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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 2/16/2018 9:49:44 PM

We spent the weekend finishing up small things/prepping for insulation. Insulation was completed yesterday! Once again, I can’t say enough… I love going to work and coming home to see work done haha! We decided to do foam insulation in both the ceiling and walls. It was a bit expensive, but being in AZ it gets really hot in the summer, so we thought it would be worth it. We are going to buy some cheap insulation (and install it) for the garage and some of the interior walls. We are scheduled to have the front door go in on Monday and drywall next week. We will spend the weekend prepping final details for drywall and if we finish we will go back to siding.


Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 2/13/2018 9:58:40 PM

The master areas have had the wood floors installed and the second floor has two bedrooms and half the great room done as well.  We’ve installed all the shower fixtures and are slowly working on three of the four bathtubs.  The granite folks were supposed to put in the shower niche bottoms, set all of the shower curbs and the four vanity tops on the second floor.  Turned out to be a total mess yesterday when they showed up 4 hours late with less than half of the material.  Total disconnect within their organization.  Sandra called this morning and read them the riot act.  The owner was totally unaware of what had happened, but promised to review with his crews and correct.

We got together with the local welder on Friday to explain the supports we needed to hang the hollow log onto the fireplace.  He had them finished today and they were set in place.  Basically two large protruding J-hooks.  With these set, Ray can finish setting stone.  We are really hoping that this will wrap up this week so we clean up the area and get it ready for flooring.  Right now it has become a total mess.  

I replaced the cabinet fronts on the second floor set once that area of floor was in. Really a pretty easy job. Looking forward to getting the main level done, but not until all is clean and the floor is in. 


Fireplace with more stone on, and hollow log set.

Posted to Genes-Job by Gene in Cocoa, FL on 2/9/2018 4:04:44 AM

I am only in the planning stages. What I need are sub names for foundation/concrete work, SIP construction, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. in and around the Cocoa to Titusville area.  Gene

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 2/8/2018 11:37:26 PM

We finally finished electrical and passed rough in inspection!!!! We have a few small things we are finishing up and insulation is scheduled for 2/13 and then drywall is scheduled for 2/20 (our next inspection is after drywall goes up, but before mud). We have been busy working on the siding. Everything is slower than I expect it to be in my head. We bought some cheaper unfished cabinets for the master bathrooms, and my sister is working on painting them for us. Also, we have been working with the electrical company on the plan to get electricity to the property. 


The lease on our rental is up in the end of April, so I feel like we are getting to the mad dash at the end of the race! We really want to be out of there ASAP due to all the problems we had with them in the fall. We will see what happens, we have a camper so we are debating about moving into that if the house isn’t quite finished in time.


Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 2/8/2018 2:07:19 PM

The fireplace is starting to emerge as a finished item after we got an inspection on Tuesday and Ray was able to begin wrapping the framing with lath. Stone was started yesterday and should take several days since the curved sides take time.  Ray also needs to get brackets made and set for the new hollow log that is going to be placed across the front, but the initial results of the stone look good.

Sandra and I have been laying out flooring on the second level for acclimation, and yesterday started fastening the master areas - BR, closet and bath.  We should finish that today.  

Started work on getting ready to set vent pipe for the second level fireplace.  Had to cut open the ceiling in a bedroom to have access to a joist bay to run it in. Not pleased to have to do it, and the venting should have been run before the sheetrock was put in, but was one of those things I put off.  So now will have to patch a 12’ strip and repaint once the venting arrives and is set and inspected.


Ray, the artist who is building the fireplace on the main level.
Horizontally placed hollow log that Ray found in the woods. Final location will be about a foot higher than it is shown here.
Stone started. The face above the fireplace will be straight, while the sides will be curved as shown here
Flooring in the second level laid upside down to acclimate for a few days before putting down. We’ve seen just a hair change is moisture level in the already very low numbers.

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 2/4/2018 9:08:20 AM

By the end of the day yesterday, we finished laying the fourth floor.  A total of less than four full days to lay 1100 sq.ft.  Or about 20% of the total flooring.  And that was including the ever time consuming hundreds of trips up and down the stairs to get the flooring up to that level.  We’re talking 3500 lbs of flooring hauled up those steps a few boards at a time. Sandra is out of commission while her remaining real knee recoversfrom that workout.  The other two floors should still be work, but there is no changing levels once the flooring is lifted up to those levels with the Skytrak.  I’m going to lay the high density sound material in the master bedroom, bath and closet today and bring up flooring to acclimate.  Would really like to get the floor in before the granite guys come back with the shower curbs as the face sits on top of the floor.

Meanwhile Ray is slowly proceeding on the fireplace.  He found a hollow log in the forest that I need to help him get out today.  He thinks it’ll fit in wonderfully.  Until we see what he has planned, we’ll hold our thought.  Great artist, but he keeps everything so fluid, it feels like nothing will get finalized.  The electrical inspector couldn’t make it to reviewthe additions I made for lighting for the fireplace, but said he didn’t want to hold us up and to move forward. The mechanical inspector said he’ll be here Monday, tomorrow, and we shoild be good to go to start closing up the framing, if Ray can finalize his ideas so he can place proper bracing and attachments.


Floorings pics from the top of the stairs

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 2/3/2018 11:50:04 PM

So now that I've got those curtains up I figured things were about as done as they could be until I get the chandelier up there, so I decided to turn my attention to a more down-to-Earth annoyance.  As it happened, issues with the last thing I did (the curtains) kinda led towards the next item on the list.

I had started to put away tools and such that I had accumulated during  work on the door and the curtains.  Ladders, hammers, screw drivers, about 10 different kinds of stain--I'd dragged a lot out there over the course of the last few months.  And as I  started to clean things up and put them away, I quickly ran into a dilemma--I couldn't put things up.  The garage was SO FANTASTICALLY MESSY that I couldn't physically store away things that I was trying to put away because there was an unorganized mess there.  I did what I could, but I realized that the next step was clearly to get the garage cleaned up a bit.

So that's what I resolved to do.  There's a great mess in there as it is so I know it's going to take some time, but I got a decent enough start at least.

Today's chores were focused on cleaning up the much of the recycles that had built up in various corners of the garage, and trying to clean up some of the muck I'd been dragging in for the last few months.  Along the way I fixed a couple of minor things around the house, so  that was a win.

The recycles were relatively easy to take care of.  There were several trash cans that I'd been putting them into for a while and (as it happened) several mice had found their doom falling into the can and then unable to get out.  I got everything bagged up put into the pile of trash for eventual delivery to the transfer station.

