a half dozen of the buckets of gravel I'd obtained during May while I was collecting a critical mass of the retaining wall stone, and I had the rough outlines sketched in enough that I would start laying out brick.

What I have so far is below.  I can already tell I'll need more retaining wall brick so I'll bring up a couple more loads during the week in preparation for the weekend when I get work on everything again.  My mother seems quite happy so far and she generally likes the shape....she'll be walking around it getting a better feel during the course of the week, so I can make some adjustments if necessary of course.

Still, it's a first step!  

Steven in Colorado


A view from the "upper slop" of the hill near the house corner. You can see the large amount of gravel I needed to lay in there to build a proper base for the wall.
A shot from the "side", as it were. Note that she's still not sure she wants the entire wall to be one height or stepped.
And another shot, this time more or less from the patio looking uphill.

Posted to Tenants-Right-When-Selling-Occupied-Rental-Property by Landlords in Maryland, MD on 6/6/2020 8:55:16 AM

Owning a rental unit will be stressful. There will be lots of things that the landlord takes care of and when you are the owner of the first rental unit, then challenges are more. You want to know what the things that you should consider as the landlord, then here the article that will tell you about the same.

Handle it as the business

You may have full-time work but still, you should be attentive towards the rental unit. You have to understand that this is your business and if the renters are not getting the support from you, then why they retain their stay here. You may witness the moving and it stops people to take interests. Are you okay with the same? Surely, no one is, so give your time to know the requirements and all.

Also, the process should be done as per the local laws. So, getting the information about the state and city laws will be the requirements and processing all accordingly will be the need. You can’t process as per the desire. So, keep these things in mind and process accordingly.

You need to protect yourself from the liabilities as well. So, taking the right insurance for safety will be the immediate requirements. Give attention to the same and arrange everything as per the need of yours. If you find these tougher to manage, then hire the right organization from the property management companies and ask them to manage all but giving attention to all will be the things to do and you have to make it outstandingly.

Doing the research for finding the tenants

You need to pick the best renter and for the same, research will be highly needed. If the approach is there and you believe such words, then it gives you the wrong choices and the income will be missing as well. Are you okay with the same? Surely, you are not. So, do the research property, take the help of the internet to be assured that the name is just perfect and he or she gives you the rent on time without any other stress. When you find the assurance about the same, then go ahead and allow them to stay at your rental unit.

In this as well, you can follow the ways of the residential property management companies to pick the right renters for your units. So, take the call whatever suitable to you but you can’t allow any name without research, keep that in mind. 

Set the right rent

You have to understand the importance of the right rent. For the same, understanding the market, comparing it with the units, you have for fixing the right rent and more will be highly needed. So, do it immediately and start a successful journey. The importance of the same you truly understand, so you have to be perfect in the same and experience the best of being the renter.

Think to hire the property manager

You can’t ignore the fact that expertise is something that makes everything perfect and the way, the property management companies in Baltimore will help you to get the profit from rental units that will be impossible to provide the same by anyone else. So, this will be a good decision to hire the best name as per your needs and give the responsibilities to them. Attracting new renters to managing them all will be the things that the property manager will take care of. If you are thinking about the charges, you need to pay, then you should think about how they just make everything perfect and create ways of earning more. After the same, you surely find the feasibility of hiring the right organization. So, go for it and make your investment perfect in terms of earning, managing, and all. 

Have a rental agreement

When you will get the right renter, then it will be highly needed that you have to do the rental contract. So, do it perfectly, implement all rules including getting the rent and if that is not there, then the consequences will be along with security deposits and more. Once, all those will be done rightly, then take the signature from renters and do the same as well, so that each of you is bound to follow the rules. This makes the entire situation well.

Regardless, these are the things to be taken care of when you start the journey of the landlord. If you get the support from the property management company in Maryland, then also supervising will be highly needed. So, keep this in mind, then the experience of being the landlord you earn that, will be really out of the box, don’t worry about the same. All the best!

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Do you think that house cleaning is enough when the viruses like COVID-19 attacks? Cleaning can only help you to remove dirt and dust from your house, not the living microorganisms that may cause infectious diseases. These viruses and bacteria can only be vanished by sanitizing. So, you should hire home sanitization service in Delhi to keep your healthy environment safe and healthy. Here are the tips to hire the right home sanitization company in Delhi.

Home Sanitization Charges in Delhi?

Obviously, no one can go beyond their budget. So the first thing that you need to check while hiring home sanitization service provider in Delhi is the charges or price. For this you can get quotes from different companies and check their rates and charges compare to the market. Choose the one that you find the most affordable one.

What Type of Sanitization Service Do the Company Offers?