Along the way I sorted out a lot of cardboard and a bit of Styrofoam; the Styrofoam is planned to be delivered tomorrow as part of my chores.  The cardboard got cut up and added to the burn pile for eventual usage.

After that I dig a lot of sweeping--basically mud that had been tracked in by the Trailblazer and then dried into dust.  I by no means whatsoever got everything -- there's a lot of bits of accumulation over the last few months -- but it's a start.

More to come though; it's going to take a few good weekends to tidy this mess up.  But it needs doing or I'll never get tools organized enough for any future fun....

Steven in Colorado

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 2/1/2018 9:19:55 AM

And flooring started!  All the accent walls we had planned, are up with the exception of trim.  Based on the first bedroom, and the reaction of the trim as it dries, and the fact that wood floor needs to be installed  before final length can be determined, we’ll wait until the floors are in.

So yesterday we started installing the floor on the fourth floor.  Getting started up there is a bit of a process with the number of rooms that are involved and rooms mean doorways and walls to contend with.  And we ran through all of the material we had staged up there. Need to bring more up, and if the moisture content is ok, we’ll continue to lay more, if not, we’ll hold off.  I’ve got plenty of other things I can work on, it’s just so nice to see the floor going in!


Upstairs, we’re using 6,7 & 8” wide planks, one would think wide planks would speed things along, but the long lengths(up to 12’) and width, actually makes it more difficult to get tongues and grooves to match up. The green material is a high density foam product that is supposed to dampen noise to below

Posted to NorthPoleHome by Tim in North Pole, AK on 1/29/2018 7:39:31 PM

Here are some pics of the exterior and master bath. We had a hard time with a contractor for the siding and paint.  I fired the painters after they dragged their feet all summer and hired a new crew.  They were done in 3 days.  Just some trim work, master bath cabinets, then we're done!  Hoping to be done in 2 months, and then onto building a 36x40 shop for my business. A few of these pics keep loading 90 degrees off even though they're straight on my computer.  I don't know what's going on there, but enjoy!


Back patio made from rock taken from a state material pit. Got free permit from state and picked it for free, My wife made it and it's finished now with a fire ring, but covered in snow right now.
Balcony with custom made metal panels in the railing. One of my customers made the railings for me. He's also making the interior staircase and catwalk railings too. These panels are Alaskan wildflowers: fireweed, wild iris, and forget-me-nots.
Closeup of one of the railing panels.
Front of the house painted finally!
South facing side of the house painted, with the solar water heaters still working!
Back of the house.
Front of the house from the driveway.
Looking into master bath. Toilet in it's own room on far side, with pocket door. Cabinets ready for install and counter top.
Custom tiled shower. Still undecided on installing a glass partition or not.
Deck mounted soaking tub.
Close up of the shower floor.
Front entry all tiled up. Just need some walnut trim, and motivation to finish it now.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 1/28/2018 10:12:19 PM

Well it took a little bit longer than I'd planned to get to the other windows--just too many chores to do last weekend--but I was finally able to finish up the curtains today.

Given all of the measuring and testing and re-measuring and re-testing a couple of weeks ago I had been able to refine what needed to be measured and marked much more quickly.  This time is really only took two days, and one of those was cleaning up much of the mess that had been building up from a very long construction.  

I got the laser line in place pretty quickly first thing in the morning, then took a break for lunch before starting the drilling and the curtain layout.  It all went pretty quickly and I think in retrospect I've definitely got this all down pretty clean now--when the time comes to work on other stretches of windows (like the long upstairs hallway) I'll know what to do I think.

So there's not really too much to tell other than the dry basics of climbing and drilling and setting and measuring everything.  According to my internal cameras I set off the motion detectors up there 105 times during the course of the day--but I guess it's a goodly workout!

The Great Room Curtains are finally done.  I think what's up next is to spend some time cleaning up the tools and cleaning up the badly needs it, and I need to get all of the tools I've traipsed in over the last few months anyway. The place is a frick'in mess.....

Steven in Colorado


The windows...they have no idea what's going to happen to them.....
One curtain rod up and straight....
...and they're done! Very nice; the curtains aren't quite centered yet though.
Boom chaka-laka!

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 1/25/2018 4:25:35 PM

It was cold last weekend and we got some sprinkles, so we decided to get some items taken care of inside. The new electrician identified that there was several wires run wrong, so he had us pull the bad wires out, we built the pony wall for the bar, built a stand for the dog wash area that will be in the laundry room, and made some other small repairs. We also continued hanging furring strips and painting 2x4s for the trim. Wood house siding was delivered this week. We are having some family help this weekend on the siding, so hopefully we will make some good progress. Work with the new electrician is going well (besides costing us extra money), hopefully they will be done soon.


Metal siding started
Pony wall for bar
Dog wash area

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/24/2018

So after Sandra has gotten much of the rough cut sanded and treated, and the tile guy finished the showers on the fourth floor, we went and put up the accent walls in two bedrooms up there.  Went pretty quickly, a few hours each.  I started putting down a sound absorbing underlayment for the hardwood floor in preparation for getting some up there to acclimate and lay in a couple weeks.  But was taken off that task by the arrival of the flexible vent for the main fireplace.  Need to get that in so Ray could continue on his work.  When we poured the concret back in mid 2016 I had placed a piece of 8”duct in the forms as the opening for the vent as that diameter was supposed to be 7”.  But wouldn’t you know, the flex that I decided to use is 8” as well.  So out came the hammer drill to ream out the hole and we finally got the vent pipe through.  All the best laid plans....



Accent wall being installed
Finished wall

Posted to NorthPoleHome by Tim in North Pole, AK on 1/22/2018 2:37:28 AM

I forgot about this one.  We insulated the back porch and finished it out with tongue and groove, and bead board.  Very nice to sit out here in spring-fall. We don't keep it heated but it is insulated so with the interior door open to it the heat warms it up in a couple hours during the winter.


Applying some chair rail between the two different wall coverings.
View from one end. If it was brighter this time of year I would have a better picture of it finished now.

Posted to NorthPoleHome by Tim in North Pole, AK on 1/22/2018 2:31:11 AM

Here are more pics of the kitchen. 


View from dining area.
Island with masonry heater in background.
From the living room. I didn't have enough small mosaic to totally wrap the island so I used larger mosaics on this side of the island with very similar colors.
Closeup of the back splash and counter top.
Close up of the island.
Custom pantry adjacent to the kitchen.
Pantry doors.
The form for the counter top. Broken glass laid in place, then concrete poured on top, so it's actually poured upside down. When pouring I let the poured concrete hit a piece of scrap foam and then run into the form. If not, the flowing concrete will disperse the glass.

Posted to NorthPoleHome by Tim in North Pole, AK on 1/22/2018 2:21:49 AM

Here are some pics of the kitchen construction.  We worked on the ceiling and floor while waiting for the ordered cabinets to show up.  I made the concrete counter tops in the garage.


So this was our temporary kitchen in the garage for about 4 years while building.
We put tongue and groove pine in the ceiling and coated with polyurethane.
Tile in the dining area
Friend and my son helping out.
The tile continues through the kitchen, the pantry, and into the front room.
Polishing the concrete counter tops with a wet grinder.
Applying a sealer to the finished top.
Mosaic tile and grout back splash
Hand made pulls from a local blacksmith.
Hand made knobs from a local blacksmith.

Posted to NorthPoleHome by Tim in North Pole, AK on 1/22/2018 2:08:59 AM

Wow!  Time flies when you get busy with other stuff in life and it drags the project on longer and longer.  I've been awfully busy but I finally made some time to post some updates for the last 3 1/2 years.  I'll have to break it up into a couple different posts though.  On with the pics!


We had to strap the house with 1x4s in prep for siding. This is the south facing wall with solar water heaters. I rented a man lift for this part.
View of the Alaska Range from above my roof.
Front of the house.
We sided it with LP lap siding. This took quite some time to get it done due to the contractor dragging their feet.
View of the front entry. We weren't able to have it painted until last year. Problem with the contractor.

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/20/2018 1:43:01 PM

The work on the main fireplace has slowed down.  I ordered the vent kit, which should be here Monday, and I have to run electrical to both the unit and to any places we want lighting.  And then both of those have to be inspected.  So Ray can work on the tree trunks and get them fully cleaned and finished and can finish building the hearth while the other stuff happens.  I’m framing out the lower fireplace and running the gas to it.  

We ended up going to Pueblo, CO on Thursday as they had stone in stock that we liked.  While there we also found stone for the lower FP, but we’ll need to order that and retiurn to get it. 

Tile guys finished showers on the 4th and third floors.  They’ll move to the second floor next week to begin the last three showers.  Granite guys will come up after all of the showers are done to template the curbs and niches. I’ll bring some flooring up to the 4th floor to begin acclimating.

A bit of the replacement cabinetry arrived yesterday. More to follow. And Sandra is making great strides with the rough-sawn boards, sanding and applying the chemicals.  As they are pine, they react far more quickly than the aspen, and we should be able to start putting them up before too long.  Just want them to dry out some more before we do so.

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 1/18/2018 9:09:55 AM

Pretty productive weekend. We got 5 exterior doors installed (garage exterior door, garage interior door, back door, and 2 storage rooms off the patio). We got the whole house wrapped in the protective layer and foam, finished staining the posts on the back patio, and worked a little more on painting the eaves. This week the wrought iron company that made the spiral stair case came and installed it. We didn’t know they were coming, they just showed up, and drywall isn’t in yet, so hopefully that isn’t a problem. We are signing an hourly contract with an electrician today and they should be able to start next week. It is a real licensed/registered company that has been open for several years, so hopefully everything goes ok. We had a hard time finding a company that wanted to take on the job. 


This weekend is supposed to be cold, but hopefully we can work on the metal siding some more and paint eaves/the wood for the trim. Goal is to have electrical done by 2/2 so we can have insulation and drywall done in February.


Spaceship house! Foam is all silver
Installed doors and stained post

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/18/2018 12:27:18 AM

So the main fireplace os starting to take shape - a shape that seems evolve each day.  The latest evolution is to take the normally sharp edges and round them significantly to soften the look and tie in with tne curved roof.  It’s different, but I think it’ll be something that will work and certainly create some buzz.

I’ve gotten the gas line connected and the fan installed for it.  Need to bring power over from a nearby receptacle.

Sandra went to Albuquerque to try to find stone in stock for it. We’ll go down in the morning to pick it up.  

I decided to start installing the 2nd floor fireplace as well.  Will do thtis one more traditionally and by ourselves.  

Tile is going soooo slowly.  These guys are running at half the rate that I did.  But I’m not paying by the hour so I won’t complain yet. As soon as they are done, I can bring hardwood up to that floor to acclimate.


Early look at the fireplace. Shot is at night with the new ceiling lights installed. I had concerns that I might need more light when Imwas installing, but turns out that it is sufficient
Framing going up.
Framing finished

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/15/2018 1:12:43 PM

Pretty productive weekend.  Sandra got the main level ski room floor grouted, stone/tile guys started a shower on the fourth floor and it is looking nice.  I installed seven ceiling fans, and Ray cleaned up the second trunk to be used on the fireplace.  We’ll lift that up to the main level with the Skytrak this morning and stand it up with help from the tile guys as it’s a really heavy piece.  Need to go to the welder to get a steel plate that we can use to fasten it to the floor and spread the weight out as well.

Also got three of the four vanities on the second level set and water lines and valves installed for them.  Have one more to do on that level which I’ll try to get done today or tomorrow.

We have word that some of the replacements for the cabinets have been sent, so we’ll be looking for those later this week and I can go about getting back to building them.  Never a deatth of things to so! 

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 1/14/2018

With everything checked and leveled after yesterday's festivities getting to the curtains was straightforward enough.  I took things very slowly--I really didn't want to have to do this two or more times for every silly curtain--so I took the adage about measuring twice and cutting (this case drilling) once.  Come to think of it I probably measured more like four or five times as things went along....

But it looks like it was worth it, because by the end of the day I had three gorgeous curtains all nicely hung and centered.  Measuring their bottom extents they are precisely at the right height...there's so little variation that honestly I could make them just be tugging on them a bit to stretch them (which I guess they'll do anyway over time).

Quite excellent.  Next week, the other side!

Steven in Colorado


The first curtain up...looks goodly.
The second curtain up....looks good.
Spot check on the first two windows. Note the measuring tape that's hung down from WAY UP THERE so I could check where the curtains were sitting.
Curtain number three, looking good!
A somewhat messy shot of all three curtains; mind the furniture.
This is a typical measure of where the curtains fall from the rods up above. Remarkably identical, actually.