It’s very important to check the company’s specialization. The company must offer the kind of the sanitization service that you are looking for. Suppose you want home sanitization service then they must provide house sanitizing service in Gurgaon.

How Long Does it Take to Get Home Sanitized?

Well, only the home sanitization personnel can tell you that how many days it will take to sanitize your home. So, it’s better to show your house to the team and then they can answer you how long they would take to sanitize the place.

Do They Bring Their Own Liquids or Solutions or I Need to Provide Them?

It’s better to ask the personnel before hiring them. Well, there’s no such home sanitization company in Delhi that will not bring their own solution, cleaning equipment or chemicals, but yet you can ask them to clear your doubts.

Know Whether or Not the Company Offers Customized Sanitizing Service in Delhi?

Most of the sanitization service provider in Delhi offer customized service to their clients. This helps the customers to avail high-quality services and they get fully satisfied. If you also want to be one of the happy and satisfied customers then make sure the company offers customized sanitizing service in Delhi.

Modes of Payment

Cash payment, credit or debit card payment, online payment, etc. are the different modes of payment. Ask the company what mode of payment they accept. And if they leave it up on you to make payment through any modes, then you can rely on the company, because every reliable company allows their customers to make payment the way they want.

These are the things which can help you to hire home sanitization or disinfection service in Delhi. You can also book a home sanitization and car sanitization service online also. There are many online portals that help you booking house disinfection service in Delhi and nearby cities as well. You will get quotes from different agencies to book the right and budget-friendly service provider.

Pest control service, Pest control in Delhi, Pest control in Gurgaon, Pest control in Noida, Pest control in Ghaziabad, Pest control in Faridabad, Pest control in Greater Noida

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At North Shore Bathroom Renovations we pride ourselves on our customer service and professional work ethic. We offer free quotations and evaluations. Give us a call today on 02 8503 8229


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To have the growth in the rental income, you have to raise the rent. But for doing it, you need to take care of many things. The approach should be in a way that the renters also understand you and making that hike is not giving you that many issues. Now, you can understand that a strategic approach is highly needed and if that is not clear to you, then here the article is that will tell you about it. Know the same, plan accordingly and it will help you to increase the rent as much as you can.

Research perfectly

Understanding of the market will be the thing that you have to be perfect. If your property doesn’t match the rent as the facilities are not that much, then obviously, implementing it will not be a good call as it can be the reason for the vacancy. So, before taking the steps ahead, you should know how many charges are taking and as per that you should make your mind that raising the rent will be the smart call or not. Surely, this step gives you the perfect idea either following it will be possible or not. You can talk with the property management companies in Howard County Maryland as well for making the mind.

Hold your property in a perfect shape

You have to give importance to the approach of the property. If you don’t be good in property management Baltimore, then you can’t think to increase your rent. But some simple steps like making it painted, changing the fixtures and more will be some of the expenses if you do rightly in case those are odd one to look, then it will rightly help you to achieve your goal. But when you are thinking about it, then don’t invest more because there will be a limitation in the hike and if you invest a lot, then no benefits will be found.

Know the satisfaction of the renters

It will be highly needed that as you are the owner of the property, so it will be highly needed for you to get the information that the people who are staying there are happy. If they are not, then you need to make them satisfied first. When you have satisfied remarks, then you may think to raise the rent and it can be welcomed. So, this is highly needed that you work for it and then start the process of hiking the rent. Surely, after that, this will work.

Genuine at the services

You should be perfect in making them comfortable and give the services that they need for the awesome habitat. If you are not good at this and the lack of property management Howard County MD, then the reputation will be wrong in the market and no one will welcome the increase in rent. So, this will be highly needed that you should be perfect in this and then you can think to increase the rent.

Talk with the renters

You have to communicate with the renters and ask about their comments related to their stay. Also, you should know if they have the expectation. If you get the reply and that is in yes, then don’t hesitate to ask about what that is. You should provide all and then you may think to do the hike in the rent. When the conversation is going on, then you should compare your property with other apartments for rent in Howard County Maryland so that they also get to know about the specific you are service and the increasing rent gets the feasibility.

Hire the right property manager

This is for sure that taking those strategic steps and getting the destination will never be so easy. There will be lots of things to take care of and follow the working schedules without compromising quality and more will be some toughest things to do. These will be perfect when you have the expertise and time. If you are lacking any from the same, then it will be a challenge for you and you can’t increase the rent. So, it will be always good to hire the right expert, tell your needs and you will find that their arrangement will make those things perfect and you achieve the goal that you are opting for. So, it will be always good to do the right selection and take their help, so that they can manage all and you get the growth that you are opting for.

Now, you have the right idea of the things that you need to be assured about. So, go ahead and go with these and then get your target. Don’t forget to share your story and help others to get some leads from your experience and achieve that they want to.


Steps To Take For Increasing The Rent

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Posted to furnacemkm by Furnace Repair on 5/11/2020 5:06:01 PM

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24 Hour emergency residential furnace repair in Markham, Ontario. We offer HVAC repairs, maintenance & installations for all makes and models of residential heating and air conditioning systems.

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You might have heard these three words – cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. In fact, the doctors and other health specialists are suggesting us to sanitize or disinfect our houses to fight against COVID-19. But, what is it actually means. Does cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are same? Or, is there something that we must know about these terms that are actually important for us to fight against the pandemic COVID-19 and other viruses.

Before choosing any type of cleaning service or antimicrobial product, you need to know whether your house needs to Cleaned, Sanitized or Disinfected. In this article, we will tell you the basic difference between these three which will help you to decide whether you need house cleaning services in Gurgaon, home sanitizing service or home disinfection service in Gurgaon.

Cleaning and Cleaner

A cleaner just aids in removing dust and dirt from the surface. Although cleaning helps in removing the germs from the surface, but it does not kill the germs.

Sanitizing and Sanitizer

Sanitizer helps in reducing the number of germs and bacteria present on surfaces. This tends to be faster and safer than disinfectants. It has the power to kill some bacteria and viruses. It takes only 30Secs to kill the living microorganisms.

Disinfecting and Disinfectant

Disinfectant kills infectious fungi, bacteria and viruses. Disinfectants also known as antimicrobials that kills most viruses and pathogenic microorganisms if used correctly. But, this is the problem that only a few know to use it correctly. Hence, it create a worse environment rather than eliminating or solving the problem.

So, in simple words we can say that cleaning only removes dirt, sanitizing reduce the number and kills some bacteria and virus and disinfecting kills the bacteria and virus.

Now, when you know the basic difference between these three terms then you can easily avail the right service. As, you know that COVID-19 is pandemic and its virus can be present at your home. So, cleaning is just not sufficient to remove this virus. You will have to select either Sanitizing service in Gurgaon or disinfecting service in Gurgaon.

If you want to know what type of germs can be presented at your home and how you should deal with it, then know that the common germs are: -

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Fungi
  • Parasites

The most common cause of illness is the Viruses. The worst part about viruses is that they are very small and cannot be seen by naked eyes. They can live and reproduce independently, but thankfully they cannot live on surfaces for a long time. So, you can get rid of them by sanitizing your house in Gurgaon. For this you can call professional home sanitizing company in Gurgaon. But, make sure to choose the right company that provides the best home sanitization service in Noida.


Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Posted by Roger on 5/7/2020 6:06:43 AM

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Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/2/2020

Today was a glorious day indeed--our new batch of bees arrived!

Folks might recall that it's been a bit since I posted about the sad loss of our bees in February, and that's because of a couple of things that basically started messing up Reality.  The emergence of COVID-19 messed up a heck of a lot of plans and all of my schedules got tossed to one hours basically went almost to six days a week with longer hours for most of April, and the run on grocery stores made us skip a couple of weekends of shopping just to avoid the crazy a bit.  Then I had to arrange the refill of the propane, and then Colleen said that the bees were coming a week earlier than I'd planned...and here we are!

The bees this time came in what's called a "package", and it's basically a three pound box of bees with a big assed can of sugar water in it for them to feed on while traveling.  The queen is kept in a small cage that's hung inside the hive; the bees themselves (which are measured by weight; they definitely don't count them!) can be from several different hives.  They are all acclimated to the queen by her scent; she's been with them for a while before they are shipped.

So basically it's pretty easy to get the bees into the super (the hive box) "thump" the box a couple of times, which causes them to all fall down to the bottom of the box.  then you pull out the can of sugar water, upend the box, and basically "pour" the bees into the super!  It sounds more dramatic than it really is and I found it was remarkably easy to do (Colleen couldn't be there so it was all me). After "pouring" the bulk of the bees into the hive I carefully inserted the last few comb frames into the super....there were still some bees left in the box, of course, but I just set it near the hive where eventually they all climbed out and flew home to the hive (they can all smell the queen, so they knew she was in there).

Other than spilling a bunch of the sugar water from the can I really didn't have any problems, and by the evening they were all gone from the box and I removed it.

One of the mistakes we very probably made last year was not making sure the bees had enough food, so this year Colleen was ready with what's called a "top level" feeder (pic below) for the hive.  When I put things together I put that in as well, and filled them up with a couple of gallons of sugar water.  They took to it quite nicely (pics below); basically they climb up thru a hole on the top level of the  hive into a "half height" super into the bottom of the feeder.  There's a plastic cup molded into the body of the feeder which they climb up and then down to the sugar water; the plastic cup allows you to see what they're doing without them being able to get out (where they would promptly fall into the water and drown if they could).  It sounds more complicated than it is; take a look at the picture and it'll make sense.