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 1/13/2018

Well now that I've got that huge bookcase upstairs (yet to be stained but at least it's on the right floor now), I figured it was more than past time to get the curtains in the Great Room hung.

I'd been planning to do this almost literally a year ago, but my gradual illness delayed pretty much everything.  After getting several things done around the house and getting the door mostly done (still got some wall work to do come warmer weather), I turned to my attention to one of the long-delayed project hereabouts--to get the curtains in the Great Room hung.  I'd bought the curtains over the course of last winter but had delayed putting them up as I my strength ebbed, and once I got on my feet again I was focused on working on the door while I could.  But with cold weather now keeping me inside, it was time to get the curtains done.

Putting them up was a bit tricky.  These are tall windows, basically 9.5 feet or so, and the longest curtains I could get were 10 feet long.  That meant once they're place above the archway of the window a bit that they'd just hang down a bit below the bottom of the upper window, about 6" or so.  There's a lower, shorter window under each of the larger windows (which I don't recall actually talking to Builder Dale about come to think of it, but leave that be), so even if/when the curtains cover the upper window there will still be light coming in those smaller ones. 

It's also remarkably difficult to get them up there and measure things accurately at that height.  I had a nice tall 20' ladder to get me up/down, but that's a lot of climbing.  Adding to that was a bit of dilemma on how to get a nice straight line across all of those windows, but fortunately there I'd bought a neat little tool I'd not really used much before--a laser level.  I'm actually not sure why I bought this puppy years ago, though I'm pretty sure I never really used it  much if at all--but I sure as heck was happy I had it when push came to shove.

So with laser level and long ladder in hand I got to work.  First I had to check everything around the window for level...the indent around the windows, the vertical levels on the windows, everything.  I wanted to make sure that we didn't have wiggles and waggles and inconsistent heights that would in turn drive me insane trying to get the curtains hung.

As it turned out things were fantastically level throughout....I was actually rather surprised.  The most variance I could find was about a half centimeter along the bottoms of the larger arch windows and I felt that wasn't much at all over that distance.  Similarly, when measuring for where the curtain rods would sit and using the laser level I took copious notes and made many measurements, eventually finding locations for each hanger which I believe at the end of the day will put the curtains at the right height.

So I was pretty pleased overall...the first step (checking everything) went well.  Tomorrow I'll get the first row of curtains up.

Progress, slow but steady!

Steven in Colorado


This one's level...
...and THIS one....
...and THIS one. Excellent.

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/12/2018 4:32:10 AM

We’ve hired the artistic fellow (Ray) who helped with the corrugated ceiling to do the fireplace.  We’ve seen some of the work he has done on a couple others and think his work will come out as something special.  Sandra had the idea of using a couple of tree trunks to support the mantel, but Ray took it a step further to find hundred year old lightning-struck pitch wood trunks out in the forest.  He’ll start construction on it tomorrow.

I’m finishing the last of the tile floor work with getting the main level ski room done. That’ll be done tomorrow.  I’ve hired the stone guy to come in and tile the master and the fourth floor showers.  Looking at the scope of work and our timeline to get in, Sandra convinced me to hire more work out.  Those showers need to get done before the wood floors go down in those baths, and the floors need to go down before the tubs get set.  So by the time I’m ready to start the floors, showers will be done.  And lord knows I have plenty to keep me busy.

Set the lights onto the corrugated ceiling today, and it was an easier job than expected except for the dozens of trips up and down the scaffolding!  Also set the ceiling fan on the great room. As soon as I do one more small job in there, I’ll take down the scaffolding and organize the area so we can start bringing up some flooring to acclimate.


Membrane down in the ski room
Tile started. Will finish tomorrow so the saw can be free for the stone guy to tile.
Lights up on the corrugated ceiling

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 1/11/2018 1:36:07 PM

Things have been slow..... we have all been sick, so our tasks are slowly being worked on. We fired the electrician and are working on getting new bids, which is also turning out to be slow. We are finding out that the electrician that we hired messed some things up, so we will have rework. We had a garage door put on, which is good because we will have the wood siding delivered soon and we wanted a safe place to store it. We have several of the exterior doors coming this week, hopefully we can get those put in this weekend. We have also been working on installing metal siding (for the sides of the house). We got some rain a few days ago, and the house looked pretty dry (only one spot we need to look into), so that is good. We haven't had much rain in the last 6 months, which has been good for building, but we want it to rain a little now so we can check things out. I will get some pictures this weekend!

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/10/2018 3:44:44 AM

After making a few calls to the freight terminal in Albuquerque Sunday and to the local cartage company yesterday and this morning, they all helped out and got the 19,000 lbs of flooring up to the house today, before snow comes tomorrow.  What a relief!  Took two trucks to get all six 12’ pallets up and some maneuvering to get them off, but they are now safe inside the garage and we can start thinking about starting to bring some up into the living spaces to acclimate.  With some preliminary moisture measurements I made today, though, it might not take long.  They are pretty low already.  Now that the wood is here, it can snow all it wants! Yea!


Six massive pallets of flooring finally at home!

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/9/2018 2:38:24 AM

So we went down to HD in Santa Fe and picked up a floor sander on Saturday late afternoon.  As we started to sand the OSB seams to remove the swollen material from having gotten rained on for months before the house was dried in, the clean look of fresh material looked so good that we decided to lightly sand the entire floors.  They were so stained from dirt, paint, stain, sheetrock.  While we didn’t bring them back to their full glory, they look a whole lot better and seem to brighten everything up. Sunday and this morning we got it all finished and ran back to SF to return the sander.  It’s tough when the nearest HD is two hours away, and it’s the nearest rental place that had a sander!


Sanded the seams first
How filthy the floor was! And the big difference after it’s sanded.
At least we have great views and no traffic on our two hour ride!

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 1/8/2018 2:06:12 AM

This was rather a lot of work, but I finally got the ridiculously heavy magazine bookcase upstairs in the library.

This is a rather large piece of furniture, around 4' high and nearly 5' long.  It has two magazine racks at the top which were where current issues are to be displayed; the shelf angles up so you can access older issues under that one.  You could stack just about a year's worth of magazines under each section of the shelf, and given it's spacing I figure you could easily have five or six magazines displayed side by side very easily.

Underneath are two larger (and fairly deep) fixed shelves for  heavier volumes, magazines, etc.

Colleen wasn't quite sure where it came from exactly when her grandmother passed away; all we really know is that she spotted it at a thrift store and bought it.  I have seen similar at both book stores and libraries in the past.  I shudder to think how they got it into the old house and downstairs, though I assume it was primarily thru the back down and down a nasty set of concrete steps.

But either way, when it became an obvious addition to Tanglewood once she inherited it, and she moved it up here a few months ago.  Unfortunately by the time she was done moving other things she was losing her light, so they just parked it by the apartment garage.  The intention was to come move it at some point....

....but you know how good intentions can sometimes play out.

So fast forward to this weekend, and I decide it's finally time to get this puppy upstairs where it belonged.  The job naturally fell into two pieces:  1.) get it inside the house proper and out of the garage, and then 2.)  get it upstairs.

It took both weekend days (not working on it full time mind you) but I got it done.  It's remarkably heavy, solid wood, but at least I was able to remove the shelving to help with the weight.  It's in excellent shape except on one side where it lost its trim, but I can remedy that pretty easily.   In the near term it's basically going to sit there until I have time to re-stain it though; I'm not a fan of that color myself.

But it's here!  Bwahahahahahahhahaha.........

Steven in Colorado


The bookcase from one side....
...and from the other.

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/7/2018 2:36:00 PM

Or maybe not as we are expecting snow on Wednesday.  It’s sitting in Albuquerque at a freight terminal waiting for transfer to a local line to bring it up here. I’m going to try to see if we can get it moved up in the schedule to Tuesday.  If not, it might be best to wait until the following Tuesday as the weather is predicted to be warm after the Wednesday snow and it may have melted.

Roughcut 1x boards for the accent walls were delivered Friday.  I’ll cut the bundles open and spread them out to dry some and to catch the UV needed to change the color.

Picked up a floor sander yesterday at HD in Santa Fe and sanding the OSB seams will be my chore for today and tomorrow.


Two bundles of stickered rough sawn boards. Also notice the Jeep with the plow attached. It hasn’t seen use all winter!

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/4/2018

Tuesday we heard back from the cabinet company.  They will remake the face frames and I will remove the old ones from the cabinet box and replace with the new ones.  From our testing of frame removal, it should work out ok.  A smart smack with a hammer and a block of wood, loosens the frame and then I’ll run a sander over the edge of the plywood box to remove the glue.  The new frame will be glued to the box as originally done.  They had us overnight a drawer to them so they could get a proper color match.  They had already started work Tuesday so shouldn’t be long in getting them.  That’s good news!

Posted by MJS Construction in Orlando, FL on 1/3/2018

Meet our president of MJS Construction Mike Mellado. Mike established MJS in Orlando, FL in 2004 after acquiring the experience to hold a General Contractors License.


Custom Home Builder Orlando


Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 1/1/2018 3:49:03 PM

We finished the living room ceiling this week, which is a load off our chores.  And it frees up the space so I can get the floor sander this week and sand the seams in the subfloor that had swollen from rain before we got the house dried in. I’ve got lights ordered from Amazon for the ceiling.  Sandra will treat the frames like she did the corrugated metal to create a rusted effect and they’ll blend in nicely.

 The flooring was supposed to ship last week from Vermont, but we’ll see Tuesday if we can get confirmation of that. If so, we should have it by early the following week.  With the very strange winter - warm and no snow since Thanksgiving, we may get lucky and get it in the house without problems.  It’ll have to acclimate for several weeks with the low humidity here.  I’ll take moisture readings and we’ll lay it when they stop dropping.

In the meantime, all the shower floors are finally in and once we get more sealer, Sandra will finish grouting them.  We can begin tiling the walls after that.  In the main level ski/mudroom, I started putting up wainscot. 8’ on one wall where we’ll hang skis, and 6’ on an adjacent wall.  The wood is the grayed aspen we have been using in the living room.  It was laying on the floor and instead of having to move it when I sand this week, I am getting it up off the floor and onto the wall.  I think it’s going to look pretty good once it’s trimmed out.  

We have a lot of wood accent walls thoughout the house, and I think we have decided to use roughsawn 1x, again, grayed with the material from Canada.  Talked to the sawmill in Taos last week and they have plenty of Ponderosa pine logs to run the order.  I’ll head over tomorrow to get a sample to see how well it grays.

The cabinets arrived just before Christmas!  Thirteen pallets, some 10’ long, were delivered, and starting Christmas day, we started assembling them all, with help from our Houston daughter, who had placed the order, and who could explain which went where.  So- we put together nearly all of the boxes, complete with the face-frames.  Glued and nailed.  The color of the faces looked a bit light and silvery compared to what we were expecting, which was to be a more sable color.  But in our rush to get things assembled before she left, we just kept building. Then we pull out the doors and drawer fronts and - they they were the right color and did’t match the frames!  Apparently, the factory that made the frames forget the wash coat to create the sable color.  We are now waiting for the manufacturer to resolve the issue.  One of the possibilities is to send out complete replacements, another is to have them redone locally [not a good option], and the third, to remove the face-frames carefully and replace them with new ones.  I tried yesterday to remove a couple, and that can be done without damage to the boxes.  And it would be simpler than rebuilding all of the boxes and unloading another truck of material.  We’ll get this resolved in the coming week but it has set us back some.


The living room ceiling is finished. Need to install lights and a celing fan, and we can then take down the scaffolding! Yea!
Wainscot begun in the ski room
The color issue on the cabinets. Bummer.

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 12/29/2017 8:22:11 PM

Things have still been slow. We have been sick and the holidays were slowing us down. Plumber should be done with rough in today. We fired the electrician a few days ago and are getting quotes from 2 other "real" companies. We already gave the electrician $7k but he says we owe him $7k more, even though his total bid was $21k and we don't have any panels yet and aren't ready for rough in inspection. Once we get the bids to finish the work we will see if we give him more money. We initially met him when he was working for a "real" company. My husband liked him and he said he was starting his own business, so we thought we would use him. Well he wasn't a licensed electrician or even a registered contractor. Big mistake on our part, that won't happen again. Anyway he says he wants $85/hour...once again not licensed or registered and our contract is not based on $/hour. We will be working on siding this weekend and having a family member run the wires for tvs and security cameras. I will be really excited once the electrical is worked out. We have companies lined up for insulation and drywall. Exterior doors are ordered and coming in January. 


Exterior in work
Be have a bathtub!
Electrical and plumbing

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/25/2017

Well okay, that's going a bit far there.  Still I'll call it a step in the right direction.