Before we did any of the bee stuff I took the time to mount the hive on wheels so I could move it if necessary.  Of course I got wheels that I could "lock" so it wouldn't be moved around by the wind.  I had to search a bit to find wheel that would safely bear the weight, not so much with the hive as is but if we eventually have three or four supers that's going to be several hundred pounds of honey and whatnot.  Best to plan ahead the very least I know that the time will come that I'll be working up there building a greenhouse, and I'll want to be able to move them then!

We're so glad we've got bees again, and we're going to go all out to make sure they don't run out of food this year, that's for sure!  Fingers and miscellaneous appendages...

Steven in Colorado


The bees in their bee box, ready to put into their new home. They're actually amazingly calm considering what they've been through.
Their future home! You can see the primary super (box) on the bottom, with the half-height one containing the feeder on the top.
The feeder with its lid on....
...and the feeder with the lid off. The bees will be inside the upside down cup (the clear part) when I put them in and fill it with the sugar water.
Another picture after I unboxed the bees. You can see the (mostly) empty box on the floor in front of the hive, along with the can (still dribbling sugar water).
About an hour after I'd unboxed the bees I opened up the top to see if the bees had found the sugar water....they HAD! :)

Posted to Tenants-Right-When-Selling-Occupied-Rental-Property by Landlords in Maryland, MD on 4/30/2020 7:17:17 AM

The most common problem with your rental unit is tenants do the shifting very quickly; then understanding the reasons will be highly needed. If you do the research in deep to know it, then there can be many reasons. This is something that depends on personal views and circumstances. But still, there will be some common factors that can be found when you are doing research on the reasons for moving out. Want to know about the same, then here the article is for you. Read it and the information will be there for sure.

Lack of affordability

When you are searching for the reason, then the first common one comes to you will be the rent. The people may face issues to give the rent, and it forces them to find any other place where their pockets will be happy, and so they are. The role of property management in Baltimore or anything else will not be applicable here.

If your renters also take the same step for the reason, then you can decrease the rent if it can be done or you can tell them to shift any of another unit where the rent will be in the reach. Surely, it can make the changes in making the mind and you may stop the moving out.

Space is more or less

If the person has a small family, and he or she is staying alone at the bigger apartment, then the solution the tenants find is relocating. At the same time, if space is less, then also shifting will be the key they use for getting rid of that issue. This is for sure that paying for the same which will not be perfect as per the needs, then it will never be feasible for sure.

The renters have the problems related to any of the same and it makes them moving out, then you may offer the unit that will be smaller or bigger in comparison with the same as per their needs. You may talk with the Baltimore property manager as well to know the path to make them comfortable at the existing property. If they need more space, then upgrading the same can be planned and do the hike in rent according to the expenses and other things. If the unit is a bigger one, then you may give them the incentive like reducing the parking charges and more, so that tenants spend less for space and it makes them comfortable to stay.

Job change

When the renter will get the better offers to another place or city, then it will be obvious that he or she will move out and in this situation, the landlord or not the property management companies Baltimore can hold them at the place. But if the person changes the job and this is in the distance where communication can be possible but still he or she is moving out, then you may talk with the person to hold back. You can think to offer discounts in rent to stop their shifting but still, they want, then this is something that will be done for a good purpose, so welcome it and you may ask for a reference. If he or she really loves the stay, then you will easily get the reference and the vacancy will not be a problem for sure.

Maintenance issues

Maintenance issues may be the reason why tenants move out for sure. If the renters pay the bills and rent but still he or she faces the clogged drains, pest problems or the leaky roofs, then hoe he or she loves to stay here. Obviously, shifting will be the only key to get rid of the problem for sure.

If you really want to get the solution, then you should be assured that the property gets the periodical maintenance. If you have a lack of time, then hire the best from property managers in Baltimore, and they will handle the same with expertise. Surely, it helps your property to be young over time, and no issues can be witnessed. Addressing the issues should be much easier, and you can take help from the tool so that it can be informed through the mail and the status of solving it can be tracked too. Now, take care of the same and implement those for making your property rightly maintained.

Well, these are the most common things why renters move out and also you get the information about how you may stop them from taking such a decision. If you find no time or less experience to handle all, then you may appoint the property management company in Baltimore and the expert will surely handle all to make it beneficial as per the desire.


4 Common Reasons The Renters Move And The Solutions For Holding Them Back

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