It was relatively warm up here at Tanglewood on Christmas day, so after a nice leisurely morning doing all of the standard Christmasy stuff I decided I'd make use of the nicer weather to do some outside cleanup work.  One thing on that list was taking care of the old ICFs leftover from Tanglewood's construction.

Honestly the crews had done a pretty good job of not generating much waste, though I had taken some of the more brittle and busted ones up years ago when I was cleaning up in the fall of 2011.  I'd stashed some pieces I thought might be useful later up by the leach field though, covering them up with a couple of tarps and carefully weighing them down so they wouldn't move  around.

However, after 6 years they had become uncovered and hence were subject to sunlight and UV degradation.  ICFs work great unless they are exposed to sunlight and UV radiation over a long period of time, in which case they get 'crumbly' and no longer all that trustworthy.  I had looked at that pile a couple of times over the course of the summer and finally decided to get them to the recycler.....they'd been there more than long enough and there weren't any obvious projects coming that would need them, so it was time to get rid of them.

So it's all packed into the back of the SUV (her name is Leisha by the way) and will get taken down to the recycler tomorrow.

So mote it be!

Steven in Colorado


This is about one third of the ICFs I was getting rid of. I hadn't thought to take any pics until I had most of it stashed in the truck.
A squirrel had used this cluster of ICFs for a midden apparently.

Posted to TheHoskensProject by Brian in Dome-ville, FL on 12/24/2017 11:21:52 PM

Get 7 new cameras installed at the dome, and had a little extra time so I got the gate posts installed as well. The gate posts are 8" across 8' tall, and I put 3 and a 1/2 feet into the ground. Should be enough to keep it stable.


One of the new cameras
The gateposts

Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/24/2017

With most of the door work basically stopped for the winter season, at least on the outside, I turned my attention to my MANY interior chores.  First up was the curtain work on the master bathroom tub.

The window outside the tub is a larger one (bigger than I'd intended, actually), just over 5' across and as such needed a larger curtain.  I'd been slowly installing blackout curtains to help me in catching some sleep when I'm working a night schedule and had finished the ones around the windows at "this end" of the house over the course of the summer.  This rather large window was the last one.  

It all went fairly quickly I thought overall.  I triple measurements and made level checks as I was going along so as to avoid any noxious extra holes or anything.  A couple of hours and it was done.

This will help a lot next time I need to catch some sleep during the day.

Next I think are the curtains at the big "church style" windows in the Great Room.  That's gonna be a bit more work; I'll be up and down that ladder about a hundred times I think.....

Steven in Colorado


With the ceiling light off.
With the ceiling light on.
Curtains closed! Nice and dark.

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 12/22/2017 2:59:10 PM

We started the curved ceiling yesterday with the help of the local artist/builder whose work with rusted-looking steel inspired us.  It took four of us to put the material - 42” x 106” heavy-gauge steel, up onto the ceiling.  Sandra and his daughter would prep and hand it to us 12’ up on the scaffold.  We would take it from there and attach it to the furring I installed a couple weeks ago.  In about three hours, we had gotten one of the three sections finished before we ran out of prepared steel.  Sandra will go ahead and paint/rust the other 18 sheets over the weekend so they will be ready to install next Tuesday, after Christmas.


Posted to Tanglewood by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/21/2017

Summer comes (slowly but surely)......gotta love it!

Steven in Colorado

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 12/20/2017 10:09:53 AM

Cabinets shipped last Friday, and are to arrive this Friday, butwe have snow moving in Thursday.the predicted amounts vary from little accumulation to 4”.  We are hoping that it is the former so the semi can make it up the mountain, and I can get the Skytrack up the drive.  It will be an interesting snow watch.

In the meantime, sandra went to Albuqueque to get paint for the corrugated roofing after a disastrous order with Amazon and FedEx.  She has primed and put on acouple of coats of the oxidizing paint and tomorrow will put on a third and begin the activator with help from the local artist/builder who will also put it up on the ceiling.  We have 30 sheets and can only lay out 8 at a time on a slew of saw horses, so it will take a couple weeks to finish. 

I’ve started to tile the shower floors. We are using mats of broken, tumbled stone, that supposedly can be fit together like other sheets of mosaic.  However, even with slight trimming to get as good a fit as possible, there is still a visible line between sheets due to the random pattern within the sheets and the somewhat uniform jagged line between.  So I have been spacing the sheets a  couple inches apart and filling in with loose stones that we have stripped from sheets like a jigsaw puzzle. The first one took forever,  but with practice, it’s gone faster,  The result has been very good, and I have three more showers to do.

Finally got the 700 lb stove up to the third floor while the weather has been good.  I was going to hire some guys to try to muscle it, but it just wasn’t easy to get a grip on it.  So with Sandra’s suggestion to build a a made to fit dolly, I cut down a pallet and attached some 5” castors, picked up the stove on it’s broken pallet and using pipe for rollers, a crow bar for a lever, slowly moved it onto the dolly.  Took the Skytrack and lifted up to the third deck and with half an inch to spare, onto a ramp that we made to get ot over the threshold and pushed it in. Wow! It took nearly a whole day believe it or not, much of it building and inching the thing onto the dolly.

We have a daughter coming for Christmas and with her help, hopefully get the range hood installed. It is being delivered today. And we will enjoy the holiday and do a bit of skiing together, although snow is very sparse this year. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and will post again afterwards!


Installing the tile in the showers by the new method of leaving large gaps between the mats and filling in with loose stone.
Further along on the infill
The stove sitting on the original pallet.
The original pallet after the sove was removed. You can see the mess I had to contend with in getting it transferred over
Bringing it in on the Skytrack. That machine is worth its weight!
And a tight fit in through the door.

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 12/14/2017 1:25:22 PM

This weekend we did more painting the eaves and staining, moving forward slowly, but moving forward! We are almost finished with the eaves on the 2nd floor. We also, made a little progress on wrapping the house in the plastic. We are doing a combination of metal and wood siding. We got the metal ordered, and are working on finalizing the wood order. We will be installing the siding ourselves, so I am sure this will be a long process. Still working on getting the doors ordered, the company is really slow in returning questions. Gas lines were all ran last week. Electrician is still being a pain, not very much more work has been done. We got a quote from another electrician to finish the job, but it was more than the original guy and we already gave him money. We are working on a backup plan, but the guy is supposed to be back out today or tomorrow.  


We plan to do polished concrete throughout the house. We got a quote from a guy to rent the machine and do it ourself. We will need to plan this into the schedule before drywall.


This weekend we have some plans, so we will only be able to work on Sunday. Plan is to get some more painting done.


Mom and dad painting and my husband being the "safety manager"
Hard to see but we have been staining the back posts

Posted to DCS by Tyler on 12/13/2017 2:37:52 PM

This is my first entry but I'm very excited to work with this community. Since it's my first time posting, let me tell you all a little bit about myself. I have worked in both the builder space & the floor covering space for a number of years. Most recently due my age, I've been a web designer and developer. Because I am so familiar with both industries, I've recently decided to start a couple that would help builders, landscape professionals, plumbers, electricians, painters, & more build great websites and increase their web footprint. You can have a look at my website here: . I'm very excited to launch into this area as I know personally how need it is in our space. I am also looking forward to adding value to this wonderful community. Please feel free to ask any web related questions as you have them. 

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 12/11/2017

Sandra followed up again on the fooring today.  Was supposed to be here several weeks ago.  Had been told there was a glitch earlier, but this was getting way behind.  Not to go into details, but the mill canceled the order as it was too big (huh?!) and the supplier had to find another. Weird.  So now it won’t ship until after Christmas. A serious issue.  The supplier is trying to contact local cartage so that it may have a chance to get up the mountain once snow finally hits.

Cabinets are scheduled to ship Friday, also a month behind. We’ll see if they hold to their promise.  If they do, we have a chance we could get them before Christmas, and the weather is expected to stay good until then.

In anticipation of the shipments, Sandra and I cleaned out much of the garage over the weekend.  Got it into the storeroom, freeing up a bunch of space.  Now I need to work on my side, more from just an organizational point rather than space.

And on another negative note, the paint we ordered from Amazon to do the corrugated ceiling material, has fallen into the great abyss. What was to arrive in two days ha turned into two weeks and only one of 18 items  has made it. Items have never made it to the carriers, those that did either ended up getting lost or leaked and were discarded by the carrier. A reorder on one was found to be lost yesterday after making it to Albuquerque.  Between Amazon and Fed Ex the order has been a disaster. I’ll mke one last call to Fed Ex this morning to we if they found the Albuquerque items and if not, cancel the rest of the order and buy through someone else. 

I’ve got all but one of the showers ready for pan inspection.  The last I should finish tomorrow.  Had to snake a line into a shower for the water softener drain, which wasn’t part of the original plan.  The softener drain has to be separated with an air gap and not tied directly into the sewer.  Most often it’s done in a floor drain or to a outdoor pit, but I have neither available, (bedrock and very cold temps in winter) so there will be a pipe into the shower at a low level to be as unobtrusive as possible. Get that finished and call for the pan inspection and we can start tile.

Still contemplating how to get the 700 lb stove onto the third floor when it’s sitting on a broken pallet.  Sandra has an idea to make a large 4-wheel dolly using large casters.  Still have to figure how to lift it onto it though.  

Got toilets! The port-a-can was removed Friday which put a priority on it.  So the two we ordered are set and working.  Will order the others after the first of the year.

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 12/7/2017 9:25:16 AM

Long-range forecast shows to be good in terms of precipitation.  Crossing our fingers that it holds until big items arrive.  Until then, we have plenty to do with all of the showers, the ceiling in the curved roof, which has now been furred and ready for metal, get a toilet set and begin a wood accent wall once it ages to the proper patina. 

The showers will be ready for a pan inspection next week, after which we can begin tiling them.  Still looking for edge trim but haven’t found exactly what we are looking for in the correct size.

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 12/7/2017 8:26:22 AM

Windows and slider doors were installed! We have been working on painting the eaves/fascia and staining the back posts. Septic has finished and buried everything except for the connection because plumbing still needs to connect it to the house. Electrician has been out a few days for a few hours each day. Needless to say, he is not going to make his 12/8 estimated completion date. We are getting a quote from another electrician as a backup plan. We contacted our electrical company and found out the soonest we can connect is 4/10/2018! So we need to make sure we meet all of their needs and deadlines.


This weekend we plan to continue painting and staining. Plumbing and gas are planning to be out Friday and then for the next few days. We are working on ordering siding and getting the rest of the doors ordered. We found a drywall company that we like and need to sign the contract before the end of the month.


Posted to g4wowgwow by sun on 12/5/2017 1:09:18 AM

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Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 11/30/2017 11:21:43 PM

While we were in Nashville for Thanksgiving, at the Mutton Bustin house, we paid a visit to a fellow in Sprinfield who has a large bandsaw and cuts live-edge slabs and sells them raw for a really good price.  We bought a half truckload of them!  Problem is, we had flown, so - looks like a road trip will be in order in the future.  The slabs will be used for kitchen shelving and top rails for sections of the railings where we are looking enough space for setting down drinks and small plates.

The rusting of the corrugated metal hasn’t gone as expected.  The cold weather slowed the reaction to almost nil, and then, the effect wasn’t what we were looking for.  Talked to the artist and what we really need to do is a reactive paint system. So, back to square one.  Until we get the paint, we have plenty to keep us busy.  I’ve started to put up the battens to which the metal will be attached to and Sandra has been restaining the beams.  They look so much better.

Gotten three bathroom floors tiled and one more to go. Set the shower drains and got the shower floor membrane installed.  Will start the walls as soon as I cut in the niches.

The main stove was delivered today, after being delayed by 5” of snow on Tuesday.  We got a first hand look at the difficulty in getting deliveries in winter as the truck had to park on the road and I went after it with the Skytrak after cindering the drive.  We have flooring, cabinets and vanities that are arriving in December.  This is not going to be fun.


Sandra on the scaffold staing the beams. You’d never believe she had a knee replacement less than 4 months ago and climbs the scaffold.
Floor membrane on a shower. Same material is used on the walls.

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 11/28/2017 5:24:07 PM

They found out there is still mold in our rental, so we are still dealing with them tearing the house apart and not having a working laundry room.


On a good note, we finished the roof over the long weekend! Home depot came out and measured for cabinets. Once we have the updated cabinet plan we need to send it to plumbing so they can continue and get with their gas company. Septic is all in place and waiting for plumbing to connect it to the house. Windows are all paid for and will be installed over the next 2 days. (I like the part where I go to work and come home and work is done hahaha). We are signing a contract and submitting a check today to have our spiral staircase built. Oh ya, and we ordered appliance and have a delivery date for the end of Feb


The electrician has been a bit flakey. He kept saying his car broke down, but he would be out there in the next day or two. Finally on Thanksgiving he showed up, we were roofing, so I was surprised to see him, but he only stayed an hour (which seems strange to me, but I was happy he did work). Then, on Friday we were on the roof again and he pulled up and I was so excited to see him again, but then he didn’t even make it in the house and he left. WTH. After a few hours we texted him and he said he forgot his tools, so he will just come Sunday…….. seriously! I haven’t been to the house in a few days, but I believe he was there Sunday and Monday. He said he will be done 12/8 with rough in. We will see.


We were planning on doing spray foam insulation, but our plumber friend told us that we should do research because it has ingredients that are known to cause cancer. I have looked a little, but not a lot yet. Anyone have any knowledge on this?


Roof before we completed
Septic tank installed

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 11/18/2017

The past week has been spent with Sandra powerwashing the stone and decks the former having gotten seriously dirty from dirt splashing before the landscape was done and the latter from foot traffic bringing in not only dirt, but sheetrock and thinset dust, neither of which we can completely get rid of inside the house after repeated vacuumings.  But scrubbing with detergent and powerwashing has gotten the decks respectfully clean.  The manufacturer suggests we use a vinegar rinse as well to help dissolve any calcium film left.  That’ll be done next Spring.  Right now they look pretty darn good.

A week ago, we emptied the storage unit into the garage.  It might have been a mistake as now, even with all the room we had in there, it looks like many other garages in America - filled with STUFF!  And we have a LOT of things ariving over the next few weeks that I was planning on staging in the garage!  We have bathroom vanities coming Monday, one of the kitchen stoves any day, all of the cabinets and the wood floors. Hmmm, it’s going to be interesting.  One good thing was I have been able to get to a number of tools that had been packed away and will be useful going forward.  

I’ve been finishing plugs and switches on the electric, and the huge pile of them that I had bought has disappeared.  Ran short of a few specialties and will get them in as they arrive.

We installed all of the vanity lights but have had trouble trying to find bulbs that have the correct shape, color temp and brightness.  We ordered some, and they were way too yellow and dim.  I ordered some more that are much brighter and some additional that have a very cool white color, trying to see what will work best.  They should be in next week. We started setting the shower bases using a Kerdi knockoff and I’ll finish the last one today.  I can start running the wall membrane after that, but first - I’m setting tile in one of the baths so we can put in a toilet!!!!  Ordered one from HD and it’ll be in after Thanksgiving. Can’t wait!

And lastly, we finally made a trip over to Durango, CO on Monday/Tuesday to pick up the corrugated roofing for the interior ceiling in the great room.  It’s been sitting there since July, but with all the subs, with all we had going on, we just never had the time to get it.  It was a beautiful drive up over the Continental Divide and into southern Colorado.  I think we’ll repeat the drive next fall when the aspens change.  It’ll be spectacular.  Talked to our local fellow that knows how to treat the material for a rusted effect.  He’ll be here on Monday and we’ll get that done.  Then get that installed after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  The house has proceeded well, with all of the major subs finished and the end in sight.  Our health continues to be good, something that at our age, you don’t take for granted, and we have had lots of visitors in the past year to share time with us. We hope all that read this blog have had a good year as well and continue to do so in the next.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


Final pic of the front with the railings installed.
Terracing of the backside
Steps heading up the terraced section to the patio. The blank wall of the end of the house will change as we add an outdoor fireplace next year
The back patio
Steps heading down, what used to be the access drive to the back, down the the front of the house
Setting a foam shower base. They are already pre-sloped, lightweight and are trimmed to size during the installation.
The decoupling membrane for a tile floor. Takes the place of Hardi backer, but better protection against movement in the supporting structure, such as pier and beam systems, or especially on direct contact with a concrete floor. Any crack that develops in concrete will directly translate into the tile above. This material prevents that. This is a flexible membrane that is attached with thinset to the subfloor. Tile is set directly on top in standard fashion with thinset.

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 11/16/2017 11:06:53 AM

So, we have had the last few weeks from hell. We have lived in our rental for 2 years now and we had all been a little sick off and on, we finally figured out it was due to mold in the house. The property management and owner were a nightmare to deal with initially it sounded like they just wanted to terminate our lease. Where would we go? We hope to have the house done in 4 months or so, so we couldn't sign a lease and we have so much junk! I have joked that we have been "homeless" for 3 years because we haven't really been in "our own" space, but we were literally about to be homeless this time. We even bought a camper thinking we were going to live in it at the property. SO STRESSFUL! But, they ended up sending someone out on Tuesday to remove and treat and we are now moving forward. The kids and I have stayed in a hotel for 3 nights, but we plan to go home tonight. So, needless to say, the house has taken a backseat. We did get out there the last few weekends and have been installing the roof. It is taking longer than I initially expected. We are about 2/3 done. Hopefully after this weekend we will be mostly done, and luckily the weather has been nice. I will try to remember to take a picture this weekend. We really need to get on the electrician about getting done and we need to get the plumber some information so he can continue. Hopefully over the long weekend we can get the roof done and I can work on painting the eaves.

Posted to The-Last-Rodeo by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 11/9/2017

The lanscaping is finally done, his equipment gone, and in its place stone patios, steps and terraces.  Some of it will take until the spring when the grass sprouts, but all of the bare dirt, bare slopes have been transformed and house looks like it has naturally grown from its surroundings. Kinda cool!

The railings are finished, T-stats are connected and operational with the furnaces, Sandra has been installing closet shelving and I’m trying to finish up setting light switches and receptacles.  The hot tub works great, just wish we were living in the house, especially after you get out!  Would be nice to just relax without having to drive home.

Fireplaces arrived Tuesday as did the rest of the tile. Did I say a ton of tile in a blog post? It was actually two tons based on the freight tickets.  Cabinets finally got ordered. They could be here around the end of the month.  In the meantime, as soon as I get the electrical finished, I’ll start setting the shower pans and the membranes starting on the fourth floor.   No wait, I need to get tile on one of the second level bathrooms so we can set a toilet - yes! A toilet! Getting rid of the port-a-can is a priority!

Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 11/1/2017 6:04:31 PM

Not a whole lot of actual house progress this week. Door company came by yesterday to measure and get info to update the bid. Over the weekend we painted the fascia. Roofing was delivered Monday morning, so we will work on it this weekend. Electrician dropped items off and said he will start tomorrow. Plumber will be at the house tomorrow.

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